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Have you any examples of someone trying to take you for a ride...

..but you had insight into their dishonesty.

JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
24-Jul-2020 13:13 Message #4787605
Following on from the old car thread and my experience with a Firestone mechanic, have you ever known about something, even an expert at it yourself, and someone tries to pull the wool over your eyes?

Did you play them along to see how far they would go and sit dumb, or expose them?

It kind of happened to me a few weeks ago when I was looking to have my soffits replaced. I had three prices and the second one had good reviews but quoted twice the amount I expected to pay. As we looked up to my roof, he said, "It's asbestos you know" and explained it was a bigger job than average.

I was puzzled because I am no expert on building structure and had never come across boarding and soffits ever using asbestos or seen it mentioned as a possibility in any adverts.
One quote was £250 from a guy who did my pointing which later partially fell out.
The second was £1450 from a gutter specialist company.
The third was the £3000 from another specialist company.

I opted for the second, they came on time, a team of 5 guys, and cleanly did the lot in a day. They said they had cleared a lot of bird stuff from the roof lining but were impressed to bother to ask if I'd had a new roof as most was in very good condition and never mentioned asbestos.
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
24-Jul-2020 13:33 Message #4787608
I had all my facias/soffits/guttering replaced by a specialist firm about 20 years ago (all 4 sides of a 1950s detached house) at a cost of around £1700.

The job was done in 2 days by 2 guys - and I did some research at the time which indicated that asbestos could well be involved but I left that to the firm to ascertain and deal with as necessary but there was nil mention thereof. They did a good job and I would recommend them to others.

In the past we have had a regular stream of chancers/cold callers knocking on door offering to do works at extortionate prices but my response is along the lines of the second word being "off" and since putting a sticker on the door saying cold callers will not be entertained it keeps them away.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
24-Jul-2020 19:05 Message #4787640
I've had a few phone me up and try to tell me I have a problem with my mobile/bank/bank card, internet, its quite funny when I tell them I don't have a mobile or online banking etc, I can hear their faces sliding off the front of their heads before the line goes dead.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
24-Jul-2020 23:35 Message #4787646
i have worked for a few different companies selling f/s/g.

yes, some had asbestos and some concrete and iron as well, but few and far between.

usually its a couple of guys who, if they know what they are doing, will complete a 3 bed semi in 1.5 days, doing full replacement of fascia,s/soffits and guttering, inc. sprocketing the ends of the rafters to attach the new components too.
they should remove the bottom row of tiles, add a new membrane, or plastic "trays"should be put in place along with birdcomb.
very few do a complete job as above, and avoid a "cover over" cowboy job...unless you are tarting up prior to moving, but pity the new buyers.

£250 wouldnt cover the cost of decent materials [3b semi].

£1,200 - £1,600 is a fair target price for full replacement on a standard 3b semi.

so you went for the second quote who said it was asbestos, which requires specialist removal and disposal ?
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
25-Jul-2020 09:23 Message #4787668
It was the 3rd quote who mentioned it could be asbestos but £3000 without more closely inspecting it was assuming it wasn't asbestos. It just felt like an blank cheque without confirmation.

I read up quite a bit on where roofers etc discuss cover-ups or replacements and there seemed justification for both, especially if the originals were in good condition and the intention was to just avoid maintenance and painting.

I chose the £1450, which ended up £1360 because they did want to replace and I liked their approach and manner which wasn't intimidating or pushy. I'd already explained I didn't really want to replace all the guttering and downpipes as they looked spanking new and had been replaced only 2 or 3 years earlier, the originals being cast iron. At that time he said I could pay extra for the "trays" (LOL) but told the guys doing the facias and soffits that "something" extra had been placed and the workman had to take off the first row of roof tiles and put them back.

It's great when we have tradesmen who's explanations add up and match what the previous guys said and the comment about my roof being in great condition was kind of reassuring and they were not trying to add on something else. I was prepared for these guys to say "oops" there's asbestos, and I expected them to be more expensive as they had quite an upmarket website. I didn't want to waste good plastic having bits that were already new, and they had already had a chance to tell me it wouldn't work but they were happy about it even though the bill was slightly less.

Interesting insight Fosy from someone familiar with the work.

I've now got a plumber I trust too which is great but electrician experience could be a book. "Nice" guys but incompetent.
Sea  Female  Essex
25-Jul-2020 15:11 Message #4787705
Yes, just over a year ago when I had my car serviced and MOT'd. They discovered a small oil leak although I had not seen any oil on my drive. Informed I would need to check the car back in so that they could find where the oil leak was coming from. Could not give me a price as did not know how many hours it might take to find where the leak was coming from but likely two or three as a rough guide. I also needed new tyre but they quoted expensive price. I phoned around and found somewhere much cheaper for tyre. Mentioned I had an oil leak (oh and did notice tiny spot of oil on my drive that only appeared after bringing car back) and they discoverted where it was coming from for free, when changing the tyre. From gear box I believe but paid them to fix it for me. I am pretty certain that the first garage would have known exactly where my leak was.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
27-Jul-2020 20:10 Message #4787855

I mentioned in another thread I ran an engine tuning business with my ex and we were always honest, to the point of struggling to pay bills at times, but we discovered which garages in the area were honest and which were not.

One of our customers had a company car and had been into a Kwik Fit for a puncture repair. They told him his car needed new shock absorbers so he told them to go ahead. After they had done the work, he pulled out the receipt for new shock absorbers they had fitted a few months before. This was before computer systems and I think the guy had a Cortina so a long time ago.

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