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Sunday Hugs

Come and get them

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
17-May-2020 09:54 Message #4779996
Good morning fellow huggers,

Another week of lockdown has passed, restrictions may have eased a bit but have they made any difference to you? My eldest son decided to pop over with my youngest grandchild to bring me some tomato plants as they overwhelming success with the seeds they planted. It was so nice to see them but more so to be able to talk to a real person :)

The weather here is currently light grey, it's bright but no sunshine yet with the forecast of it being warm. Do you have plans for today? Is it just me or would anyone else like some rain? My lawn and flower beds are starting to crack as it's becoming so dry again.

Have a good Sunday, stay safe and well.

(((HUGS))) (((HUGS)))
Keithagain  Male  South Yorkshire
17-May-2020 10:15 Message #4779999
Hello Twinkle and all Sunday huggers...

The weather is certainly improving and it is forecast to carry on improving till Wensday when it reaches 25c.
Yesterday I planted out the February seedlings but kept the April one`s indoors. The zinnia has gone, and it had started out so well, and the gazanias were also showing well but now are decidely unwell! I haven`t yet decided whether to try again but it seems I let them outdoors much to early.
I photo the February seedlings in their new bed and also took one of the foxgloves. The place where the sunflowers are are not showing, I`ll take another one showing the sunflowers and another one showing the sunflowers in pots.
One thing that I did notice is that the pictures now have a limit of 16 mb, I think it was previosly 4 mb. He probably did that quite recently.

hugs hugs hugs
contender  Male  Leicestershire
17-May-2020 10:22 Message #4780001
Morning twinkle

Hows life with you?

I feel that as the days progress we are gaining our freedom to do things, and hopefully in my case I can go back to sailing. The Lockdown has had a serious repercussions on so many events and now where possible these cancelled events will have to be run within the remainder of the year? Other can't be , but that's life I suppose?

Yesterday spent about 7 hours cutting some wood that I gained recently, then further reducing by chopping in readiness for Winter. Just got a few more to do, but my leave that until later in the week.

Probably pop in to town to get some new saw blades, and perhaps fill the tank on the car as I understand that the price per litre has significantly dropped.


(()Hugs to All)))
Topaz53  Female  Northamptonshire
17-May-2020 10:23 Message #4780002
Morning Twinks and Sunday huggers.

Sun just peeping through now, hopefully a little warmer than yesterday.

Changes in lockdown hasn't really made much difference to me as I've been getting out and about with ease anyway as I shop for my sister and friend and as I'm then in a different town I choose to walk around the boating lake there and have taken pleasure watching the baby gosslings gradually getting bigger and new ones being born.

I am now taking our 2 adults with
LD who have been isolated for weeks, on short walks, whilst maintaining safe distance.

Seen family through the window, so apart from the no contact and not being able to see a couple of friends who live out of county,
My life has only been "different".
I see my pregnant granddaughter and greatgranddaughter on video call, but won't be able to physically see or hold my new greatgrandson when he arrives, but......
we're all healthy, so yes, all's well.

Baking scones to take to both adults with LD today and take them for some fresh air.
Later a good walk in the country.

((((Hugs to all ))))
Keithagain  Male  South Yorkshire
17-May-2020 10:28 Message #4780004
It was 12 mb, not 16.
I`ve shown the picture of the sunflowers at the front and round the back in their pots. Plus, where they are intended to go! It`s quite difficult as the soil is so dry so I`m watering it too make it easier.
Just in case anybody is interested!

Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
17-May-2020 10:37 Message #4780006
Good morning Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers

Another week passed and all is well with us.

Been having several Virtual Parade Nights with the cadets over the last 5 weeks, trying to keep them interested and progressing towards their next award.

My garden is blooming, just got to keep on top of the weeding and watering.

Hugs to all

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
17-May-2020 10:43 Message #4780007
Hello Keithagain,

The sun is just starting to shine as I type :) My veg plants are still under an assortment of plastic pots and boxes due to the low temperatures at night. I might let them out today as one of them is almost out of the top of the milk carton. There have been some very low temperatures overnight. My foxglove has self seeded although it looks as if I've lost one of my delphiniums :( Perhaps the increase in temperatures will help your gazanias?

