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Sunday Hugs

Hugs for all

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
28-Jun-2020 09:29 Message #4784982
Good morning huggers,

Apologies for not getting back to you all last week. I've just had a look and it sounds as if you were all busy. Hope all you Dad's enjoyed being treated. I had a treat yesterday as my youngest grandchild came over and we spent several hours together playing games and doing jigsaws whilst my son went to Wendover Woods for a bike ride. It's a shame it rained most of the time otherwise we might have gone for a walk round the fields.

Today the sun is starting to shine although the sky looks grey. I might go out into the garden for a while as I have some potatoes to plant. I noticed some very healthy looking broad bean pods starting to form on my plants :) despite them being riddled with black fly a few days ago. I've since read somewhere that the tops should be pinched out when they're about 18 inches high so if I grow them again I'll try and remember. Unfortunately the greenfly decimated my lupins, totally destroyed the two flower spikes, before I could do anything about it :(

Anyway on a positive note I've had a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker visiting my fat balls for the last two days. I've never seen one of them in my garden before and yesterday before my son went back we watched a pair or red kites circling above us. Nature at it's best. I did find three snails in my watering can, one of which was blocking the watering bit up but that's another story.

So have you had a good week? It's been so hot here. I was working in 30 degrees most days. Phew! Fine if I was on holiday with a nice sea breeze but not when I was stuck in a small office. What is everyone doing today?

Enjoy your day, have a good week. Stay safe (((HUGS))) (((HUGS)))
Keithagain  Male  South Yorkshire
28-Jun-2020 09:45 Message #4784985
Hello Twinkle and all Sunday huggers

Yes, it was a week to remember weatherwise! It got up to 29c on at least two days. We had a thunderstorm on Friday...Friday and Saturday were very humid. I think it is better today with a strong breeze.
Next door is being done up. They are doing up the interior and trimming the garden...I feel it will be very posh for who it is let out to.
My sunflowers are growing well and the gaillardia in particular look good, as is the yucca...all ten spikes! I`m still waiting for the delivery of seeds and begonia and zinnia.

hugs hugs hugs
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
28-Jun-2020 09:52 Message #4784989
Hello Twinkle and fellow Sunday Huggers ((((hugs)))

Its a lovely morning here with a fresh breeze, no shorts today - back in Jeans

We have at last got our P/permission. Not quite what we wanted, much smaller cos of the green belt conditions, but after waiting 6 months, we are pleased to get going. We went over there yesterday and I caught the deer at the (now empty) gooseberry bushes - little blighters - they werent really scared of me, they just wandered off. The buildrers and ground workers are going in to start in about 14 days. Its a bit daunting and I feel a bit sort of panicky but himself is enjoying it. He was once a builder so he knows what he is at. If I am bit 'touchy' in the next few weeks, please make allowances..... lol

We had such a lot or rain here in the night ev erything is lovely and wet, so belatedly , I am going to put some seeds in the veggie garden, then some fruit picking, then some more sorting out stuff.

I hope everyone has a lovely day........ and please take extra care if you have to go to any crowded places.

V xx ((((hugs)))
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
28-Jun-2020 10:12 Message #4784994
Hello Keithagain,

Has your other yucca flowered yet? I'm wondering about getting some carrots and some more peas. My son is coming over to take the pyracantha out that has grown through from next door. I also have two or three self seeded trees that he might have a go at while he's here. With the pyracantha gone that will give me some fence space so will have to decide what to put there.
Is it a gardening day or a newspaper day?

Stay safe (((HUGS)))
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
28-Jun-2020 10:19 Message #4784996
Hello Victoriana11,

I'm just wondering if I need to change into jeans to go to the shop before my son gets here.

Good about the planning permission, at least things can get moving. It must be frustrating as there are things you want to do but can't. But it sounds as if the garden will keep you busy both now and in the future. I think I could do with a slightly larger garden or perhaps a smaller shed as there isn't enough of the right space to put pots on. I have to use pots as I only have two side beds now having paved the lawn. At least as your other half used to be a builder he'll know exactly what the work should look like on your new place and will be able to monitor it well.

Stay safe, enjoy your new garden. Hope you don't get wet. (((HUGS)))
Sea  Female  Essex
28-Jun-2020 10:37 Message #4785001
Good Morning Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers.
Sounds great seeing a woodpecker Twinkle. I always had one in my garden at my previous house many years ago but not seen one here. Mainly pigeons and squirrels, and muntjack deer in land next door.
I feel a bit like the weather looks today kind of undecided. It is quite windy with the sun coming and going. Maybe a day for pottering in the garden, or a walk away from any woods. Don't want a tree coming down or even a heavy branch. In the week I met up with two of my daughters in one of their gardens. Saw four grandchildren. The youngest is seven months and have been able to give her a few hugs the last couple of weeks. My daughter thinks safe as they have not been near any crowds and only have home deliveries. Equally I have always social distanced from anyone when roaming the countryside etc. She is a really cutie and has just found her voice. Quite distinct continued dada, dada, dada all the time. Apparently at home she doesn't stop. Clearly wanting to join in any conversations. -)
Have a lovely Sunday everyone.
Sending very warm (((Hugs))) from me.
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
28-Jun-2020 10:40 Message #4785002
Good morning Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers

Our Hedgehog and hoglets seem to be progressing well. The cat food we leave down every other night is going (not sure who exactly is eating it) and the rustling noise from the nest indicate things are moving.

