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Have you discovered a tallent

interesting hobby?

leogirl  Female  Essex
22-May-2020 14:41 Message #4780534
I am looking forward to the very end of the lockdown when I can join a class/ club to learn more about flower arrangement .
My daughter and her husband sent me 2 most beautiful bouquets of flowers during the 3 months of loneliness . Each bouquet came each with instructions how to choose the right vase as well as how to arrange the flowers. the last bouquet is almost 2 weeks old as I look after the flowers and freshen the water and the stems.
Now I want to learn to be creative , choose lovely colour combinations . and textures. choose the right foliage etc. And, of course, learn the names of the unusual flowers.
I was never before very interested in bouquets and was happy enough with a bunch of tulips from the supermarket.

Have you discovered a talent or a new hobby during lock down???

leogirl. .
Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
22-May-2020 17:07 Message #4780549
A lot of people have spent weeks indoors or in the garden and there may be more to come so it was a good opportunity for anyone who wanted to study anything as it's all available online. Your bouquets sound very good leogirl although I am hopeless at matching colours or designs so not so useful to me.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
22-May-2020 17:50 Message #4780560
Also on the flowery line. Since lockdown I'm into planting a few things in the garden and will try to work out which are which.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
22-May-2020 22:48 Message #4780593
I've learned a lot about forensics by watching quite a few real life investigations.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
22-May-2020 23:04 Message #4780598
Nice hobby that one Hotty, the history of the subject is interesting too.
We can form a team, Hotty and Notty investigate.

Sorry I mean Notty and Hotty.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
22-May-2020 23:13 Message #4780600
Maybe start with a murder mystery weekend.
leogirl  Female  Essex
23-May-2020 00:38 Message #4780608
colonel Blink.
I got a couple of years painting lessons , this made me think about colours more.
tomorrow I may get some pale blue blooms and than ask for some young eucalyptus tree twigs. grey/ silvery blue and pale blue should be good,

LadyVera  Female  Cumbria
23-May-2020 08:24 Message #4780619
It sounds lovely leogirl.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
23-May-2020 10:00 Message #4780638
I thiink I'm just getting more into the hobbies I already have, I've gone gardening crazy, all the ornamental beds are being redesigned, plants will be moved and I will try and be more organised with my planting and do more for year round interest. Maybe I've been watching to much Chelsea Flower Show stuff? I don't know what I'll do when the garden's finished, move house and start again maybe? On the otherhand is a garden ever really finished?
RobM  Male  Essex
23-May-2020 10:18 Message #4780643
Friend of mine has given me some tomato seeds, varieties I didn't know existed!

Black cherry, Ukranian Purple for example. Problem is, she got all the seeds mixed up so I haven't a clue what they'll be!

Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
23-May-2020 12:02 Message #4780670
Well it's not exactly a hobby, but first thing I have to do when this Covid invasion is over is jump on a plane and go to Vienna. Also Ireland, maybe Ireland first. Meet my musician friend so I can use his piano, before I even forget how. New hobby during pandemic, has been more adventurous cooking I think.
Topaz53  Female  Northamptonshire
23-May-2020 13:41 Message #4780698
I bought or had loads of craft stuff, 3 books etc.

Did a bit of craft work when cold and wet, haven't even picked up the books.

Now the good weather is here it's
Picnics , walks, back to nature and enjoying all that is beautiful around me that passed me by before.

I'm out most days walking or driving in the countryside, feeding horses, listening to the birds, seeing new life being born and realising that life goes on and how lucky I am.

Leogirl...some fantastic foliage around.
I now know where to find the best ivy, laurel and you can also use twisted willow in your flower displays...or any interesting twigs etc
Walking around I've memorized all the places to forrage.
Learning how to do displays is very rewarding and enjoyable.
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
24-May-2020 10:04 Message #4780833
I've been joining in with some journaling workshops. I'm enjoying mixing with different people albeit on line and doing some work on myself. It's not always easy topics but as we end with a guided visualisation its a nice relaxing end to the evening.
Wandering4fun  Male  North Yorkshire
24-May-2020 14:11 Message #4780881
You can put your abilities to good use on here twinkle2.

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