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What foods have you never tried

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Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
19-May-2020 17:25 Message #4780252
I have never tried fish fingers. In fact, rarely have I had much in the way of processed food during my life. I lived on a farm for first 12 years, so we always had fresh everything.A tin of peaches was wonderful to me then.When a teenager, I was discouraged from eating anything that wasnt healthy. Sweets were on ration till I was about 12. The first things I remember , which were processed, were some kind of Vesta curry meal in a box.It was .....ok but I didnt ask for it again. I remember having a thing called a Wimpy and a Wispie in a Wimpy Bar cafe, when I started Uni, it must have been the early form of Mcdonald. I never had a Mcdonalds till I was in my 50's..... I thought they were wonderful & I must have had about 1 every 2 months since then. Not many really .

I am now thinking about trying fish fingers, but how do you have them - in a sandwich ? with chips ? with beans ? in a roll? just on their own. And any particular brand do you recommend.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
19-May-2020 18:44 Message #4780256
I used to like fishfinger samdwiches with tartare sauce with white bread, its grossly wonderful and not to unhealthy, just make sure you get cod or haddock fillet ones and not omega 3 rich ones which could be anything.

Theres lots of game that I've never had, partridge or grouse and I've always been squeemish about fish, never had squid or octopus and frankly I don't think I ever want too.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
19-May-2020 20:42 Message #4780266
I didnt have octopus till recently - it was battered Calamari rings - was quite nice but I wouldnt go overboard for it.
Bewildered  Female  Norfolk
19-May-2020 21:34 Message #4780269
Covid fried bat
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex
19-May-2020 22:05 Message #4780275
If you're going to try fish fingers V don't go cheap.
You need to get cod fish fingers otherwise they'll just be pollock (that's the fish not a typo).
If you're going traditional it'll have to be white bread, but any will do.
I grill mine, usually 4, so when you cut the sarnie in half you get 2 in each part.
And I have tomato ketchup in mine. But I'm also partial to a bit of horseradish sauce with fish so often have that too.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
19-May-2020 22:29 Message #4780278
fish finger and fried egg sarnie...messy but delish...

as has been said, only go for cod fillet f/f, and avoid the minced f/f that are made from all the left over bits.
FirmButFair-TrollPatrol  Male  North Yorkshire
19-May-2020 22:52 Message #4780280
Octopus. Squid. Oysters. Snails. They all look far too disgusting to try.
Sea  Female  Essex
19-May-2020 23:21 Message #4780284
Never tried snails and don't intend to or insects of any kind. I have had fish fingers. I used to like good quality haddock ones, although a while since had any. Mainly when my children were much younger (so a very long time ago) and would have them occasionally with chips and peas.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
20-May-2020 05:04 Message #4780286
As has been said already.....the Cod or Haddock fish fingers are the best.....but usually more anything with Cod or Haddock...

Pollock is the general 'substitute'....with the Cod shortage of the last quite a few years......Some pollock things can be ok....but it is the cheap 'alternative'

The breadcrumb coating plays a big part also......and also the way that you cook them....

Birdseye coating is good....Usually Birdseye are good at a lot of things....and I find Asda and Aldi good too....

The most can ruin them.....burn them....dry them out....etc...I usually grill mine....either normal grill or George Foreman ( I had to get boxing in there, didn't I.? ) can fry them....

Then the big do you eat them?....We all probably have our own ways.....My two favourite ways are....

Half a slice of bread per fish finger.....bread buttered.....ketchup'd ( with your favourite ketchup....another thread for that )....then fish finger in the bread...wrap the bread round a bit....and go....


Serve with some decent mashed potato......( again, probably another thread...but I prefer a really good instant....Idahoan is my current favourite ).......add spring onions to mash to make the old Irish favourite 'Champ' much butter that won't kill you...parsley sauce as well if you want.....One of the best quick 'fish pies' ever......

and there you have it.....

Some things I've never tried......Squid Ink, Caviar, Sweatbreads, Tripe ( although I may have done once when I was a kid )
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
20-May-2020 08:09 Message #4780288
Now I am going to have to don the mask & gloves again and go to Aldi for F/fingers with my 12-daily shop. Thanks for the info folks. Sounds weird but I am quite looking forward to it.

BTW, sweetbreads are very nice, dipped in egg and garlic breadcrumbes, then deep fried.

