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People not doing their jobs

causing annoyance

Jeff  Male  East Sussex
4-Sep-2020 20:05 Message #4791488
I get annoyed when I see an abandoned supermarket trolley on a pavement or in bushes or a canal as someone has borrowed it but not done their job to return it or arrange for someone to return it.

Two days ago I saw an abandoned trolley about half a mile from my local branch of Asda. I phoned the branch and selected the option as if I were a customer, and the outgoing message said "due to unprecedented demand, we cannot connect your call to our store". So I phoned again and selected the option as if I were a colleague, but selecting a further option it automatically ended the call. So I phoned a 3rd time, and selected the option as if I were a supplier, then after another option I told an assistant about the trolley, and she replied that she would inform the appropriate person.

Today I saw the trolley still there. I phoned the branch and selected the "customer" option but heard the same message as before. So I phoned again, selected the supplier option, and told someone about it.

I also get annoyed when people not doing their job costs me a lot of money, but I won't go into those instances.

What gets you annoyed about certain people not doing their job?
Kimjongun  Male  South Yorkshire
4-Sep-2020 21:11 Message #4791490
People that talk and not serve.
I want my tikka masala sauce, not listen to garbage about gardening!
You want that, go to horticultural show!
Give me my sauce, no I not have garden and not want to know about yours.
you get hanging basket from Newquay, thats nice.
Did they sell Tikka Masala there?

Also people that rude when selling.
Except when it worth more, then I tell them afterwards.
I send email saying how much I got.
Sea  Female  Essex
4-Sep-2020 22:38 Message #4791492
Hi Jeff, I can understand your annoyance. Have you considered contacting the council, as am sure this comes under fly tipping and they should have 'Fly tipping protection officers' or whatever they call them, to deal with this. They may even fine Asda, as their name on their property, which has been dumped. I saw a local TV programme recently and it featured a couple from the council out on their fly tipping rounds, as well as obvious dumped rubbish, they were also fining people dropping cigarette ends outside pubs, as classed under their fly tipping duties. Anyway worth a try. But what annoys me is all litter that is thrown, dropped discarded etc. And it is the job of the people that throw it etc. to either find a bin, or take it home with them and not leave it for others to pick up after them.
I do also get annoyed though when tables are not cleared when people leave after eating. There can be plenty of empty tables to sit at but all full of dirty dishes etc. Even in seaside towns, I have seen tables where there are seagulls swooping down devouring greedily and not a member of staff in sight to rectify the situation and remove temptation away. Just then encourages them to move on to the next table, where people are still eating.
brisinger-the-beekeeper  Male  Lancashire
5-Sep-2020 00:44 Message #4791494
Not completing them. The other week I was having a new boiler fitted and the guy left a pipe swinging. When I asked why his excuse was that "it would not hold on plasterboard". I had to point out to him that pipe clips and if need be plas-plugs would do the job. I forced him into finishing the job but it begs the question what if he was doing the same job for someone who isn't as clued up as me?
I go by the saying "If you want a good job doing then do it yourself".
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
5-Sep-2020 08:40 Message #4791500
I find it is generally much better for my blood pressure to stay chill and not to get annoyed with people.
I don't like littering. It's disgusting behaviour, but if I see litter and it is within my means to do so, I will pick it up and place it in the nearest bin. Same with the trolley. If I was on foot and on my way to Asda, I would have wheeled it back to where it belonged, instead of getting all het up about people not answering phones. There's far too much control freakery in this world. Okay, maybe that annoys me, just a little bit. But not too much, or else that would make me a control freak too.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
5-Sep-2020 08:58 Message #4791503
I started noticing about 5 or 6 months ago.....There were a lot of people not doing their jobs....
The_38th_Parallel  Male  Essex
5-Sep-2020 09:45 Message #4791510
There's a company called TrolleyWise that recovers abandoned shopping trolleys.
You download the free App, register on the site and then when you're out and about and see a trolley where it shouldn't be you go on the App.
After completing some details e.g. if there's a store name on the trolley, any helpful details of where the trolley is situated (e.g. on a grass verge, in a park etc) you take a picture of the offending trolley, upload it and it's location is logged.
TrolleyWise can then contact their nearest collection team and they recover it

They estimate that more than 500,000 (and the actual number could be double that) shopping trolleys are taken from retailers each year costing businesses c £35m..
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
5-Sep-2020 11:10 Message #4791515
In the days when I was young enough for such shenanigans, supermarket trolleys did make a very good vehicle for friends that were too much the worse for wear to walk home. :)
I would imagine that alcoholic intake is related to a high percentage of missing trolleys.
Kimjongun  Male  South Yorkshire
5-Sep-2020 18:21 Message #4791545
Trolley no good if broken leg.
Last year student break leg.
Friends take him around town in wheelie bin!
NoSaint  Female  Devon
7-Sep-2020 16:05 Message #4791676
I agree Minnie. Shoppers might leave a trolley in a car park when they load their car or but it's the drunks who leave them all over town and throw them in the river.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex
7-Sep-2020 18:11 Message #4791685
Thanks for all your posts.

