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Onliine shopping

is it always like this

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wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 24-Mar-2020 18:55 Message #4773604
Manthing set up an online account with tesco earlier, apart from having a delivery date in 3 weeks time, which I sort of expected, we were looking through the site and so many things wern't listed, like white bread flour and yeast, normal basmati rice, the sort you cook yourself rather than packets for the microwave, no tinned tomatoes were listed either. Some of the stuff we looked at was listed but said it was out of stock, which is different to not listing it at all, they had loads of nuts, but no flaked almonds or anyother sort of almonds either, this is all stuff they sell in the local store. Whats the point of encouraging people to shop online when not only is delivery weeks away, but you can't get perfectly normal stuff because its not listed.

Is this just tesco or are all online food retailers equally useless?
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 24-Mar-2020 19:01 Message #4773605
Not sure if you're asking is all online shopping at supermarket like this. No.

But if just at present, then yes.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 24-Mar-2020 19:09 Message #4773607
Because the delivery will come from your local store and if they haven't got the stock you can't have it.
Most of the things you mention are selling like hot cakes, tinned tomatoes are like gold dust and will probably be used as currency if things get any worse.
Us Brits soon fall back into our old fashioned ways and tinned toms, spam, corned beef and such are our go to staples.
I haven't shopped online for years but I think Tesco's website is one of the better ones, they were the home delivery pioneers....
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 24-Mar-2020 19:09 Message #4773608
Just normal food shopping.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 24-Mar-2020 19:13 Message #4773609
I tried Iceland just after Xmas, wasn't impressed with the lack of food then
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 24-Mar-2020 19:14 Message #4773610
But its not that the things are marked as out of stock, they're just not listed at all, I know that I can't have what they haven't got, but the local store does sell these things, I buy them often and they have loads of different makes, from cheap to premium.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 24-Mar-2020 19:18 Message #4773611
Maybe it's their way of rationing....
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey 24-Mar-2020 19:22 Message #4773612
Last week I had 3 separate Tesco deliveries cancelled by email on morning of delivery - so even with a booked and paid for slot there is no guarantee it will arrive.

You will also find when you check an existing future Tesco order - that what was available when you placed order may no longer be available.

Bottom line is do not rely on stuff arriving.
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire 24-Mar-2020 20:06 Message #4773613
That's usual, I've found, WH, and was so before all the latest shopping madness.
I can speak only in reference to tesco online but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with what's out of stock or what your local store does or does not have.
For instance, for several weeks just after Xmas cauliflowers weren't listed online though at the very same time there were piles of them in the shop. Similarly a particular lip salve that I buy from that store is never listed online. There are many other examples. I've tried putting the full name and code of the product in the specific search yields nothing.
I can't explain it, but I've seen comments left from other customers saying the same thing.

The other big problem is that however far in advance you submit your shopping list, no steps are taken to ensure that any are reserved. Thus for 3 weeks you might be thinking you're getting flour, milk, bread or whatever, but if customers in the store swipe the last of it up to an hour before it's due to be delivered, then you don't get it. Most annoyingly you don't know that until the depleted order arrives. I got only about two-thirds the items I ordered in my last shop, even though they were there when I'd checked online earlier.
Aely  Female  Hampshire 24-Mar-2020 21:06 Message #4773616
I decided not to set up an on-line shop because I have absolutely no idea what I might need in 3 (or maybe 5) weeks time when the first order would arrive (or not apparently!)

I have left a note for the milkman for tomorrow asking nicely if it would be possible for him to get me a loaf of bread, preferably wholemeal, delivered on Friday (his next delivery day). The small loaf I got from Sainsburys on Wednesday will be gone by then. It's really only fit for toasting now. If he can't supply I will have to make my permitted trip to the shops and try my luck there. It would be nice if I could get a chicken as well, but I won't hold my breath. Or maybe I will when I go out. One way of not catching the virus...

The one time I did try an online delivery, in the early days when I still had at least one of the girls at home, I found that only the more expensive brands were listed as available. The additional cost plus delivery charge put me off trying again. Now that I am on my own I don't need much stuff.
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 24-Mar-2020 23:07 Message #4773622
Comparasaurus is an Android and iOS App similar to the currently defunkt mysupermarket that might help.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London 24-Mar-2020 23:16 Message #4773625
There are delays getting a delivery and some items are out of stock at the moment but due to family circumstances I’ve had a weekly delivery for around seven years. I’ve used Morrison’s, Sainsbury and Tesco during that time.
I’ve never had any problems when selecting items. The deliveries are made day or evening whichever is convenient. Changes to the delivery items can be made right up to the last minute. It’s very rare for anything to be substituted but you’re told when it’s delivered and if you’re not happy just send it back. The few complaints I’ve made have had the cost of the item refunded to my account with no quibbles.
The deliveries themselves have been on time and the delivery men/women very good.
Altogether a fantastic service. More so if a delivery is a necessity.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 24-Mar-2020 23:44 Message #4773628
I've noticed something that Morrisons are doing during the crisis......Not sure how good it is.....but it's better than nothing.....and a bit of a Ready Steady Cook feel to it....

