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tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
5-Apr-2020 11:47 Message #4775364
Back in the 60's......the Corona van used to come round.....Full of pop.....

This started my love of fizzy drink....which has carried on ever since.....Nowadays, with no alcohol allowed in my diet, i still love non alcoholic fizzy variety of course....

Back in the days though....when it was the Corona van......I'm sure I used to think 'Corona will be the death of me......but what a way to go.....Full of pop'.....

Who'd have thought, all these years later, that Corona could still be the death of me.....A different one though...

Anyway, using my new found Nostradamus predicting kit....Tumbledamus.....

I predict......

The Environment is getting better.....

There's less knife crime around.....and less gang crime in general.....

ok, I'm starting off with some easy ones......I don't want to let Tumbledamus go to my head.....

What do you predict?...
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
5-Apr-2020 11:51 Message #4775365
lots of skint people and a massive rise in homelessness,
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
5-Apr-2020 13:46 Message #4775386
I predict michaelt will make another post about thick people in the UK.

Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
5-Apr-2020 17:05 Message #4775408
What was that little glass ball for, in the stopper end of the Corona bottle.

BTW I wasnt allowed Corona when the van came round. My mother used to say "only common people drank it" what was that all about then ??


V x
brisinger  Male  Lancashire
5-Apr-2020 18:39 Message #4775434
As I remember it was a different strain called...

Corona Fizzical ;-)
Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire
5-Apr-2020 18:42 Message #4775435
Poppydamus predicts :-
1. Many arguments and assaults during the lockdown
2. Many divorces after the lockdown.
3. Many Christmas and Spring babies.
brisinger  Male  Lancashire
5-Apr-2020 18:43 Message #4775436
Wasn't there an Ad designed for you in mind with a boxing match Tumbles? ;-)
Jeff  Male  East Sussex
5-Apr-2020 21:11 Message #4775447
Nostradamus wrote very vague quatrains in middle French. I've just written one (in English!) about Coronavirus COVID-19, but which could predict many things in the future.

The world will see a tiny agent
That some leaders will minimise,
But will cause a huge engagement
Leading giants to their demise.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
5-Apr-2020 21:25 Message #4775454
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
5-Apr-2020 22:10 Message #4775457
A lot of debt, a lot of recriminations, Rees Mogg and a few others making millions more profit.

No change really
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
6-Apr-2020 16:42 Message #4775544
Spam is getting less......Not the tinned stuff.....although that is probably getting less at the moment as well...

Mexicans aren't coming as I know that only probably applies to the USA.....but we all have our equivalent....

On the same subject.....any illegal immigrants are probably finding it a bit harder to illegally immigrate....

Dodgy phone calls from dodgy Indian call centres aren't happening.........

There's a lot of good things coming out of all this crisis......I still don't know whether the virus deaths have replaced the flu deaths......Virus info and stats are freely available for ever country....updated daily.......Flu stats are never mentioned.........If the deaths have just replaced the flu deaths......then the world is having a good old sort out....without an increase in deaths worldwide
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
6-Apr-2020 17:00 Message #4775545
A lot of debt, a lot of recriminations, Corbyn, Harman, LORD Watts, Milliband, Thornberry, LORD Faulkner and SIR Keim Starmer and a few others making millions more profit of the backs of the poor Tories, labourites and others

It’s ok terry I’m just kidding - being a bit silly and bitter.
Topaz53  Female  Northamptonshire
6-Apr-2020 17:02 Message #4775546
Not getting off subject, but kind of, I suppose,
(Tumbled to blame, of course.)
We used to have a van come round selling fizzy pop called Alpine...
Really bright coloured liquid probably full of e numbers.
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
6-Apr-2020 17:42 Message #4775551
Tumbled - I am sure it will take many months at the very least before we truly have any idea as to whether CV deaths can in any way be segregated from flu deaths - and a core point from today's press conference was around the fact that it can take many weeks for deaths to be registered/collated.

Likewise medical professionals will be asking the same question as yourself as to whether there is any overlap - as in dying with CV rather than solely due to CV. A third strand is the extra mortality from non CV causes per se - due to restricted access to NHS services

What seems to be missing from today's briefing is the home deaths from CV which we were promised last week.

capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
7-Apr-2020 11:01 Message #4775646
We used to have a van come round selling fizzy pop called Alpine...
Really bright coloured liquid probably full of e numbers.

the soda stream put an end to that in our house, :)
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
8-Apr-2020 20:07 Message #4775986
My prediction was michaelt will post about the UK population being thick.