Stay safe (((HUGS)))
AndyMacG  Male  the West Midlands
17-May-2020 10:45 Message #4780008
Good morning Twinkle and all you Sunday huggers,

A fine start to the day here in the West Midlands, dry, bright and noticeably warmer, what a shame i’m still self isolating or i could have maybe gone somewhere nice and quiet, lol

I know that feeling of yours Twinkle as Saturday is the only day i get to actually talk to a real person also when my son brings my weekly shopping round.

Have a great day and week ahead everyone but remember to stay safe, Sunday hugs to you all :)

(((Hugs))) (((Hugs))) )))Hugs((( (((Hugs))) (((Hugs)))

Andy Mac
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
17-May-2020 10:52 Message #4780011
Good morning contender,

Life is pretty routine.

I would think sailing would be quite achievable as you sail solo in the main. It's going to be a great year next years with all the things that have been deferred until then isn't it?

7 hours cutting wood sounds an awful lot of wood and time. Pace yourself!

Was I the only person who filled my car up just before lockdown with expensive petrol? It's at least 10p a litre cheaper now.

Stay safe (((HUGS)))
leogirl  Female  Essex
17-May-2020 11:02 Message #4780014
hello Twinkle and all Sunday huggers {{{HUGS}}}

Was up early this morning as I went to bed yesterday before 9. I was just mentally exhausted.
Had my breakfast on my patio , the washing outside drying in the sun . the pot plants seen to, my lovely bouquet of flowers refreshed .

The new rules about the Lock-down has been a difference for me. I am speaking more to people I meet on walks _ from a distance of course- and my daughter who brings me the shopping has stayed for coffee and a talk in the garden . She brought me some tomato plants and some pumpkin plants.
we speak on Portal per video , but it is not the same than seeing her .

My friend was told to lock down till June . she is longing to meet up for a coffee and a chat , but has to go by car to see me. I am not sure what the rules are. She does her own shopping, which is more likely to transfer infection I believe.
I am off for a walk in the fields , but want to explore a new route . I shall invite a friend for a cup of tea in the garden if she feels o.k. to do so and later in the afternoon water my garden as it needs a good soaking!

My supper will be beef Bourguignon , followed by a strawberry mouse with ice cream .
Stay well and safe , but make the most of a glorious day !

Hugs to all.
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
17-May-2020 11:06 Message #4780016
Hello Topas53,

It sounds as if you are having a lovely time walking by the boating lake and appreciating nature. I expect the two adults you are taking with you also enjoy the walks.

I hadn't seen any of my family until last week. No video calls and only one phone call with my eldest son, everything else has been via WatsApp.

Enjoy your scones and sunshine.

Stay safe (((HUGS)))
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
17-May-2020 11:07 Message #4780017
Keithagain, I'm not sure your pictures are showing yet.
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
17-May-2020 11:10 Message #4780019
Hello Pboro Treor,

Where would we be without modern technology? It's good for the cadets that they're not missing out and are still able to progress.

My garden is blooming but not with the things I want to bloom :( A lovely splash of colour from the self seeded Aquilegia and forget me nots. The creeping buttercup are steadily invading :(

Stay safe (((HUGS)))
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
17-May-2020 11:15 Message #4780020
Hello AndyMacG,

Hopefully you're somewhere nice and quiet, but I guess you means somewhere different outside.

Work feels a bit like isolating but in a different place Andy, although I do talk to the girl in the office from a safe distance and one or two others sometimes.

Stay safe (((HUGS)))

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
17-May-2020 11:24 Message #4780024
Hello leogirl,

I've been going to bed later although I have been waking up at 5am zzzzz but going back to sleep again. It sounds as if you have made the most of your time unlike me.

It does make a difference to be able to speak to 'real' people doesn't it? As long as you're sensible that is. I know when I was doing my walks a few weeks ago some people would do the distance jig to keep away while others just moved slightly to one side and passed but almost all of them said hello. I expect you enjoyed your chat with your daughter in person.

