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OK I am going to finally admit it

I MAY be a bit of a hoarder

happywalker  Female  Dorset
25-Mar-2020 10:51 Message #4773664
I prefer to use the excuse that I have a lot of hobbies and interests and these cause the need to fill cupboards with things such as:
Fabric, wool, craft books, family history books, interior design books and related goods, a piano (and books on how to play a piano!!!), painting materials for upcycling old pieces of furniture (of which I have many in the garage) .....are you getting the picture?

As you can imagine, the lockdown is giving me the opportunity to catch up with lots of hobbies. The main issue now is, I have so much choice and time, I keep going from one thing to another in a sort of frenzy (whereas normally I would do couple hours or so a day on any one project).

I’m just so glad I never got rid of any of my stuff. I don’t need to go out other than for food and I don’t even need to buy anything online. I’m right behind hoarders now! Keep hoarding! Lol
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
25-Mar-2020 10:58 Message #4773665
Oh my god, I thought it was only me....... and with 3 + barns and 7 stables.... I mught never be seen again.
Mumsie  Female  Warwickshire
25-Mar-2020 15:34 Message #4773697
You are not alone
I too with hobbies have far too much stuff now , to what I can use
brisinger  Male  Lancashire
25-Mar-2020 15:47 Message #4773702
No comment...

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