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Extinction Rebellion

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MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
28-Aug-2020 13:26 Message #4790949
XR are active again and are chained to vehicles at the Buncefield fuel depot in Hemel Hempstead. Are they hitting the public too soon after Covid?
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
28-Aug-2020 14:14 Message #4790950
There's some going to be around here as well over the weekend.....

Peaceful Protests My Arse........
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
28-Aug-2020 15:22 Message #4790951
"after" Covid...... its still appearing in Buckinghamshire and many other places. Still, I suppose she has nothing better to do & I wonder how many of her followers will be social distancing.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
28-Aug-2020 16:48 Message #4790953
I drove past and there doesn't seem to be many protesters but perhaps some are concerned about spreading (even unknowingly) the coronavirus to innocent people who have to deal with their displays which are likely to be members of the emergency services as well as other local workers. Those with no concern for others, not bothered about workers not being able to go back to work, not bothered by halting a business which is probably struggling after lockdown and not bothered by the knock-on effect which will hit hundreds of others either directly or indirectly.

Why a handful of noisy protesters think they have the right to cause so much disruption and dictate to the rest of the country what we should be allowed to do beggars belief.
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire
28-Aug-2020 21:59 Message #4790966
Almost everyone I know feels the Extinction lot are causing more people to turn against their cause now. Raising awareness might have been worthwhile but I'm not sure they even did much good there either but now they are just a nuisance.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
29-Aug-2020 07:53 Message #4790979
Ironically, the way we have had to respond to the pandemic has given us an insight into the sort of world the likes of XR advocate.
For 3 months or so the country basically came to a standstill and pollution levels dropped significantly, but look what we had had to do to achieve it.
Few were working, instead we were stuck indoors with the Government paying us to watch Netflix whilst the national debt went through the roof.

Sorry but a few middle-class white people with more time on their hands than brains in their heads, gluing themselves to stuff is so pre-pandemic.
They're nothing more than a slight irritation now - even Greta Thunberg seems to have found other things to keep her amused, perhaps she's discovered boys...
Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
29-Aug-2020 09:39 Message #4790986
It's quite clear the XR don't mind how many problems they cause everyone else as long as they get to pursue their own selfish crusade.
They are not making viable demands or putting forward anything intelligent and I don't think they have a clue about what should be done to meet their demands.

It's not going to happen overnight and governments, councils and local authorities having been working very hard for years to bring about a better environment.

Even the countries biggest dunce can work out if you shut down businesses, make everyone unemployed and dig up every road and airport runway then we would get a bit of fresher air over the uk - unless our air blows in from overseas?
Perhaps mass suicide is the answer - no people no pollution maybe that would work.
The_Snow_Covered_Fool  Male  Cheshire
30-Aug-2020 07:12 Message #4791064
This relates very well with Terry's thread the other day.

BrexitBob  Male  Oxfordshire
30-Aug-2020 08:46 Message #4791067
An good cause undermined by vague and impossible depends. XR have become another bandwagon.
NoSaint  Female  Devon
1-Sep-2020 22:22 Message #4791296
A good cause undermined by vague and impossible depends. XR have become another bandwagon.

That is exactly what has happened.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
2-Sep-2020 10:56 Message #4791334
A particular irony of this pandemic is the fact we're using more plastic than ever before. Suddenly plastic and latex are our saviours.
There's a picture doing the rounds of Schofield and Holly whatshername on This Morning, hugging each other through a big plastic sheet.
It looks totally ridiculous, like they're dressed in a massive condom just so they can hug - I despair at the message it is sending to paranoid people.
And what happens to the massive sheet of plastic afterwards?....
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
2-Sep-2020 11:04 Message #4791335
Good point about plastic...

We're manipulated all the time.......plastic is bad.....plastic is good......

As and when it suits.....
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
2-Sep-2020 13:10 Message #4791340
A co founder of XR was being interviewed this morning and while demanding zero emissions by 2025 also forecast the immediate apocalypse and the demise of civilisation.

When asked how the demise would come about and what changes we would notice - she hadn't got a clue. Seriously not a clue. No answer. It was not an impressive interview considering she was a co founder.
LadyVera  Female  Cumbria
2-Sep-2020 16:31 Message #4791345
MrQ. I'm not surprised in the slightest. I haven't heard one logical suggestion or idea from this protest group. They want to cause chaos and get fame but do nothing.

CircusMaximus  Male  North Yorkshire
2-Sep-2020 16:52 Message #4791348
If it hadn't had Greta up front getting the initial publicity I think XR would have sunk a long time ago.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
2-Sep-2020 21:01 Message #4791361
'but do nothing.'

Bit like 99% of us.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
2-Sep-2020 21:31 Message #4791367
We're told to do stuff......forced to do stuff.......

In a thread it was mentioned about plastic.....All the rubbish they chuck at us about plastic......and now.....with's everywhere.....

I'm going to mention China again......Some people hate the China bashing.....Poor little China.......

But what about their pollution?.......and India?........Those countries seem to be able to do what they want.....Nobody can stop them....They are the biggest environment destroyers.....USA are big......but China and India are huge......

Every little bit of my effort is completely and utterly shot to pieces a million times the big polluting countries....and it's got to be said.....our own countries industries and big polluters......
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
2-Sep-2020 23:14 Message #4791369
A good cause but I agree with all the negative comments on XR. They are a useless bunch doing nothing except making a nuisance of themselves.
Kimjongun  Male  South Yorkshire
2-Sep-2020 23:38 Message #4791375
I know person that knows an xr member.
Says she drives big car and holidays 5 or 6 times a year.
Just about sums it up.
Have you noticed how many people are like that?

They all look very sad on TV today, end of XR.
I think they should try and stop a train again.
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire
4-Sep-2020 08:41 Message #4791442
There have been a few minor demos locally but seem to be groups of kids with banners but just messing around and having a laugh.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
4-Sep-2020 09:33 Message #4791449
That sums XR up in a nutshell really...
Michaelt  Male  Devon
4-Sep-2020 16:15 Message #4791464
MrQuiet , Would you be a good chap and tell me what XR is please ?
Michaelt  Male  Devon
4-Sep-2020 16:16 Message #4791465
RAACH84, Do you know what XR is ?
Michaelt  Male  Devon
4-Sep-2020 16:17 Message #4791467
personanongrata , I take it you thought the same about the Miners protests during the Thatcher years ?
Michaelt  Male  Devon
4-Sep-2020 16:19 Message #4791468
LadyVera , "but do nothing". A bit like you then!

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