It is true, he posted on 8th April about a politically uneducated UK population!

Clocky  Female  the West Midlands
8-Apr-2020 21:04 Message #4775990
I predict the EU will fall apart very quickly.

I predict a riot, and people getting all leary... No jobs, no benifits for the self employed.
I predict a housing price crash as the mortgage companies grab for their money back asap.
I predict next years school leavers won't reach their graded expectations, through no fault of their own... And that all the home schooling work sent home, won't get marked.

I predict that Rod Stewart & Cat Weasle hairstyles from the 70"s will be the norm, along with ironed hair on women. Followed quickly by panic booked hairdresser and false nail removal appointments lol
I predict that there will be a lot of people appreciating their freedoms a bit more. And the crime rate to ho through the roof as folk are burgled while out for the day.
My final prediction is that some people will get their priorities in order and value people over objects.
Orson  Male  Tayside
9-Apr-2020 22:45 Message #4776158
One feels it unwise to predict anything when faced with unpredictable elements. Namely human beings. However, perversely, one could say it's the predictability or their unpredictability that is almost assured.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
10-Apr-2020 10:28 Message #4776207
I'm revising my prediction....

A further ten years of austerity - this time more severe than previous
Further cuts to the NHS with more privatisation of services
Same arguments used as to why the wealthy deserve their wealth more than a hospital cleaner deserves a living wage
More homeless
Taxes to rise
Prices to rise
People still care more about wealth than about people
Same people on here saying same things (including me) and arguing with same people
The canals of Venice will again become polluted
It'll be proved that 'we are not all in this together' but people still won't agree
Within a year or so there'll be another pandemic
capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
10-Apr-2020 10:33 Message #4776209
im with you clocky on predicting a lot of people are gonna come out of this with some bad haircuts,lol
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
10-Apr-2020 10:42 Message #4776218
I predict the EU will fall apart very quickly.

I think that is inevitable but at least we have a head start.
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
10-Apr-2020 11:09 Message #4776226
Terry - there was a lot of late night TV discussion last night around how/when we would reward all the low paid key workers once we are hopefully beyond current CV crisis.

What immediately sprang to mind was an issue I have flagged on these threads before - eg that many low paid workers will be in a benefit claiming household and thus having low wages topped up with eg TCs/HB etc.

The benefit system does not make it easy to work one's way out of poverty - due to the 63% welfare clawback from extra net earnings. That applies until all benefit entitlement is extinguished by higher household earnings.

So if a carer gets say a £100 weekly pay rise - they as usual pay 32% in Tax/NI - and then the £68 remainder has 63% clawed back in welfare - leaving just £25.16 weekly as extra net household income.

Most domiciliary carers providing care in people's homes are of course employed by a Care Agency whose charge out rates to Councils/care receivers varies from around £15 to £20 an hour - though care receivers can opt to employ a carer direct - but that is fraught with issues around a carer going sick or being on holiday etc - as well as care receiver being responsible for collecting Tax/NI etc as well as paying Employer's NI on top of the gross wage plus any pension contributions etc.

Again as flagged in Bupa survey the Care Sector is losing 2/3rds of staff permanently from the sector every 2 yrs so is constantly in a recruitment mode.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
10-Apr-2020 13:01 Message #4776239
Certain things make me wonder about all this virus thing........some start off as throwaway jokey comments....and then.....and then......the more you think of them.....the more the conspiracies conspire.....

Not long well as all the other environment talk going on.....a lot of scientists were talking about 'the point of no return'....

'The point of no return' was all over the media.....We are reaching 'the point of no return'.....We are on the brink of 'the point of no return'.....etc etc.......

Followed by 'unless something is done worldwide immediately, then once that 'point of no return' is reached.....then there is no returning etc etc.....

One of the problems was though, that a lot were not listening.....a lot of powerful countries were not listening.....China wasn't listening......India wasn't listening.....The USA wasn't listening....

Then suddenly..........The World is in lockdown.........Everyone has had to listen...and act....

Makes you wonder......Well, it makes me wonder anyway......

Strange?.....barmy?.....crackpot?........loony?.......Yes, I'm all those things.....

capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
10-Apr-2020 14:01 Message #4776255
have you ever thought capitalism is not working and the world might just be polo mint, ?
The_Snow_Covered_Fool  Male  Cheshire
12-Apr-2020 07:50 Message #4776461

You getting good at these conspiracy theories. As euro would say Lol,lol !

Be careful though your musing on here could be taken as fact in a couple of weeks with this interweb thingy.


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