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Fitness in lockdown

What to do now gyms still closed

Alphamale  Male  Cheshire
25-Jun-2020 10:10 Message #4784719
Like lots I’ve been online -teaching yoga Pilates lbt body pump and also taking part in others - ive had 48k on u tube but now I’m fed up with it . Classes in the park are thin anyone any ideas to motivate me
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
25-Jun-2020 10:17 Message #4784721
Go for a walk and enjoy your surroundings, listen to the birds, look at the plants and trees around you. Ask yourself why does it need to be so hard core and competitive?
eurostar  Female  Merseyside
25-Jun-2020 10:24 Message #4784725
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
25-Jun-2020 10:28 Message #4784727
The only time I go to the gym is when I pop in the foyer to buy an ice cream which isn't adding much to my fitness.
There are so many better, fresher and more interesting ways to keep fit than stuck indoors. Cycling, walking, hiking, jogging all with scenery to look at and I think it benefits overall fitness more so than gyms.

Since lockdown I've done long walks, cycled a bit and shared some indoor exercises with family via zoom.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
25-Jun-2020 10:53 Message #4784732
With my gym being closed I've been using my home gym. I've got it pretty well kitted out for all my needs. I was doing six days a week, push/pull/legs program. I have found that doing the leg day at home was a complete killer! In the gym for legs I'd do....

Hamstring curls
Leg extensions
Leg press
Calf raises
Reverse Lunges (No weights)
Some type of glutes work
Romanian Deadlifts

Easy.... as most of it if on machines and easy on the joints and system. In the house for legs....

Hamstring curls using ankle weights and resistance bands
Calf raises at top of stairs
Kettle bell swings
Reverse lunges with kettle bells (24kg)
Front squats using a swiss bar (5 sets 8-10 reps)
Glute extensions/bridges with weight
Good mornings
Romanian Deadlifts.

I had to alter the program as the leg days at home were knocking the utter hell out me! My recovery was suffering greatly. Still not really found a solution to it yet, but just doing Push then Pull, day off, Legs, day off, then a Push then Pull. That is my 7 day program for now.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
25-Jun-2020 14:26 Message #4784751
"All that exercise yet you ' re still ugly. "And why is your head on upside down? lol"**

The exercise is for the body and the mind.... Not the face! Here was me thinking I was Mr Handsome as well :o

"And why is your head on upside down? lol"

For a different perspective!
Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire
25-Jun-2020 15:19 Message #4784762
Tuesday for the first time in nearly 5 years I walked over the field - now restored to its lush greenness after 6 months under water - down to the river which was very low. Then though some wood-like area past a pond with fishermen, swans and ducks, another field and reached a park with skateboard park and gym equipment and thus back to the streets and back home. Took a friend with me and it was really lovely; what have I been missing!!! We did about 3 miles but its too hot to do it today but yesterday, just pottering I did over 5000 steps so not too bad in the heat.
Topaz53  Female  Northamptonshire
25-Jun-2020 18:32 Message #4784771
Walk, walk, walk....
brisinger  Male  Lancashire
25-Jun-2020 21:05 Message #4784786
Zouk Social (dis)dancing.
brisinger  Male  Lancashire
25-Jun-2020 21:09 Message #4784787
I might have dropped myself in it and possibly giving a weekender in Tromsø, Norway after Covid-19
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
25-Jun-2020 21:38 Message #4784788
"Not you Honest Bob. The person who started the post has his photo upside down on his profile. lol"

Aw Jesus! Forgive me for I have.... made a mistake! LOL

I don't see any pic on the guy who started the thread, so I thought it was me. Apologies mate!
NoSaint  Female  Devon
3-Jul-2020 21:38 Message #4785620
Keeping fit is very easy as long as you are not disabled or extremely unfit, obese or similar.

MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
4-Jul-2020 22:02 Message #4785737
You don't need a gym to keep fit.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
6-Jul-2020 09:07 Message #4785976
Like many others I have been getting more exercise since lockdown.

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