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Bad staff, wrong pricing, inferior goods etc.

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Sea  Female  Essex
21-Jun-2020 11:15 Message #4784305
Just thought to start a conversation where anybody can vent off their frustration at bad service and misleading pricing etc. Who would get your black mark and for what? Whenever something occurs just post it here, as a warning to others perhaps?
My black mark at the moment goes to Lidl. Yesterday was the final straw. They had all their special offers together as you enter, with large orange placards above. One of these said 'Jersey Royal Potatoes'. £1.19 written in small, crossed out and a huge 79p emblazoned very clearly. Yet on reaching the till with my Jersey Royals, I was charged £1.19. When queried, which took forever, they simply said it was the wrong potatoes under ticket but could not produce the correct ones. Staff really rude when I pointed out they should either remove sign or potatoes, so somebody else not caught out in the same way. But this isn't just a one off. The last time it was mangoes priced at 59p yet at till 99p and the time before that it was beetroots, can't remember price but more at till. It is every time I visit there is wrong pricing. Now if this happens in other supermarkets, they are always very apologetic and I am refunded the over charge and charged the ticket price but never in Lidl. I am beginning to wonder, if this is actually deliberate and they count on most people not checking their receipts?
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
21-Jun-2020 11:42 Message #4784312
Sea, always complain on line to the Head Office of the supermarket (whichever one it is)........ take my word for it... smiling

V x
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
21-Jun-2020 12:49 Message #4784324
I find the most annoying thing in supermarkets are the customers. Blocking aisles, not looking where they are going and chatting at the tills. M & S is better than others.
Supermarkets themselves I would give the thumbs down to Aldi except on price.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside
21-Jun-2020 14:04 Message #4784332
Not a gripe about supermarkets I think they have been amazing but some local shops have hiked prices up and not really obeyed social distance or hand hygiene rules
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
21-Jun-2020 16:04 Message #4784339
Supermarkets seem to be putting some prices up, but the full impact of covid 19 on prices, is not here yet.
For instance, some businesses are going to try and get the lost money back quickly.
Its an interesting market place, it will be different.
In lockdown, I had my hair clippers out. The barber I use is going to be much more expensive.
She put her new price list in the window recently. I think she wanted to get the shock factor out of the way, before opening.
Will higher prices mean she makes more money, or less money?
brisinger  Male  Lancashire
21-Jun-2020 18:44 Message #4784346
I don't like the way budget supermarkets mislead the consumer by comparing their own brand to a named product sold at major supermarkets. I've noticed that Tesco are fighting back on their adverts by making a point of comparing their own brand products to Aldi's own brand products.
In my opinion comparing a market leader product's price to their own brand is like comparing apples and oranges. I hate to say it but I think that Tesco have a point in the adverts by comparing 'own brand' to 'own brand'.
I miss MySupermarket website for price comparisons. Apps like supermarket Check-in are useful for finding out the queueing time before setting off. The closest I found to MySupermarket is C
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
21-Jun-2020 18:51 Message #4784348
I think Aldi try and be as good as or better than brands.

I'm fed up with Tescos, they stock is really inconsistent they start doing a range then stop doing it, then start again for a couple of weeks, its not just one type of product they do it with its loads of different ones. Thy're also really bad for stocking something and creating or responding to consumer demand then they stop selling it and do it in kits for a particular dish, like BBQ'd jackfruit for example, I like to make my own dishes and don't want a kit, nor do I want they're frozen nasty version of something. They seem to be poorer and poorer at selling ingredients, rather than kits or ready meals.

Our lidls are great and we're getting a new big one soon.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
21-Jun-2020 22:27 Message #4784368
lidl last week;

two tills open, customers queing at both.

then one till closes meaning that the remaining till goes from 5 to 8 people waiting, bloody senseless ;¬(

according to lidl h/o as soon as a till has 3 people waiting another till should be opened up.
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
22-Jun-2020 09:03 Message #4784396
All our supermarkets have been great, both national and local brands.

It has been the customers who have been rude, pushy and just plain ignorant.

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
22-Jun-2020 13:21 Message #4784426
Aldi also seem strange with their checkouts.....One closing...another opening...same one closing....another closing....etc etc......often all in the space of a few minutes it seems......There must be a system I suppose....but I can't figure out what it is....

And then when you get to be's like Usain Bolt taking on the worlds slowest man.....with them being Usain Bolt and me being the other one.....They're like lightening.......In the old days I might have taken them on....I used to like a challenge.....but not now.....I just pile the stuff anywhere to get out of the they can carry on being Usain.......even on the next checkout thing......if it's shut...although it'll probably open any minute...and then shut again.....

I'm sometimes still there 10 customers later.....still packing my stuff....
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
22-Jun-2020 19:01 Message #4784468
Its not supermarkets this time its amazon, another order lost in transit, thats the 2nd of two orders they've lost, when I tried to complain I got cut off, so I'll be back on to them tomorrow and put a rocket up their bums.
FirmButFair-TrollPatrol  Male  North Yorkshire
23-Jun-2020 17:49 Message #4784558
I do enjoy me gripes. I buy a bunch every week as they are very good for you.

