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does anyone know how...

i can find out what was flying in the night sky ?

fosy  Male  Leicestershire
21-May-2020 11:19 Message #4780390
last night at about 11.15pm i was calling the dog in when i noticed some aircraft lights in the distance.

my first thought was that the police were on the hunt for ner do wells, but after watching it for a few minutes i never saw it use the "sun" light, and then i noticed there were two of them flying around.

they used the same "circuit" and never deviated from that sector of the sky, flying low level all the time.
because of the distance and prevailing wind there was no noise to be heard.
there are no active airports in that area.

at about 12.30am i was shutting up for the night, had another look, and they were still at it !

and no, i dont think they were ufo,s !
and no, i hadnt been on the pop !

any ideas anyone ?
Beach  Male  Dorset
21-May-2020 11:25 Message #4780391
Could they have been drones? (Recreational ones made by DJI or similar).
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
21-May-2020 11:29 Message #4780392
Our local news online....Gloucesterlive around here......sometimes gives info of what was flying around.....and the reasons.....

Not all the time.....and also what you saw may not be connected with their information....

I saw and heard a helicopter the other day...from about 5 in the morning for a few hours.......There was then a description online of a helicopter looking for a missing adult didn't say if he was up to no good.....The incident may have not been connected.....
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
21-May-2020 12:23 Message #4780397
thats a thought beach, but who would be flying recreational ones at that time of the night/morning ?
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
21-May-2020 12:24 Message #4780398
I use the brilliant flight radar 24 for all my plane tracking, but I'm not sure if you can go back in time unless you know of a commercial flight that was flying over your area at the time. They track aircraft, gliders and even weather balloons.
Other than that I would suggest looking on the internet and social media because if you spotted it, I'm sure someone else did too and they might have told the world about it on facebook or twitter....
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
21-May-2020 12:26 Message #4780399
not quite sure what you mean tumbled, i cant see Gloucestershirelive covering this area ?
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
21-May-2020 12:29 Message #4780400
No fosy......around here it's Gloucestershirelive......around your way it'll be your local one.....perhaps Leicesterlive or something....
Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
21-May-2020 13:34 Message #4780410
The best place to find out anything which has happened locally is on a Facebook Local town page. Most towns have their own page. It will probably have photos or videos taken on phones too.

Of course you need Facebook for that.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
21-May-2020 18:50 Message #4780431
Could it of been military doing night flying exercises?
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
21-May-2020 22:37 Message #4780453
it could have been, all possibilities are still on the table.

i will check social media tomorrow.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
21-May-2020 23:27 Message #4780454
Laser show?
Would explain being in same place for over an hour.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
22-May-2020 07:30 Message #4780461
There've been a few helicopters (at different times, night and day) flying around here lately, not police or military or rescue; sometimes they're too far away to hear but their lights can be seen. A friend and I suspect they have been filming for some reason, perhaps news or film?
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
22-May-2020 23:46 Message #4780607
thanks for the replies, the jury is still out.
nothing on facebook.

spoke to a neighbour, an ex cop, about contacting airports to see what they know...he said without hesitation that they wont comment in case its a complaint !

maybe if i see them again i will have a drive out, just to put it to bed.
Declan  Male  Cheshire
23-May-2020 01:43 Message #4780609
Probably not the answer but the most impressive thing in the sky at the moment is the International Space Station. Look online at the times it will be visible. It is visible throughout the end of May.

The timing does coincide with what you said but the ISS travels in a straight line. It passes generally from West to East and takes up to 6 minutes to cover the sky. In six mins it travels about 1,370 miles.

It was very visible tonight at 22:05 to 22:11 and 23:42 to 23:47

Saturday - 22.54 to 22:50
Sunday - 22:07 to 22:13 and 23:43 to 23:47

Saturday and Sunday early one will be the best as it will pass at its highest and almost overhead.

26th, 28th and 30th are also good nights but it is lower in the sky so will not stand out as much against the sunset glow still in the sky.

I only know this because my lockdown walkabout is usually late at night in the open countryside :)

Helper icon Helper
PrincessFruitBat  Female  Essex
23-May-2020 11:22 Message #4780653
Declan, I too was wondering if it was the ISS.
Thanks for those timings, I’ll look out for it and hope for clear skies.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
23-May-2020 11:25 Message #4780654
I was thinking either the ISS or starlink satellites but then neither goes round in circles.....
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
23-May-2020 12:25 Message #4780674
as a youngster my hobby was astronomy so i was/am aware of most things that are flying around.

my first encounter with the iss was back in 2001, i was driving an ambulance along a dark country lane [sounds like the start of a film ;¬)] and suddenly i noticed a bright, lowish light heading in my direction and couldnt make out what it was.
because i had taken my eyes off the road and was totally transfixed on the sky i nearly had a collision with an oncoming vehicle...lesson learned.

the lights i watched were two red flashing lights per craft.

if i was standing on a clock face then the sector these lights were flying in would be between 10 past and 20 past, east.
Topaz53  Female  Northamptonshire
23-May-2020 19:53 Message #4780754
E.T on his holiday ;)
Beach  Male  Dorset
23-May-2020 20:43 Message #4780757
Red LEDs?

Sounds like a DJI Phantom drone, Fosy.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
23-May-2020 22:54 Message #4780778

i would like to be able to agree with you, but if you assume the horizon is 3-5mls away, then these craft are quite large...are recreational drones as big as choppers ?

also, what is the flight time of recreational drones without "refuelling" it measured in hours ?

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