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Internet hub and phone



Siesta09  Female  Essex
25-Mar-2020 08:52 Message #4773639
HI I have ordered a new cordless phone with answerphone which requires to be plugged in. However the only plug anywhere near the phone socket has the hub plugged in - I know I am being dim but is it ok to use an extension lead so can plug the hub and answerphone in? Or does the hub plug have to be plugged directly into the wall? Hope that waffle makes sense - stay well everyone x

Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
25-Mar-2020 09:15 Message #4773640
I assume you mean electric socket as opposed to phone line socket?
It doesn't matter how the hub is plugged in as long as it has power, unplugging it will mean you temporarily lose your internet but it will soon reset.
If you mean the phone socket then you need a DSL filter plugged in first (which you should have already) then you can plug the phone lead into the filter...

Siesta09  Female  Essex
25-Mar-2020 10:06 Message #4773655
Hi yes I meant the electric socket, I already have the DSL filter. Thanks for your help I assumed it would be ok x

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