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HonestBob  Male  the Central region
22-Jun-2020 17:15 Message #4784456
Hi Folks!

In recent weeks of ciaos in certain areas involving Protesters, Joggers, Gentle Giants and Innocent Black Men, “clashing” with the police, Do you foresee a shortage in recruits waiting to join the police?

I don’t think the police are racist against anyone non white, I believe the opposite actually. Police Scotland have female and ethnically diverse recruitment only events. They are desperate to recruit women and non white men. Also, the pay isn’t very good either. I remember seeing the pay described, and thinking “For me…. A lorry driver…. That would be a pay cut, a fairly big one!” Albeit as you climb the ladder, or gain more experience your pay may also increase. The Fire brigade also similar in poor pay, and recruitment drives excluding a significant amount of the Scottish population.

My thinking is….

Recently we have seen incidents in USA, which have caused problems in the UK as well. We have seen groups of police being chased through the streets of London, having bottles, bricks and stuff tossed at them as the run away.

We have seen a female police officer ride her horse into a traffic light, and having to be protected by her fellow officers…. Didn’t look like the protesters were rushing to see if she was OK.

We have seen a male police officer wrestling with a black criminal, on the floor, with all his friends recording it, screaming and dancing around them. Saviour arrives…. And it’s a smallish woman who the thugs don’t take seriously. She does her best, at one point she strikes a thug in the leg with her stick thing, but it was so feeble it appeared to make no difference.

Everywhere they go, people are recording them, waiting for any and every opportunity to humiliate them, or get the media to make a mountain out of a mole hill. If they try to arrest anyone non-white, the media immediately may try to portrait them as racist.

My neighbour spent the full amount as a police office in Glasgow, 30 years I think it is. His advice to his Sons were not to join police. The pension was the only thing good about it, and according to him it isn’t quite as good as it once was.

Your thoughts?

If you were put in charge of future recruitment for police, Do you think current media coverage of police would be harmful to recruitment? If so what would you do to fix it?

No cheekiness or slagging meant….. This site, most users are possibly a bit old for joining the police, but if you were a youngster of today times, Would you join?

Do you think current police aren’t cutting the mustard? Is it the individual officers or the top decision makes who are ruining it?

Do you think more BAME or female officers would be beneficial? If so, In what way? Should it even matter?

Would better pay attract better officers?

Do you think that poor image of the police, or possible diversity quotas are causing recruitment teams to have to lower the bar significantly to fulfill recruitment "needs"?

Lots of questions, feel free to pick and chose, answer them all, answer none or drop you 2p worth on and unrelated subject! hehehe
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
22-Jun-2020 23:04 Message #4784494
as you say bob, too many questions for me, i would be here all night !

but i will say todays problems stem from a lack of respect for the cops, due in large to the tree hugging lefties who have eroded the ability of the police to police effectively..."i know my rights, you cant do that, i,ll sue you" etc etc...and thats from a ten year old!

back to policing like it was in the 60/70s for me, especially when you see how some of the scum treat officers on progs like police interceptors, etc.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
23-Jun-2020 00:06 Message #4784506
Too many things favour the criminal.....

When they're caught, they'll do anything to wriggle free.....any excuse they can......One of the main reasons that Floyd got himself into the situation that he was in was because he was resisting arrest....making excuses not to get into the police car....trying to get free.....The officers tried to stop pinning him down.....The death wasn't intended.....The Police want criminals to face the justice system.....They don't want them dead before that happens....

Many people seem to overlook his awful crimes..although he's already served time for some.....The very act of holding a gun at a pregnant womans stomach should absolutely horrify the general public.....but it doesn't seem to horrify many at all.......It's more than sickening.....

How would anyone react if they were trying to hold an awkward suspect....someone who, if you give them an inch. would try anything to get away......

I wouldn't be surprised if people are put off joining the Police......They won't be able to do the job because of the kid gloves...Often force is needed.....and if you get what you deserve.....