I also tried frozen Mash potatoes a few months back, they are great.You just use the amount you want, M/w 4-7 mins according to amount, I add butter, mustard, garlic granules - yummy.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
20-May-2020 08:25 Message #4780291
I used to go to a friends house and his mum always made chip and fishfinger butties.
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex
20-May-2020 10:47 Message #4780313
As far as food goes though I haven't tried escargot, to me they're a bit like whelks which I don't like although I eat almost all other seafood/shellfish.
Haven't had tripe or lights although I don't mind other offal, and have tried some local delicacies when travelling like guinea pig when in Puno (squeak, squeak).
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
20-May-2020 12:06 Message #4780320
ive had frogs legs and snails, the latter tasting very "earthy".
NoSaint  Female  Devon
20-May-2020 12:08 Message #4780321
Escargot tastes like snails to me.

vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire
20-May-2020 13:13 Message #4780323
Never had anything Chinese, Indian, Turkish, Spanish, Mexican, etc, although I visit a kebab shop regularly I only ever have a burger.
I have tried some suspect 'party' food, but if it contained some unknown filling one bite was all I had!
Never had lasagne or any of some of the other foreign stuff that is cooked up by some MSE members!
Have tried spaghetti about forty years ago, but wasn't keen, not had it since, although there's a tin in the back of the cupboard that I bought years ago, thought I might try, but haven't got round to it yet! lol.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire
20-May-2020 13:28 Message #4780324
Out of curiosity I just checked date on tin of spaghetti in the cupboard, it's actually Spaghetti Bolognaise 'Tesco' brand, whatever was I thinking of!!! lol. Best before Oct 2012.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
20-May-2020 20:22 Message #4780341
Vanners, its most probably Ok but, as its 8 years old, I think it would be best to give to the birds. Its so easy to make a spag bol, why dont you try it. You could put some in the freezer too. Those tins of stuff dont taste a bit lkike a real spag bol
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
20-May-2020 20:28 Message #4780344
I was watching some old Michael Barrymore clips earlier......He was good with old people and kids.....funny......not so good with swimming pools though.... of the contestants said that they didn't like foreign food.....but they love Spaghetti it's British....
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
20-May-2020 21:22 Message #4780349
You can get jumbo fishfingers, make sure they are made with real fish fillet. I quite like them with a baked potato and iceberg/Italian salad, and the salad has olives.

Don't especially like escargots, don't really taste of anything, and usually smothered in garlic herby butter, which makes it ok. Had frogs legs, you'd never know they were frogs legs. Never had octopus, had sheeps brain! when I lived in the middle east, it's not so bad if you don't know what it is..
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
20-May-2020 21:28 Message #4780350
The thing about the jumbo ones.....I'm never sure which part of the elephant they use.....
leogirl  Female  Essex
21-May-2020 00:16 Message #4780355
some foods I tried , but I will NEVER eat again Tripe , some grey concoction made of bovine or pigs brains and raisins... blood- pudding, squid , kidneys and oysters .

I like peanut-butter sandwiches with raspberryjam on top and blue cheese and chunky marmalade on crackers. And raw green herring with chopped onions on white bread or rye bread - so popular in the Netherlands. Plump white asparagus with butter and seasalt together with ham on the bone and new boiled potatoes... ( drink a good dry white wine with it to make it super delish! )
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire
21-May-2020 08:13 Message #4780356
Is haggis made with tripe? What are lights?

There were a lot of foods my parents talked about which were very cheap after the war but luckily my meals were very ordinary. I've stayed with traditional foods so there are lots of things I've never tried.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
21-May-2020 08:31 Message #4780357
I'm not sure if some of the stomach part of haggis is the same type of stomach part of tripe.....

Tripe is white and thick and weirdy looking, with that kind of 'inside of stomach' look about it.. ......I think the haggis stomach stuff is only a thin casing to put all the other offally stuff in....

Enjoy your breakfasts everyone.....
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
21-May-2020 08:49 Message #4780361
I'm with vanman on what I haven't's only a few years ago I started to eat omelettes, always thought they were some foreign stuff up until then.

I'm supposed to now be doing some 'mediteranean' diet....damn fish, I'm sick of the sight of it!
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire
21-May-2020 09:54 Message #4780375
Your one up on me there terry, i've never had an omelette, must be foreign, spelt like that! lol.

Also, whats all this going crazy about Kale in the last few years!?

When I were a lad, Kale was grown as Cattle Food!

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