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What is one metre?

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connexkev  Male  East Sussex
22-Jun-2020 13:23 Message #4784427
Tomorrow the government is expected to announce that social distancing will become 1 metre instead of 2 as it is now.
I just worked it out that is 3 feet 3.37 inches. Going to have to work out the distance now when i got out tomorrow.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
22-Jun-2020 13:37 Message #4784428
Two meters is a tall person....So if a magician sawed the tall person in half.....then each half would be one meter.......So you could use one half to measure your distance...if the magician allowed you to.....and if they had actually done the sawing in half.....which I have a suspicion that they don't actually do it.....
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
22-Jun-2020 13:56 Message #4784431
Its NOT enough - I dont want people coughing & spluttering all over me. Leave it at 2 metre for the time being. The kissing can wait.
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands
22-Jun-2020 14:28 Message #4784436
Well, i have got an electric meter and a Gas meter so that'll be "Two Meters" so if i have one cut off that'll be "One Meter" ;-) ha ha ha

Andy Mac
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
22-Jun-2020 14:46 Message #4784442
If you wear a boxing glove and spin around in all directions if you hit anyone they were too close.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
22-Jun-2020 15:19 Message #4784443
If I had 3ft long arms, I would say that you need to keep them at arms length, but I am pretty sure that my arms are a lot shorter than that. But arms' length would seem like a good rule of thumb, if I'm not guilty of mixing my metaphors there.
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
22-Jun-2020 15:26 Message #4784446
Unless you have Marfan's Syndrome HoW...

I recall a spokesperson for the pubs saying on TV that the 2 metre rule meant they could only operate at a big loss - whilst 1 metre would at least allow nearer a breakeven situation.

These are clearly far from easy decisions to make unless we are all willing to allow the economy to go back 100 yrs or more.
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
22-Jun-2020 15:54 Message #4784451
Yes Minnie - at 6 feet 2 my arms are 28.5 inches to finger tip and my nose about 8 inches inboard of armpit - so an average female would be around 10% less and need to add 6 inches to arms length as a spacer.

That said some researchers say sneeze droplets can travel almost 30 feet in favourable wind conditions - though not many people are gonna be sneezing in a typical street. A one metre spacing with everyone wearing masks in public sounds pretty safe.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire
22-Jun-2020 16:27 Message #4784453
V ...

" ...Leave it at 2 metre for the time being. ..."

Try telling my grandson that! lol

He's had his Driving Test cancelled twice (the second time should have been today)
Can not go ahead until 2 metre rule is changed

Test centre are not taking any chances this time, instead of giving him a new date as they did the first time, he has now got to re-apply, but will be given priority.
brisinger  Male  Lancashire
22-Jun-2020 16:43 Message #4784454
I can't help but feel that none of them have the foggiest idea what they are up to. Up until about a week ago you weren't required to have face covering on public transport; then they decided it was necessary despite buses all ready having social distancing in place by only allowing certain seats to be used. Now after increasing safety measures on public transport they've decided to decrease safety measures in crowded places. It doesn't make sense.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
22-Jun-2020 16:59 Message #4784455
It's as far as you can stretch with straight arm to reach a pint, which the bar man can then put into your hand, without disturbing Covid that might be lurking. It's so the pubs can open.

Because I don't think the app. for ordering food/drinks that they're divising is going to work. Anymore than the track and trace rubbish they said would be world class is working.
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire
22-Jun-2020 18:21 Message #4784459
I would prefer the two metre rule to stay as people have become used to passing and queueing at that distance but one metre would work if people use common sense. That common sense thing again.
Everything is either experimental or a compromise as the only absolutely safe way would be to isolate every person in the country. It's obvious things have to be gradually relaxed. So far I have followed the guidelines with no problem as they have been straightforward enough but if it goes down to one metre I will still try to keep the two metre gap and will wear a face covering more often.
Topaz53  Female  Northamptonshire
22-Jun-2020 18:41 Message #4784462
It'll still be 2 metres for me....
You have to take some responsibility for your own safety
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
22-Jun-2020 18:50 Message #4784464
World Health Org. recommends 1 meter (3ft). Unless Covid is into pole vaulting I'd say 1 meter is perfectly safe. Our gov. likes to use fear. Therefore it is 2 meters. Fear makes the public do the work the gov. should be doing. We are extra vigilent, careful, nervous, scared, even paranoid and less likely to step out of line, and we will come out of this with little help from our illustrious, and the blundering, of the gov. will have less impact (my opinion of course).

Also WHO is being accused of pandering to China. Therefore very hard for Brit. gov. to swallow instructions from WHO. Same as the US. Enemy number one, US has withdrawn funds (substantial funds) to the WHO on that account, so stupid, because China will just step into the US's shoes.. Trump you got that one wrong.

MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
23-Jun-2020 08:45 Message #4784521
I would hesitate to reduce distancing to one metre although I understand it will help to get businesses back up and running. The government has a difficult job trying to do what is best for both businesses and the general public.

One man's metre is another man's 3 feet and a bit.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
23-Jun-2020 08:51 Message #4784523
Pubs in London are asking people NOT to go to the bar, to order, but use their phone Apps & with waitress service . I just thought, is it worth going to the pub . I would rather keep away, and drink at home if I needed it. I am not a pub person anyway
connexkev  Male  East Sussex
23-Jun-2020 09:33 Message #4784526
Wetherspoons have been doing the phone app for ages. If its a quiet or small pub it might be difficult as they wouldn't have the system in place.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
23-Jun-2020 09:52 Message #4784527
The government guidelines are similar to our speed limits. If you're in a 50 limit you don't have to travel at 50. You will take other traffic and road conditions into account and use common sense and personal judgements to decide what is legal and safe.
If the guidelines go down to 1 metre you will take pedestrian traffic, seating and crowd conditions into account and use common sense and personal judgements to decide what is right for you.
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex
23-Jun-2020 10:31 Message #4784528
Relying on people's common sense and personal judgment are the least reliable variables of all.
Because as we have seen constantly during the lock-down and now coming out of it a lot of people seem to think that the guidelines and rules don't apply to them and that their actions may impact adversely on others around them as "they're alright Jack and go do one", if you dare to challenge them.
We don't need people to e.g. "take pedestrian traffic, seating and crowd conditions into account and use common sense and personal judgements to decide what is right for you".

If there's anything we should have learnt to take away from our lock-down experience is that we should be more aware and look to "DECIDE WHAT IS RIGHT FOR ALL THOSE AROUND US"

From what I've experienced so far the selfish and inconsiderate behaviour has just been put on ice for 3 months. 2 or 1 meter is irrelevant as are pedestrian one-ways, keep lefts and arrows to follow & mask wearing because in general it seems people can't be arsed.
And it won't be any different when pubs open.

And any way a speed limit is exactly that. A limit not a target.
No, you don't have to travel at 50 in a 50 limit, but see how many drivers you P 'orf if they decide they can travel at that speed or above, when the majority around them don't. Won't stop them getting right up your chuff to force you over.
connexkev  Male  East Sussex
23-Jun-2020 16:30 Message #4784551
I was wrong about the social distancing rule being relaxed this week. Its going to be July 4th and its 1 metre plus.
Thats going to confuse a lot of people, they will either stick to the 2 metre distance or not bother in a lot of cases.
FirmButFair-TrollPatrol  Male  North Yorkshire
23-Jun-2020 17:39 Message #4784554
It is sad and almost laughable how easily confused people are saying they are. I don't believe them for one minute. I have been following the government guidelines from the start of lockdown and they couldn't have been clearer unless I have become super-intelligent and those around me have become idiots.

What can be confusing about a distancing of twp metres being reduced to one metre. Some might even say halved?

It's only a minimum distance. During the two metre rule I would do my best when out walking or in queues to keep more than two metres and when it is reduced I will continue to keep further away from others than the recommended minimum. It has been very easy because if I have seen a busy shop, long queue or narrow path then I have avoided them.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
23-Jun-2020 22:13 Message #4784596
The R number has not budged for several weeks. Staying just undr 1.

London, N. West and Midlands however is presently between 0.7/8 and 1.0. So I think Boris is taking a risk. To get the hospitality section going again he has to lower the distance to 1 metre. That's what he's done and crossed his fingers I expect.

According to the WHO 1 metre is the minimum and acceptable.
johnlock  Male  Essex
24-Jun-2020 10:07 Message #4784621
The Gov. must be aware that the public are getting fed up with all these regulations & as time goes on more & more people will simply ignore them & the police can't cope or aren't really interested in trying to determine where people are going & don't want to completely alienate the public.
Quiet BBQ's are allready happening & those with "home bars" have had friends over for a sociable evening or 3.

BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
24-Jun-2020 10:20 Message #4784622
Furlough payments cannot be maintained indefinitely - it has already cost as much as the annual Housing Benefit bill at around £28 billion.

That said I am sure Rishi has enough minions to crunch the numbers on the overall costs of TAXABLE furlough payments - versus TAX FREE benefit payments.

Bottom line is if we do not soon return to something much closer to a normal working level there will be too little tax collected to fund the baseline running costs of the nation. With over half of all UK households now being net takers from the Tax/Welfare system (even before Covid) that has significant ramifications for most households.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
24-Jun-2020 10:35 Message #4784627
As far as I'm aware....a lot of countries are queuing up to try and sue the pants off China....we are in the queue....

We want billions...or trillions....or willions...

Whether we get it or not....we'll have to wait and see.....but it may account for Rishis spending spree.....He hopefully knows something....that he can get it back...and more...

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