But just me saying these things is going to alienate some.....If anyone disagrees with any of the things I've said...then please let us know how you would deal with situations like the Floyd one....or any criminal that was trying to escape...or trying to wriggle free...or any other scenario.....all in the heat of the moment as well.....Training can teach people a lot....but sometimes being in the thick of dangerous criminals.....isn't something that many would always get right....
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
23-Jun-2020 08:43 Message #4784520
I feel so sorry for the police, they are trying to do job, a dangerous job, with their hands tied behind their backs. They are held back all the time by red tape. The police are on the front line, they have to deal with the most terrible actions by criminals but they are not allowed to retaliate - what do people expect - kid gloves when some is trying to attack/murder you. After living fairly close to the current Reading murders, and the recent murder of a policeman who was driven at, and dragged along the road, my heart goes out to the police and their families. Sometimes too, they have to make a choice of how to apprehend a very dangerous person. Its not a cotton wool and kid gloves situation - it a question of who lives and who doesnt.

We appear to now be living in a situation of total disrespect of authority of any kind. Our traditional values, it would appear, have been diluted, and there could be many reasons for this........... ?????? .....
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
23-Jun-2020 12:07 Message #4784538
"as you say bob, too many questions for me, i would be here all night !"

Where else would you rather be? Yes, lots of questions....

"but i will say todays problems stem from a lack of respect for the cops, "

I'll agree. When I was a wee boy in the 90's, the police garnered respect. No you see wee boys chasing the police, giving them utter dogs abuse, one I saw on social media....

A wee ginger boy, about 6-7 maybe 8 years old, following the police down a street in Glasgow area, hurling constant abuse at them. One line made it famous, "See you! Yer maw is a poof!"

"due in large to the tree hugging lefties who have eroded the ability of the police to police effectively..."i know my rights, you cant do that, i,ll sue you" etc etc...and thats from a ten year old!"

I wouldn't know who was to blame, but we have both seen kids abuse the police, wonder how they will turn out as adults!
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
23-Jun-2020 12:25 Message #4784544
I think Victoriana and Tumble are on a similar, if not the same page...

I feel that when the police are in a life threatening situation, I certainly wouldn't be expecting them to use only approved methods of self defense, they may have learned in a safe classroom environment, many years previous. I think their human, because after all they are human, human instincts would kick in, and it would be about survival, rather than text book policing.

As Tumble mentioned, with the Floyd case, he was fully intent on not complying! What are they to do? Allow him to run away? With the other black who was shot down dead recently... resisted arrest, stole police officer taser..... and tried to use it on them. Got his self shot dead..... who is to blame for that? How the hell does the police officers get charged?

We see single "person" police unit out and about at night now.... single person? Are we bloody kidding!

What will the next recruitment campaign be like?

I've heard reports of police in the USA dropping like flies, as if the go into a dangerous situation with a black person, they resist or become violent, and the black ends up dead.... you are in deep shit! If it's a white you're ok though. How long before we see this here?

Blacks in London complaining about stop and search.... Yet on the headlines black teen kills black teen. Is bald men in their 30's were going around raping/stabbing/mugging people, I'd happily be profiled daily to help catch the ones who are doing it.

Another question for the masses.....

How much would they have to pay you, to suit up and police the streets? I'd be needing around £90k and a very decent pension.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
24-Jun-2020 17:20 Message #4784653
I will post a link to a discussion I listened to on one of my favourite Youtube channels discussing a similar topic to this.

It's a long video, but very good, if anyone is interested....

In the first 10-15 mins they show a traffic stop, two officers stop a black man, he wrestles with them, escapes and gets back to his car then opens fire on the two officers, I believe he his them both, before speeding away...

Link to follow!
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
24-Jun-2020 17:21 Message #4784654
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire
25-Jun-2020 14:37 Message #4784754
Once again it is the black people complaining about the violence towards their own. But that guy who got killed by a white police officer was doing drugs. I don’t know what actually happened but he was not as innocent as they make out he was. Anything to do with black people always cause a stir.

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