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Over 70s or vulnerable groups - not most at risk

Go for a walk or not


Siesta09  Female  Essex
26-Mar-2020 12:23 Message #4773765
So am finding the information on what we can and cannot do very misleading - before info came out on those most vulnerable that must shield the info on over 70s/vulnerable was that they could go for a walk albeit alone and keep distance etc etc and they could also get their shopping - now that info has been taken off the PH website and they are all bunched together as one group and is not clear at all. They presumably can go to the shop as they are opening them for elderly people so can they go to the park like the rest of us for an hour or not?? Anyone?? I know they do questions on the bbc sometimes and wondered if anyone heard the latest.


tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
26-Mar-2020 12:45 Message #4773768
Some things are not clear.....for any person.....

But as I see it, the general thing seems to be that they don't want people hanging about anywhere for longer than necessary...especially groups......until they can contain it.....It's running wild at the moment, so any methods of trying to stop it is essential....and often common sense....

So a short walk to exercise on your own is ok....and a trip to the supermarket.....There are guidelines that people in general are following....but it's far from foolproof.....

I see a trip to the supermarket as straight home....Stay in until next time...etc

It must be more of a nightmare for some than others......Not everyone comes from a decent family....a happy educated family.....etc....Their mental and physical health may suffer more with them being in lockdown with an abusive family etc....

I'm confused myself as to what happens if you think you've got it......Not getting any treatment seems like a bad idea.....but I suppose most people who think they may have it, probably haven't got it.....Just cold and flu symptoms....The weather is that kind of cold and flu weather.....Sometimes hot and sunny.....sometimes freezing,....

JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
26-Mar-2020 13:05 Message #4773769
Ideally stay isolated, no contact.

But isolation includes outside if no contact such as own garden or short drive if you have a car.

Only if you have no alternative, and not highly vulnerable due to other health conditions, you should see if your local council have built up a volunteer network to do your shopping, or family member could leave shopping at your door.

Ideally, you should leave shopping for a short while or carry box or bag into house then wash hands as virus can live an hour or so on packaging but longer on metal surfaces.

If you still have no alternative and need to go out. Stay a tall person's body length away from anyone. Could have a stroll at dawn or during day if your area is quiet.

It's unhealthy to stay sat all day and decondition.

Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
26-Mar-2020 13:16 Message #4773772
Most of the supermakets are having an early session of approx 1 hour just for Seniors or NHS workers. Look on their website.

Its better NOT to go at all if possible, but if you must, then take your sanitiser with you (if you have some) or chuck away gloves, and also wipe the trolly handle before & after use, discarding the tissue. Also car door handles & st wheel & gear stick if applicable. Use a scarf or mask to cover mouth/nose and as Lynn says wash hands asap leaving shopping outside for an hour if poss.

I went to Aldi to 5.30pm last evening and only 6 people in shop. We all kept away from each other. Shelves were all well stocked except t/rolls & paracetemol.

BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
26-Mar-2020 13:48 Message #4773776
Police are now setting up road blocks to check whether motorists have a valid reason for being on the road given the lockdown in place since Monday.

eurostar  Female  Merseyside
26-Mar-2020 15:05 Message #4773787
Everyone has the same risk of getting it but over 70s or/and vulnerable if they get it are more at risk of dying from it, if you are in any of those categories be extra safe

leogirl  Female  Essex
26-Mar-2020 17:08 Message #4773791
hello Victoriana
Hope you are well and coping.
At the oment I have a craving for a piece of chocolate and wonder if the post-office is still open... decided not to be such a fool , tomorrow I will receive my shopping and can ask for some chocolate in tonight`s shopping list.
so hard no to be able to invite my daughter in for a cuppa and a natter - just have a short conversation from upstairs window!
I made a little friend in the form of a very tame Robin in the garden. It gives me some pleasure to see that wonderful creature feed on grubs and worms I dig up . I have filled a tub and hope to get some rainbow colored beetroots .
My son who loves just up the road from you has his last, very long rota shift today in his office . hope he stays awake and remembers ALL the safety rules. Than he is on his own isolating and devoting his time brewing some beer and wine. he still has the ingredients at home.
all the best,
Stay safe
Johanna -

Siesta09  Female  Essex
27-Mar-2020 10:34 Message #4773875
Thanks everyone hope you are staying well, I understand about the shopping and cleaning but it was just whether they were allowed to go for a short walk round the park so long as keep the distance (and wash hands when get in) please. The guidance is unclear. Thanks

brisinger  Male  Lancashire
27-Mar-2020 12:04 Message #4773879
As a Caregiver I find it rather ironic that it appears little different to how we've been used to living over the years. Only getting out when a sitter is available. Not being able to go to supermarkets when we want. Not being able just to go out for a walk.

Aely  Female  Hampshire
27-Mar-2020 20:24 Message #4773915
I'm wondering how I distance myself on the bus when I do have to go shopping. Hampshire have now relaxed the time restrictions on using Pensioner passes so we can get to the early "Pensioners only" shopping set-asides at our local Supermarkets.

I could, on a good day, walk to town but because I have the after effects of neck damage and frozen shoulders there is no way I could carry my shopping home.

Andromeda  Female  Berkshire
27-Mar-2020 21:39 Message #4773928
The buses in this area are nearly all empty.

Topaz53  Female  Northamptonshire
28-Apr-2020 10:21 Message #4778240
The majority of the over 70s are completely isolating and are fortunate
enough to have neighbours or volunteers to get their weekly shop,but of course do run out of essentials. IE milk, and only like fresh.

One lady that I phoned the other day had run out of just that , but flagged down a passing cyclist.

Don't know how that fits in with social distancing, but very innovative.

However I did point out that she shouldn't be talking to strangers ..Lol

JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
28-Apr-2020 10:44 Message #4778245
On the News this morning, a tribute was paid to an 86 year old health care assistant who died of CV19.

..and last week, a 76 yr old retired GP who had volunteered to work on the front line.

I found, as an NHS worker, many doing the caring and providing care were more vulnerable themselves, than some who claimed care.

I think the criteria should have been more clearly promoted so that we don't have less vulnerable putting pressure on the system because, for example, they have a label of asthma.

There are different risk levels within specific diseases such as diabetes and asthma such as who is well controlled, who doesn't keep to advice.

My ex health care assistant was very vulnerable because she had poor care from her doctors who managed, or didn't manage her diabetes very well. She also has severe arthritis of a type she needs injections, yet she is caring for patients with less health problems than she has. Our employer, a GP, has now agreed with me she should change GP.

Maybe we should have a rating.
In fact I've thought of another thread title.

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