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Websites for you?

CircusMaximus  Male  North Yorkshire
14-Sep-2020 14:15 Message #4792290
What do you look for in a website and what type of content keeps you logged on? Do you prefer static pages or videos. pop-ups and interaction?
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
14-Sep-2020 16:29 Message #4792294
I devote all my time to the MSE site.......oh, and
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
14-Sep-2020 16:41 Message #4792296
I look for different things in sites...

For my racing for instance.....I use Sportinglife.....Attheraces......Betfair......Williamhill......Racingpost......Stable tours.....and a whole lot of others....

For boxing I use youtube.....boxrec.....also some of the above mentioned.....and others...

For more....

For news.....BBC....Sky....local Gloucesterlive...

I find certain things that I like.....then it can be a bit annoying when they change them.....supposedly change them for the better....but often the changes seem like cutbacks etc.......Sometimes you get comfortable with the changes.....sometimes not....and you find another to use....
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
14-Sep-2020 17:19 Message #4792299
My most used site is google and google maps which I probably use every day often for work but also to look up all sorts of things.
I don't like interactive sites which try to point me in a particular direction or to make an immediate decision. I particularly hate the hotel sites where it keeps telling me "only one room left so book now".
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
14-Sep-2020 18:54 Message #4792312
Pop up's bug the hell out of me and adverts that splatter across the page I'm half way through reading, thank the gods for adblock. I tend to only look for very specific things online, I rarely just go exploring, I mostly just go shopping for xmas and birthday presents, read the paper and come on here. Anything that tries to make me make an immediate desicion get turned off right away, or in the old days shown the door. I find the internet just gives me a million and one ways and places to buy the same rubbish I didn't want in the first 3 or 4 sites I looked at, I find it a disapointment, I feel lied to, the internet promised to give me opportunities to find things I never would on the high street, it dosen't, I've tried refining and rejigging search parameters and I still get the same stuff. The other things that annoys me is being asked if I want to engage in conversation with someone from the site who can help me with my search, only they're robots and can't answer any questions even simple ones like can I speak to a human please.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
14-Sep-2020 19:31 Message #4792315
From what I gather.....from posts on here don't seem very good at listening to advice wh...or learning some new things....

That's not meant as an insult...or a way to start an's just an observation.....rightly or wrongly....

There's a lot to learn about the internet....a lot of things to take in......

For people who don't want to learn....then that's up to them.....but more often than's like a lot of things in life.....the uneducated don't get it right.....

There are a lot of faults with things on the internet.....and there are often ways around them.....ways to make things easier for a person who perhaps has difficulty....

Anyway.....I could say a lot more....but whats the point.....I believe you won't listen to me much, if at all.....

If I suggested a few things....I feel I would be wasting my would probably respond negatively, if at all....Certain things that I've tried explaining in the past has been chucked back at me.......I get the impression you don't want to learn a lot of things......Certainly not want to learn them from me anyway......I don't totally know why.....No respect for me maybe.....who knows....
Beach  Male  Dorset
14-Sep-2020 20:55 Message #4792323
Yep. As Tumbled said, you're not educated, Hen ... and I bet you're still using a computer operating system that is long out of date and redundant. (Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7).

Anyone using such old, out of date, technology deserves every issue and bit of hassle that they get.

Surprise me, Hen. Please share what operating system you use.

Is it an up to date version of Windows 10?
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
14-Sep-2020 21:48 Message #4792327
My old laptop is using XP and it works perfectly well although I don't use it for banking etc due to security issues but ideal for general google, youtube and mse etc.
brisinger-the-beekeeper  Male  Lancashire
14-Sep-2020 22:17 Message #4792331
What do you look for in a website?
I find it easier to answer what do I not look for in a website. Social networking wise I back off from the negativity about other social networking sites and the rabid dogs. I keep my sense of humour for those who are more receptive and groups that I have a mutual interest in and prefer the more dynamic social networking sites that allow me to express myself and my interests through photos and videos as well and be able to view others rather than a long winded description. Reciprocally I get more of an understanding, answer and education from dynamic websites.

From static websites I look for information about something I'm interested in.

Videosharing websites I usually use it for documentaries, talks, hot to's and music videos. TED, Vimeo, Youtube group subscriptions.

Music via Soundcloud.

