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Pepper the cat plays

softball with a difference

Aely  Female  Hampshire
21-May-2020 17:45 Message #4780425
I came downstairs about midnight last night to get a glass of squash. Pepper, my cat, came in through the flap and I could hear him going nuts in the hallway. When I checked, he was having a mad game of paw-ball. I was trying to see what ball he was using - it wasn't his usually preferred ping-pong ball.

It was a MOUSE! The little critter had the sense to roll in a tight ball - and Pepper loves playing footie!. Being the cat he is, he didn't protest when I put a firm hand on him and shut him in the living room. The mouse seemed undamaged and I managed to shepherd it towards the front door and safety.

When I let Pepper out from the living room he was happy to play with his catnip mouse instead, after a good sniff round. That was one lucky mouse!
Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
21-May-2020 20:06 Message #4780441
I'm often surprised how a burly cat with sharp claws and pointed teeth can play with a moth, bird or mouse without actually harming it. Unless it wants to of course.
Aely  Female  Hampshire
21-May-2020 21:47 Message #4780450
He brought in a goldfinch one Christmas. He came into the living room with its head sticking out the side of his mouth and let it go. It flew up and tried perching on the Christmas decorations but they were too wobbly so it settled on my computer monitor and started preening. It was a week or so after I had re-homed my budgie because I didn't think it was safe with a young cat around.

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