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What type of birds.

You get?

Kimjongun  Male  South Yorkshire
15-Oct-2020 23:33 Message #4795282
Where I live we are lucky to see all types.
Lake nearby, so lots water birds.
Lots of Jackdaws, songbirds.
My fave is Peregrine Falcon.
What you get where you live?
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
15-Oct-2020 23:40 Message #4795283
Red kites which are impressive when they swoop down for food.
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire
16-Oct-2020 01:37 Message #4795285
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire
16-Oct-2020 08:01 Message #4795292
We get lots of birds but I don't know what they are.
flowerpotman  Male  Dumfries and Galloway
16-Oct-2020 08:22 Message #4795295
Red Kites Buzzards,Woodpeckers, sparrows,blackbirds,thrushes,wagtails bluetits,great tits,coal tits long tailed tits goldfinches,pigeons, pheasants and the geese are back now flying over every day.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
16-Oct-2020 08:50 Message #4795297
I'd forgotten about all those noisy geese flying over every day.
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
16-Oct-2020 09:34 Message #4795301
At our house we get very few - mainly due to our cats, but a short walk away by the fields, there loads of birds, large and small.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
16-Oct-2020 10:42 Message #4795307
In the garden, sparrows, starlings, jackdaws, magpies, crows blackbirds, robins collared doves and wens, herring gulls on the rooftops. Down the road on the inland sea, curlew, loads of gulls, geese, various ducks, swans, grebes, little egrets, kestrels, peregrine falcons,, rooks, ravens, buzzards, sparrow hawks, oyster catchers and a load of others who's names I don't know, plus all the ones above, theres an osprey living nearby too but I've not seen it yet.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
16-Oct-2020 10:45 Message #4795309
Lots of birds here. The usual garden ones, and too many trees, I've noticed there's fewer if no birds where there aren't trees. We get greenfinch, finches, sparrows, don't know all of them. Can be a nuisance in the summer when the chattering and singing starts at dawn.
zodiac1  Male  Flintshire
16-Oct-2020 11:47 Message #4795323
I have never seen so many fat old birds as recently, perhaps they love the Maccy junk.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
16-Oct-2020 13:02 Message #4795331
Sparrows love my Hawthorn hedges and sometimes it looks like they are having a party. Occasionally I see a great tit and often blue tits, coal tits, a robin or two.

Then I am glad Mr & Mrs Woodpigeon stopped using the birdfeeder like their local McDonalds, but now I have trapeze artist Magpies competing with the sparrows instead.

I have trouble identifying Dunnocks which are very like a sparrow, but when my partner could stay, he knows them all and taught me a lot.

Because I live near the River Mersey I get a few Herring Gulls, and Sale Water Park attracts Herons and Cormorants but only flying over. Walking around the river area there are also a lot of parakeets which always sounds a bit alien.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
16-Oct-2020 13:05 Message #4795332
Just two kinds, them with wings and them without
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
16-Oct-2020 16:37 Message #4795334
Both kinds difficult to get your hands on lol.
johnlock  Male  Essex
17-Oct-2020 09:40 Message #4795356
In my garden I get a lot of sparrows & starlings, the occasional thrush or robin. Lots of collared doves, occasional wood pidgeon & seagull's. Yesterday I saw a heron fly over the High St.


wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
17-Oct-2020 10:59 Message #4795359
I saw a heron flying over the park when walking Fearn and Monty, they look and sound really prehistoric.
Kimjongun  Male  South Yorkshire
17-Oct-2020 11:30 Message #4795364
When you see Heron in water, it motionless.
We get Egret, some people think they Herons too.
Heron nesting site nearby, it protected area.
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
18-Oct-2020 09:17 Message #4795425
I have a pair of robins, blue tits, long tailed tits, ring necked doves, pigeons, magpies and the occasional blackbird and this year quite a few sparrows. I forgot for the first time I have had a woodpecker too. My biggest bird this year was a partridge. It must be the change of fat balls that have attracted the different species.

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