If your friend has been told to lockdown tll June sounds as if she is in the isolation group, high risk, although if that's te case she shouldn't be doing her shopping :( Enjoy your exploration today, don't forget your phone.

What time is supper, I'll be round :)

Stay safe (((HUGS)))
Keithagain  Male  South Yorkshire
17-May-2020 11:35 Message #4780025
Hello Twinkle

They are showing online. They are the end photos of the one entitled October 2019.

Phoenixnights  Female  Nottinghamshire
17-May-2020 14:04 Message #4780038
Hi Twinkle and Sunday Huggers,

I cant say the changes have affected me as yet although its nice to know that exercising more than once a day is ok. My best friend is high risk so goodness knows when I will get to see her but we chat everyday on the phone so that will have to suffice for a while,

I've cleaned , gardened, painted , walked dog all week so am having a day off today eating, reading and watching tv. Although avoiding the News as it sure to stress you out if your werent already !

I wonder when I will get to see my sister in Italy again? Probably next year I expect. Although we have all come through it unscathed so far so thats a huge plus. Visiting in person can wait.

Hugs to you all.
elrond  Male  the Highlands and Islands of Scotland
17-May-2020 15:55 Message #4780040
hi twinkle hugsss
no chance of ground drying out here, seems to rain every day

(((hugs))) to all
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
17-May-2020 20:47 Message #4780063
Hellp Phoenixnights,

It sounds as if you have had a busy week so I hope you enjoyed your day off. I have seen that Tui is intending to start flying to Spain this summer so you may be able to see your sister sooner than you think. As you rightly say, it's more iportant that we're safe. I'm not sure I'd want to jump on a plane this summer.

Stay safe (((HUGS)))
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
17-May-2020 20:48 Message #4780064
Hello elrond,

Can we swap please?

Stay safe, (((HUGS)))
Sea  Female  Essex
17-May-2020 22:27 Message #4780076
Good Evening Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers,
It turned out lovely and sunny here today, but actually been busy as decided to turn out my understairs cupboard in the kitchen and painted the bare brick walls inside white. Hoping to turn it into a kind of larder cupbard, with storage for camping gear etc. and shoes out of sight to the side of opening. As to easing of lockkdown it hasn't really effected much, as always excercised for two to four hours anyway, so don't really need to go out again for unlimited times. I have always felt very safe when out in the fresh air, as hardly see anyone and topping up my vitimin D. They are still so many places I cannot visit though, such as garden centres and DIY places. They may be open but would not wish to join the very long queues I have seen. I am very cautious and just feel there is so much more of a risk if in long queues, because then there will also be long queues to check outs also that are in confined spaces. I only go shopping as rare as possible and then 7pm ish when I can walk in and out, without and queuing. And then I always wear a mask and gloves. I did meet up with one of my daughters on Saturday though which was good. We went for a nice walk with grandchildren on their bikes and then went back and sat in her garden for a bit, self distancing. Hope everyone has had a lovely Sunday.
Very warm (((hugs))) from me.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
19-May-2020 17:59 Message #4780254
Its now Tuesday (I think) I must have lost Sunday. Although the lockdown is not worrying me too much, as I always have so much to do, I do miss the Cb sales and auctions. We dont see too much of each other apart from meal times as he is always working up in the barn on some project & I seem to be concentrating on packing & decluttering for when we move..... still waiting for the p/permission , which is now very stressful.

No sure if I will need to join AA or see a psychiatrist after this pandemic.

The garden is so dry and I cant keep up with the watering and weeding. The chap that comes once a week for the garden is on lockdown so I have so much more to do. Himself is mowing all the lawns, he has a ride on but there are also lots of hedges, We also have the garden at the new place to keep down as well. We have cuts lots of trees and cleared lots of rotten un dergrowth but at the moment, its a losing battle. We cant get anyone else to do it cos of the lockdown...... but there's a lot of peeps worse off than us. so we must not complain.

Leah - our G/shepherd is really feeling the heat today.

Hope everyone is well & taking care

(((hugs))) V x

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