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for a while

vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 24-Mar-2020 11:50 Message #4773577
Yesterday about 4.30, feeling a bit peckish, decided it was teatime, I'd got leftover Sunday Roast, kindly supplied by one of my daughters,
switched on the mini oven to warm up the Yorkshire Pud, the rest could go in the microwave, after a few minutes there was a bit of a BANG! and the electric went off.
on opening the oven door, one of the elements was hanging by one end, its had a weak spot for some time, glowing much brighter in one spot.

PANIC set in, after I'd switched the trip switch back on.
How was I gonna warm up me Yorkshire!? Then it came to me! Internet, Google, Argos, out of 6 Argos stores within a 15 mile radius, only one had a basic mini oven in stock! and they close at 8 pm.
So I 'reserved' it online, printed the reservation email (my computer skills show no bounds! lol)
And set orf for Argos in Sainsbury's at Huntingdon, 3 miles up the road, I had a thought, the reservation document was still at home on the worktop! :-{

So had to go back to fetch it, eventually got to Huntingdon, Sainsbury's was deserted, straight to the Argos dept, a nice lady took my money, and tapped her computer a few times, after a few minutes a bloke appeared with a bigish box containing my oven, he put it in the trolley for me and offered to come to the car park and lift it in my car, but I done a quick weight test and decided I could manage, lol.

Later, back at home, watching telly, Boris came on and said Electrical shops, among others were going to close as from tonight, (last night)

So, I reckon I was lucky to get it when I did! (probably one of their last customers for a while)
I Would have starved with no oven!! lol

Didn't have the roast dinner leftovers last night, had comfort food instead, egg, chips, nd beans,
Will have the roast tonight. ;-}
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 24-Mar-2020 12:13 Message #4773581
Vanman, by the skin of your teeth! Your oven went off at the right time. Though, though I wonder if Amazon are still operating, they sell everything, and quite fast delivery.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 24-Mar-2020 13:46 Message #4773591
Vanners, they also sell them in Aldi & Lidls. You gonna have to get a microwave next as well, or even one of those little 'use it once' BBQ - only 99p but only for outdoors,
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 24-Mar-2020 14:04 Message #4773594
V, ive got a microwave but like me, its a bit ancient! lol but it still works.

I did think of just replacing it, then thought I may as well get me money's worth from it, and wait till it packs up! lol.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 24-Mar-2020 18:47 Message #4773603
I would of thought you'd still be able to get electrical items delivered, it would a bit daft if you've got to stay in forweeks but can't store food for more than a couple of days because your fridge freezers gone kaput. Likewise you'd be tearing your hair out if your telly or pooter packed up.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 24-Mar-2020 22:01 Message #4773620
It just shows how ridiculous all this is. It's like Pieter with his finger in the dyke.

I do hope that I have spelt that correctly, or this thread is going to take on a whole new direction.

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