Any website that has pop-ups are not returned to by me. Youtube is going off the rails since they're trying to interrupt my longer videos an Q&As with ads. There seems to currently be a fight between ad-blockers and youtube advertising style on who gets their way. In the meantime it's viewers are turning away and going elsewhere that can provide similar content without constant interruptions.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
15-Sep-2020 01:27 Message #4792340
What keeps me logged on? very little, I tend to use the internet mainly when I have to, and sometimes as a form of escapism - such as on here. I'm having to learn how to use zoom now....that'll be interesting for the people I need it for.

Hate pop ups and immediately close a page that has them, same with the cookie crap if the page opens with it in your face and unable to use it unless you go through the options. By static pages, do you mean like the ones on here? if so, then yes, I prefer these. Not sure about interaction, maybe it depends on what you mean? it could be said I'm interacting now, if so then yes, I prefer something that gives me time to think.

I'm well aware some people think the sun shines out of the arses of internet developers/writers, and that's fair enough, but I don't like it.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
15-Sep-2020 11:03 Message #4792354
Tumbled, one of the peculiarities of learning difficulties or one of the ones I apparently have is that for some things information and learning go straight to long term memory, leaving no synaptic pathway to access it. Normally we learn something and its stored in a part of the brain that deals with short term memory and we become conciously competant, before being processed and stored in long term memory and we become unconciously competant. Its really frustrating for me and others trying to help me, I know I've been told how to cut and paste countless times, but I can't remember how to do it, each time I try to do it is like the first, I have to have it all written down in front of me and follow it step by step. Its not that I don't want to learn, but that I literally can't remember, various people both professional and friends and family have tried to help and got frustrated and given up often shouting at me, which makes me anxious and the whole situation worse. One example of this was years ago, I tried to record an episode of the X Files on video plus, I had the video machine manual, the tv guide in front of me and my then techie partner on the phone talking me through it all to make sure I had it right. When I went to play back the recording I had an hour of ceefax, which not only were you not supposed to able to record, but was on a different channel, I told my partner who said I was just scared of technology and that was why it went wrong. He handed me a digital egg timer and said 'press a few buttons randomly, nothing bad will happen', so I did and it crashed, it got stuck on 4 zero's and couldn't be unstuck untill the batteries were taken out and put back in again. 'How did you do that?' is the most common thing I hear when I try and use tech, it goes wrong in ways nobody seems able to figure out easily, to the point where they techie guys at uni used to hide when they saw me coming with anything looking like a lap top bag. At least tech stuff is better shielded now, years ago I was able to make computers crash or go weird just by walking past them or standing to close to them, it still happens sometimes. I'd love to be able to do the things others take for granted, but I don't seem able to and whats worse is people don't believe me until they see it and then they get angry and shout at me.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside
15-Sep-2020 16:44 Message #4792377
Hey wonderoushen you have no need to explain why you ain't a tech head, I, m not either unless I, m at work, I prefer to talk to a person than a computer, walk in the fresh air without an app telling me where to go or how far I, ve gone etc
Each to their own, some like websites 24/7 some don't and no one should be called uneducated because they don't live by a computer
The only websites I visit are Facebook, mse and outlook email, Google is great for answering most of queries
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
15-Sep-2020 16:49 Message #4792380
Fair point wh.....I'm not sure what the answer is....but I hope you can get through some of the issues and find better enjoyment of the internet thing.....

Although I love it......most of the time.....I find it a pain in the arse at times as well......I often tend to find ways through...and then that's ok for me.....Using some like putlocker for watching films etc often brings up opp ups and all sorts of nasties....Annoying, but navigating through come out the other end ok.....A price to pay perhaps for getting free films....
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
15-Sep-2020 19:00 Message #4792398
Tumbled, I take it putlocker is a website or app? To be honest I'm not a big film watcher and my tv or my humax box are wireless and the cables won't reach that far to plug it in so I just have normal freeview telly and I usually have enough to watch. I don't think I have any navigational skills with the internet and like I said before I tend not to come out the other side OK. The list I gave of the series of disasters was just a short glimpse of my abilities to crash anything with a silicon chip.

brisinger-the-beekeeper  Male  Lancashire
15-Sep-2020 20:51 Message #4792402
At the moment I tend up use Facebook groups and Zoom the most. Facebook groups are great for chatting to people with similar interests and being able to upload or view different media content. Zoom is great for live interactive workshops and general meets. It's the closest I can get to real life with all the self isolating.

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