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Damaging and destroying books etc

Which ones?

Jeff  Male  East Sussex
9-Sep-2020 21:00 Message #4791883
Is it justified to deliberately damage or destroy certain books, magazines, pamphlets & leaflets?

If so, then on what subjects, and having what tone?

Should only one's own copies be damaged or destroyed, or should other people's copies be as well?

If some copies are kept intact, well guarded in museums and places of learning, then who should be permitted to see them?

(Wikipedia about Book burning has many interesting examples, but omits the very important burning of disputed qur'ans by caliph Uthman about 650AD. There are current destructions of the qur'an that made me wonder about this, but I won't go into that now. You may have heard of H.Heine's writing (in German in 1821) "Where they burn books, so too will they in the end burn human beings.", which was about the Spanish Inquisition burning the qur'an, and was ironic in the 1930s.)
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
10-Sep-2020 09:29 Message #4791911
Not justified as it is destroying freedom of speech.

CircusMaximus  Male  North Yorkshire
10-Sep-2020 10:25 Message #4791920
If you own a book feel free to do whatever you wish with it. If it's not yours then keep your nose out of other people's business.
Kimjongun  Male  South Yorkshire
10-Sep-2020 22:52 Message #4791993
I never burn a book.
But I would if Jeff wrote one, it would be too long.
I would need to get a forklift truck to put it on the bonfire.
There would never be enough room, in any museum, for a Jeff book!
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
10-Sep-2020 23:03 Message #4791995
Hitlers 'I'm Camp' one is still around......

If that has survived.....then anything can survive.....

Although.....'The Worlds 100 Greatest Paedophiles'....written by Jimmy Saville........illustrated by Rolf Harris.....may struggle a bit....
Kimjongun  Male  South Yorkshire
11-Sep-2020 21:52 Message #4792066
Can you see what it is yet?
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
11-Sep-2020 23:20 Message #4792073
Anything purely advertising (not talking magazines that carry advertising as well as information) goes straight in the recycling bin without even being looked at. It's too late at night to think who should be permitted to see any kept in museums or places of learning.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex
12-Sep-2020 18:39 Message #4792143
How do you know that it's purely advertising if you don't even look at it? ;)

Pboro Trevor: "Not justified as it is destroying freedom of speech."
Don't you admit that freedom of speech must be limited, for example to protect national security and public safety and health, and prevent crime and disorder? Books aren't the same as speech, but shouldn't there be some similar restrictions?

Admittedly books and more can be easily accessed on the internet. But here are some examples where it is worth considering whether to destroy books. What do you think about them?

a. If someone has a book which she found very frightening, and even the sight of its cover gives her nightmares, and hiding it doesn't help, and she thinks that giving it to someone else might have a similar effect, should she destroy it?

b. If a book has many libels against someone who is too poor to take legal action against the publisher and author, then what should be done with copies of that book?

c. If there is a book containing numerous health falsehoods, such as saying that you can eat certain items whereas in fact they are poison, should all copies of that be seized? If so, then what should be done with those copies?

d. If the police are aware that someone has a book or magazine which teaches techniques of sexually seducing young children, and encourages use of those techniques, then should the police seize and destroy that book?

e. If a printer has produced books and magazines full of photos of rape and child pornography, should the police seize and destroy all copies of them? But perhaps preserve some of them to show appropriate people (who?) what the the law is against?

f. If a book promotes killing people who commit "offences" such as being homosexual or having committed adultery or leaving a religion, then what should be done with practically all copies of that book?

g. If there is a book full of supremacy of one race or religion over the rest, stating that that race or religion should try to get power and if successful then kill the rest, should all copies of it be seized and destroyed? But perhaps preserve some of them to inform appropriate people (who?) why that book might be objectionable?
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
12-Sep-2020 18:54 Message #4792145
Pamphlets and leaflets generally Jeff, but much of what comes through the letterbox is advertising and mass mailed so I don't see a problem with disposing of such.
NoSaint  Female  Devon
12-Sep-2020 22:52 Message #4792157
How do you know that it's purely advertising if you don't even look at it? ;)

That is not difficult and you don't need more than a quick glance before binning it.

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