A lot of rain in the last couple of days but no thunderstorms and now very breezy

Hugs to all

leogirl  Female  Essex
28-Jun-2020 11:34 Message #4785005
hello Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers. {{{HUGS}}} to all . good to hear you are all busy with gardening jobs and looking after young vegetable plants as if they were babies! So far I have harvested 4 delicious strawberries from my 3 strawberry plans that survived from last year.
How I wished everyone could come and have a coffee in my garden . Bit windy, but still warm and no rain! Yesterday it rained a bit during the night and a very light shower during the day , but not enough to make the grass green and the runner beans grow, so every evening the I need to water the garden.
No particular plans for today. I need to buy myself a decent office chair . The Rennie Mackintosh design chair ( hand made ) is good to look at but it does my back in.
I am still weary to go to shops - I am not lingering to look for bargains .

yesterday I bought myself some CBD green stem ( hemp ) oil. My friend has been taling it for a couple of years now and she noted a big improvement in joint mobility.
I had 3 doses so far and already my ankles are less swollen . But the stuff repeats on me . any information welcome
I am also re-reading a book about the history of the village of my birth in the Netherlands and the influences of the nobility , especially the barons who ruled the village for more than 5 generations.
My brother wrote it . He did almost 2 years of research and had hundreds of talks and interviews to create a very readable book . Bit nostalgic because I remember how the village used to be so well and all the " characters" of the village of my childhood. . I wonder when I feel confident enough to fly out to the Netherlands and visit again.

Hugs to all
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands
28-Jun-2020 11:58 Message #4785010
Good morning Twinkle and all the Sunday morning huggers.

A bright, Sunny, dry and windy morning here in the West Midlands.

Unfortunately i don’t grow and produce in my garden including flowers its hard enough for me to keep my grass in check let alone anything else i suppose thats what COPD does fore you, lol

In the woods behind my house i once saw a green woodpecker which i later found out was a rare thing especially in a built-up area, my garden is regularly visited by 2 Jays, Robbins, Black birds and Blue-tits and this week i saw a song thrush for the first time in years, we do get Grey Squirrels as well they even come unto the house, (Cheeky Buggers) lol

Anyway folks, have a lovely day and week ahead but remember keep your wits about you and stay safe.

Sunday hugs to you all :)

(((Hugs))) (((Hugs))) )))Hugs((( (((Hugs))) (((Hugs)))

Andy Mac
elrond  Male  the Highlands and Islands of Scotland
28-Jun-2020 15:16 Message #4785028
G'afternoon Twinkle (((hugs))) it'sw been unsettled weather here, everything from blattering rain to bright sunshine. l've spent my day in a book.

hugsss to alll
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
28-Jun-2020 15:23 Message #4785032
Hello Sea,

Two days on a row for the woodpecker. Usually I get robins, blackbirds, sparrows, blue and great tits and the magpie family oh plus the occasional pigeon and ring necked dove.
The weather today here has been sunshine and showers and it's quite breezy but it has warmed up a bit now. My son and youngest grandchild came over again and stayed for lunch. Nice to have some company. And although i did give my grandchild a hug, at the age of five I was asked why are you hugging me and yesterday I was told we shouldn't touch. Obviously social distancing is working.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday whatever you decide to do.

Stay safe (((HUGS)))
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
28-Jun-2020 15:27 Message #4785033
Hello Pboro Trevor,

Wow you're so lucky. I came home on Friday to find the bulbs that had been in my ceramic hedgehog had been uprooted and were lying on the table. I'm not sure whether it was the magpies or the squirrel who did it.

It's quite breezy here too. My son is hopefully going to come by tomorrow and take down a couple of over hanging branches for me as the apples are starting to drop again.

Have a good afternoon,

Stay safe (((HUGS)))
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
28-Jun-2020 15:43 Message #4785035
Hello leogirl,

Four strawberries is four more than I've had off mine. I think the birds are getting to mine first although I don't have many plants.

A friend went to buy an office chair and said they were really expensive so she bought a computer gaming chair instead which has done the trick.

I've just had a quick look on line about your experience of CBD oil and can't see the side effects you mention on the list so either it's just you or perhaps its reacting with something else you're taking/eating. It can have an affect statins if you're taking them. Are you taking too much to start with rather than building up the dosage? It might be worth asking wonderoushen as she might know. It's good that you feel it is helping though.

Your brother's book sounds really interesting. I've been doing a little bit of research about where my Mum used to live and think I've now found the farm she was bought up on. I've also been looking at my Dad's military history as well. It looks as if you'll have to wait a while longer to be able to fly to the Netherlands.

Stay safe (((HUGS)))
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
28-Jun-2020 15:51 Message #4785038
Hi Andy MacG,

I got rid of my lawn as the over hanging trees really weren't helping it and it was more weeds than lawn. My produce, such as it is, is all grown in pots.

I haven't seen a song thrush for a while now. Lovely to see the rest of the wildlife though. The only furry thing that has come into the house is a field mouse which tried to nest under the sink and the blue tits we found in the loft.

Stay safe (((HUGS)))

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
28-Jun-2020 16:00 Message #4785039
Hello elrond,

The weather really can't make up it's mind today can it? Although we really do need the rain. At least my grass is starting to resemble green grass. Enjoy your reading.

Stay safe (((HUGS)))

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