For £ can order a food included.....

You can order either a meat one or a veg one...........

You don't know what your'e getting in each box though......But they say it will be essential type stuff....

It sounds ok for an emergency........and i think delivery is next day if you order before 3pm....

Maybe others will follow suit.....There certainly seems to be opportunities for budding business entrepreneurs to 'save the day' and make dosh as well...
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire 25-Mar-2020 03:58 Message #4773631
Our local pub is doing the same, Tumbles

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 25-Mar-2020 10:13 Message #4773657
I told Manthing I didn't want to use internet food shopping, I'd rather go and get what I can myself. Having allergies and intolerances I don't want someone deciding that a substitution is ok, or putting down no substitutions and having about 3 out of 30 items delievered. All these £35 boxes might be ok if you have no allergies or intolerances, but if you do, you could end up with a load of stuff you can't use.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 25-Mar-2020 10:47 Message #4773662
I have often ordered extra bits from milkman but this past 2 weeks he has left a note that nothing is available other than my usual 2 pints a day (for 3 of us, but then I use non-dairy for other than tea and coffee). Even my weekly cottage cheese with chives has been unavailable.

I am not a regular online food shopper but maybe once every 3 months I'll use Waitrose because they don't charge delivery if over £60 and their special offers are often competitive. Never had a problem other than occasional substitute.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 25-Mar-2020 19:09 Message #4773718
Bris, Thnaks but I don't have a smart phone or a stupid one for that matter so an ap is no use to me.
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey 25-Mar-2020 19:59 Message #4773720
I am afraid that being able to choose what we eat is largely a non existent choice for the foreseeable future - whether one shops online or in a store - and in many areas unless you are willing to queue before store opening hrs you will find shelves cleared within an hour or two of the core staples bread/milk/eggs/baked beans/tinned fruit etc etc.

This will vary radically by location - though I got a Tesco email today saying they were doubling their store stocks of the core staples so we shall have to wait and see.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 26-Mar-2020 10:25 Message #4773749
I think yeast is a staple if bread flour is a staple then so is the yeat to turn it into bread.

I think you're missing the point here, many of us have restricted diets for health reasons and can't use certain products, I'm starting to wish I had stockpiled some things, I wonder how much of the stuff like yeast and bread flour is going to sit in peoples cupboards until all this is over and it gets thrown away?

This also doesn't explain why on tesco website somethings arn't listed at all, and guess what they're all ingredients to make your own meals from scratch, all the prepacks are listed, all the ready meals and premium products.
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey 26-Mar-2020 10:33 Message #4773751
I appreciate many people have dietary issues - my core point being that despite being told to isolate unless you go to store in person there is little gtee of food being delivered. Even then you may need to hike around several supermarkets/corner shops on multiple occasions to get everything you want.

Today I had my 4th in a row scheduled Tesco delivery cancelled via email on delivery day.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 26-Mar-2020 18:02 Message #4773798
I don’t mind the substitutes. Sometimes they are better than my original order.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 26-Mar-2020 18:55 Message #4773806
Thats part of the problem, having to go to several shops to get the basics, it does seem to be slowly getting better, but not better soon enough, I think some of it is a logistical problem and the "powers that be" not thinking about what goes with what, like needing yeast to go with the bread flour. Sorry, but I don't think you do appreciate what its like to have a restricted diet, I don't think anyone does until its them or a family member and sometimes not even family members understand and try and give you stuff you can't eat. The more allergies and intolerances you have the harder it gets, the numbers of prepacks you can eat becomes next to non existant, a lot of manufacturers still put MSG in foods, the worst are supermarket "takeaways", I have palpitations, a racing pulse, shaking, huge thirst and then a pounding headache from MSG, I feel like my heart is trying to jump out of my chest, its horrible and frightening, not just for me, but for those around me too. I've got other allergies and intollerances too, the effects of which range from indigestion, to being ill for over a week, like if I eat any meat or derivatives.
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey 26-Mar-2020 19:48 Message #4773823
With an estimated 20% of UK pop suffering food intolerances/allergies which are sometimes fatal it is patronising say I have no understanding thereof.

As with many medical issues only in the modern world do many such people survive to adulthood via better knowledge/testing and on occasion treatment.
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 29-Mar-2020 10:25 Message #4774140

My friend who's on crutches had her delivery cancelled this week so she paid for a taxi to collect it. The store told her their delivery drivers are becoming ill.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 29-Mar-2020 10:57 Message #4774150
Boydell I think you understand the numbers and understasnd it as an abstract, but you don't come across as having any personal understanding of what its like to have allergies, the way shopping has to be planed like a military operation, that you can have this product from this shop, but not from another, and its like that with so many normal daily items. You live in dread of "new and improved", because you may be newly unable to have that product anymore and then the search for a replacement begins, shopping takes longer and life seems more restricted.

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