wonderoushen. I think that placing of rockets is illegal.
Sea  Female  Essex
23-Jun-2020 22:41 Message #4784597
Vic, I took your advice and have emailed LIdl Head Office. Received a reply asking for my address, no apology, so will see. As long as they do not come hammering on my door, saying 'how dare you complain'.
Fosy, yes have also had the problem with tills. Can get in easy enough at end of day but then usually only one till open and at least half a dozen people queuing. Hence only rare visits and nothing has changed. Obviously unable to count to 3, so no wonder they are unable to calculate the difference between price tags and what is thrown up at the till. But I was just being fobbed off. I mean they were implying that there were two different bags of Jersey Royals, both priced at £1.19 but only one was reduced to 79p. And the £1.19 bags they had under the very large 79p price board were not the ones that had been reduced to 79p. Hmmm..... Always seem to be different staff there as well. But my small local Sainsbury's, you always see the same staff and they are always very friendly and helpful. I just find Lidl a vert stressful experience, as I hate confrontation and it just seems that every visit, that something is priced wrongly, even though I carefully check every price tag now to see that it corresponds with item underneath. I actually find Waitrose a much better shopping experience, as have never had to query anything there. They even give you a free newspaper to relax and put your feet up with afterwards, if you spend £10 that is.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire
23-Jun-2020 22:56 Message #4784600
The bloke on the PA system in Aldi, gets on my nerves, I don't mind the "Thanks for shopping at Aldi" bit, but when he says "Aldi, Every thing you want, Everything you need!"
That gets on my wassnames!! lol


That's why I have to go to Sainsbury's as well! lol.

NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
23-Jun-2020 23:26 Message #4784604
Aldi tend to have loud PA sysyems too.
I am shopping in a disinterested man shopping coma, and WHAM!
Someone is shouting at me.
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex
24-Jun-2020 09:00 Message #4784613
It's not just the German discounters that misplace products on the wrong shelf space.
I'm always seeing it in e.g. Sainsbury's (who also seem to be adept at not having any shelf edge prices), Tesco, Home Bargains et al.
Although I also think the Lidl practice of having the price above the shelf the product is on, can be confusing.
At the moment though, during the supply irregularities, it seems there's often empty spaces on shelves and with limited staff doing a multitude of tasks, they're being put under pressure to get what does come in off the delivery pallets out into the store as quickly as possible, before they get called back to the tills, and slip up's are bound to happen. Especially when they have such a quick turn around of weekly specials.
I've never had any issues in Lidl's or Aldi in getting a refund if I've been charged more for a product than I thought it was.
Tesco used to have a policy where if you got charged a price that was more than it should have been, they'd give you refund of double the amount and give you the product for free.
Those were the days !!!
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
24-Jun-2020 09:52 Message #4784620
I remember Tesco doing the double refund thing.....

As far as I'm aware Asda are still doing their £2 voucher with every refund......If you go to customer service queue and have the time to queue up and stuff.....They give you the refund and an Asda card with £2 on it.....Even if you are wanting a refund on an item priced at say 50p...and you were charged 60p.......

Joining the queue and going through the rigmarole for just 10p may not seem worth it....but the extra £2 voucher can make it feel like you've won the lottery or something.......You start telling everyone.....It's that exciting.....
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
28-Jun-2020 10:01 Message #4784992
I've noticed that my shopping is costing me more wherever I go. The choice of fresh green veg is low and broccoli seems to have doubled in price.

I went to Aldi twice but found their apples were bruised in the middle on both occasions so have gone back mainly to Sainsbury's. My nearest Sainsbury's which is a smaller one charges £3.50 for Cathedral City cheddar whilst at the larger branch it's £1 cheaper!I haven't tried the local Asda since lockdown as the aisles are very close together.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
28-Jun-2020 11:26 Message #4785004
what is it with aldi ?

on weds i bought toms [bb 30/06] and bananas.

as of yesterday the toms had withered and the nanas gone black and were thrown away.

they boast about how good and cheap their fruit and veg is but i find you have to be so careful what you they buy in a lower grade ???

do you get the same problems at other s/markets ?
Sea  Female  Essex
28-Jun-2020 11:36 Message #4785006
Hi Fosy,

I think Lidl is just as bad as Aldi for food going off quickly. A while back I bought some peaches in Lidl and they were all brown and off inside. Too much of an effort to go back and complain. I also bought some cougettes and a cucumber from them another time. Within a couple of days all going soft and slimy despite being in the fridge. I am sure their sell by dates are much later than they should be. To be fair though bananas do become ripe extra quick in the warm weather. If I start to see banana's getting ripe I put mine in the fridge. I find that in hot countries, they will keep bananas in a fridge also for this reason.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
28-Jun-2020 11:56 Message #4785008
glad its not just me having these problems, sea,...think i might try another s/market for fruit/veg and see how i get on, maybe sainsburys.
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands
28-Jun-2020 12:41 Message #4785013
I don’t have any problems with supermarkets at the moment mainly because i haven’t been in any since mid February but i have used our local shop and if the attitude of folk in there when i have been visiting is anything to go by then god help folk in the supermarkets, My son is doing my main shopping and when he delivers it i do ask him how he gets on, he says "he has had to queue a few time but nothing serious and once he in its been plain sailing and no problems.

Andy Mac
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
28-Jun-2020 12:53 Message #4785017
There's a whole process involving the ripening of supermarket bananas....other fruits as well....It's quite complex....involving asses and things....

Some of them probably cut money etc....

Vernon Kay used to work in a banana ripening place in was on an episode of Would I lie to you....
Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
28-Jun-2020 15:21 Message #4785031
I've found M&S to be the best supermarket followed by Waitrose in regards to quality, service and general shopping experience.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
28-Jun-2020 18:14 Message #4785054
Our Waitose has terrible quality fruit and veg, and the coop is even worse, morrisons stuff seems to be good. I think peaches often go off before they're properly ripe as they're picked to early.

Asses to ripen bananas, would the other things also be equine in nature?

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