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can you hear it...?

fosy  Male  Leicestershire 25-Mar-2020 12:09 Message #4773673
the sound of silence ?

over the last few days i have been amazed at how quiet the outside world is, all the ambient background noise has all but disappeared, noise i never really noticed but was there all the time !

i live in a town but the silence is obvious as soon as i step outside the backdoor, however its even more pronounced down the country park where nature is getting frisky and the birds are singing their hearts out looking for a mate.

long term this silence is not for the good in the sense that its because industry/production etc has stopped, but i will enjoy it whilst i can.

have others noticed the same ?
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 25-Mar-2020 12:57 Message #4773675
It's eerie on the wards. You can hear a pin drop because NHS P's are conspicuous by their absence. It's being left to caregiver's to plug the gap in the healthcare system. We are working on the wards for free with no national recognition unlike Dr's and nurses. #DoNotForgetCaregivers
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 25-Mar-2020 13:17 Message #4773676
I can usually hear chain saws and farm equipment, but there is nothing except the birds and one or two weird noises from the wood. It is very strange
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex 25-Mar-2020 13:37 Message #4773680
Yes definitely noticed the difference.
I live about 4 miles from the eastern side junctions of the M25 and they're served by 2 very busy A routes from east London through to Essex.
You always notice more noise during winter from the lack of tree foliage, but the almost lack of that sound of traffic on all the roads is noticeable by it's absence.
Similarly the almost total lack of aircraft noise too. We are overflown by aircraft, en-route to land at London City, which then swing south and then north westerly to head back along the River to the airport,
and the Lambourne beacon is up by the M25 too and even that far out Heathrow bound aircraft use that as part of the stack area before heading westerly towards the airport.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 25-Mar-2020 13:52 Message #4773686
Hello darkness my old friend.....well now it could be Hello sunshine my old friend. Am loving it, though we do seem to still have some numpties with their souped up engines and noisy exhausts doing races up the dual carriagway near me, sadly the reduction of traffic gives them free reign to turn it into a racetrack. No doubt as they pop their clogs this will reduce.
Clocky  Female  the West Midlands 25-Mar-2020 15:29 Message #4773693
It's lovely here... Its like being back in the 70's with barely any traffic and no bustle. It feels like life has slowed down and the urgency/rush that everyone was in before has gone.

Or is it the calm before the storm?
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 25-Mar-2020 15:40 Message #4773700
I don't know who did it......and I'm not normally into all that religious stuff.......but either God has a mysterious way of course.....or the environmentalists or just the mentalists have acted....

Just when the world was going to be obliterated due to the climate etc......along comes something that is saving the climate and environment.....

Instead of all of us being doomed.....most of us are being saved.....Cheers god...If it was you....

Bit of a strange way to do it though......have a think a bit more before you do it next time.....
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 25-Mar-2020 15:42 Message #4773701
Stansted airport is as quiet as a mouse, I rather miss the planes roaring overhead.
The sunny weather is making it difficult, I feel like I should be out enjoying it.
If you're interested, the ISS has been wonderfully visible flying over every evening this week - tonight if you look to the south west at about 7.39pm you should see it shining bright as it moves to the east...
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex 25-Mar-2020 17:21 Message #4773710
It's quite a good one tonight too.
In London it's in view from 19.40 for 4 minutes.
Better still it's at a max height of 85° (above the horizon) which gives a good chance of seeing it above surrounding buildings.
It starts at 22° above West South West and ends at 22° above E

I doubt I'll see it at either end as the elevation is too low with surrounding houses but between headings
220° & 100° as it hits it's highest point I should have a fair chance.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 25-Mar-2020 18:59 Message #4773716
Its great, I hear weird noises too, its all the animals and birds that are usually drowned out by traffic noises and Yay and ouble Yay, I think RAF Valley has stopped flying so we're no longer blighted by low flying aircraft. One afternoon a couple of years ago we were in the garden with some friends and an Apache Helicopter came flying over low, that felt truely weird, like we were in a film or something. Its going to seem so weird when it gets noisy again, I'm sure the air's cleaner, my sinus's feel better than they have in years and thats despite having a bit of hay fever. Has anyone seen the air quality maps of different cities around the world from this time last year to now? Its incredible how just a few days has made such a massive difference, it just makes you wonder what could be done when all this is over to improve air quality over all?
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex 25-Mar-2020 19:57 Message #4773719
The view of the ISS was brilliant and so obvious with no other aircraft in the sky.

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