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Kids back in school so

Here come the germs

eurostar  Female  Merseyside
12-Sep-2020 08:35 Message #4792092
We have concentrated so much on covid but hey there's other stuff out there, kid came home with a cold from school so now I, ve got it yuk
Mates kid came home on Wednesday with chickenpox,
Do you think six months of not mixing has either weakened or strengthened their immune system?
Bloody kids lol
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
12-Sep-2020 08:55 Message #4792103
Haven't a clue, guess we'll find out in a week or so, I know I desperately miss spending time with the grandkids and were it not for the fear of spreading illness to others I'd be tempted to say sod all this illness stuff and give them a big hug and take them out.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
12-Sep-2020 09:20 Message #4792105
Apart from the normal manners type covering mouth when coughing or sneezing etc....most people have never bothered about spreading colds and stuff..

In fact, it's often looked upon as strange or wimpyish or skivyness if you have a day or two off with a cold......'So and so won't be in today.....They've just rang up....They've got a cold.....They sounded terrible.....putting on their best 'cold' voice'......In fact.....they were that bad, they had to get their partner to ring up for them.....They mustn't have been able to speak themselves....

Then the office collapses into a state of 'Oh yeah....It;s only a bleeding cold....skiving git'....ness
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
12-Sep-2020 10:37 Message #4792117
I think it depends on where you work, if you work around food then taking a day or two off until the worst of its over is far better than coughing and sneezing all over products and customers.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
12-Sep-2020 17:13 Message #4792131
For a great many years when I had employees (and at work now) anyone with a bad cold/flu has always been sent home before they contaminate others. Better to lose one member of staff rather than risk several off at the same time it just makes sense.

I doubt the time without mixing was enough to affect immune systems and the kids going back to school should be as resilient as ever although it remains important to keep them distanced from the old or vulnerable which shouldn't be difficult even if it is frustrating. With the distancing and some mask wearing in schools they should be less prone to other things (inc nits) but they will still bring some horrible things home.

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