I don't like getting people into trouble, but this afternoon I saw that the trolley was still there, (5 and 3 days after I informed Asda). I phoned Asda again, and warned them that they were likely to get a fine as I was now going to phone the Council to inform them, which I did.

I wasn't going towards Asda, and I didn't fancy walking the trolley about half-a-mile there. I guess (maybe wrongly) that they have a van that can collect them, especially if left far from the store.
I don't think it's being a control freak to repeatedly inform a supermarket about their abandoned trolley, and then follow it up.
Well done for picking up litter. Sometimes I do that, and put on a supermarket shelf something that has fallen from there, to avoid it getting damaged.
Thinking of dropping things reminds me of a lovely story in a newspaper strip about 40 years ago. A couple were running for a train, and the lady dropped a glove onto the platform and they didn't have time to pick it up. They got on the train and it started off. Quickly the man grabbed his partner's other glove and threw it through an open window onto the platform. The lady asked why he did that. He replied that a single glove was no use to her nor to someone who found one on the platform. She couldn't get back her dropped glove, so now that both gloves were on the platform, it could benefit someone who finds them.

The 38th Parallel,
As that is the division between North and South Korea, I hope you don't limit Kimjongun too much!
Thanks for the information about Trolleywise. I couldn't find on their website how they are financed, and I wonder if they make charge the supermarket a lot for each trolley returned. The TrolleysandBaskets website charges £1,615.68 for a pack of 15 new shallow trolleys (= over £107 each), so I guess that a supermarket might pay Trolleywise a large amount to recover one and avoid a Council fine.
Its website includes "30% of shoppers admit to having taken a trolley in the past, with those aged between 25 and 34 being the worst culprits (46%)" - but I find that hard to believe.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex
7-Sep-2020 18:37 Message #4791688
Bris: "I go by the saying "If you want a good job doing then do it yourself"."

But I'm not practical, so I would do a bad job.

We all know the saying "If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well." But I think that isn't always true. For example, it might be worth painting a shed to stop it rotting. I don't paint well, so to do it well I would have to pay someone. But I might think that the cost of someone is too much, so it isn't worth doing well. I might then paint the shed myself, not very well, but enough to stop it rotting.

Or rather than do a bad job, I might not do it at all. Then I would be one of those "People not doing their jobs causing annoyance" - against myself!
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
7-Sep-2020 21:16 Message #4791697
Apart from the emergency services I can't think of anyone who's done a good job, luckily now I rarely get annoyed about it and accept it as a fact of life - much like knowing technology rarely does it what it claims for any reasonable length of time.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
7-Sep-2020 22:14 Message #4791704
I know a lot of people in business and employees who do a really excellent job and try their utmost to get everything right. The most unreliable in my life have been tradesmen of various types often difficult to contact, unreliable timekeepers and often doing shoddy work.

HonestBob  Male  the Central region
9-Sep-2020 08:28 Message #4791835
The shopping trolley bit had me laughing..... Anyone used to watch Trailer Park Boys? Bubbles used to steal "Carts" and fix 'em up and sell them back to the stores!


I had a few birds nesting in my facia boards. Never bothered me at all. They made a bit of mess with twigs trying to get them through the hole into the area where they were nesting. My neighbour however, had a issue with it. The birds shat on her windows a few times.... So I phoned a pest control company to come out. One guy gave me the whole "Health and safety.... I'm not allowed to go on a roof, or up a ladder, if it isn't accessible from loft, nothing I can do!" so on to the second one. They second one they fella seemed much more professional, "Yes Mr HonestBob, I'll be round at 11am!" of course 11am came and went, no sign of the time waster. Phoned him the following day, "Yes Mr HonestBob, My apologies, delayed at a previous job! I'll be round tomorrow at 2pm!".... Never seen him, never bothered contacting him again. Got a local Gypo round, he arrived with in the hour, up he went sorted the issue. I asked "How much for that Buddy?" he said ""Eh, well..... um.... mmm £70!" I thought £70 for ten minutes work was steep, but so what, he came out and did the fecking job! Off I went to fetch £70 cash, came back handed it over to him and he counted it..... gave me £20 back and a wink!

My mate has had enough of these guys! Constantly having to chase up these guys, missing appointments and not bothering to show up or do the job.

Not even a courtesy call "Hi Mr HonestBob, about your appointment at 2pm..... I'll have to cancel! Would you mind rearranging it for another time/date?" I could accept that!

Even garages, you put your car in, you wait for a phone call all day! The phone you at 4:50pm, "Hi! It's Jim from the garage, your car is ready..... We shut in 10 mins!!!" How about a phone call at 3pm telling me my car will be ready at 5pm, so I don't need to rush, and I can ensure I'll be there!
FirmButFair-TrollPatrol  Male  North Yorkshire
10-Sep-2020 18:27 Message #4791964
Too many businesses are incompetent and don't appear to care one jot about the customer.
Kimjongun  Male  South Yorkshire
10-Sep-2020 19:37 Message #4791974
That rant too short Trolly.
Start off promising, then it all over before you know.

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