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How does it affect you?

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NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 23-Mar-2020 21:23 Message #4773525
Its here, what will you do to cope?
Maglorian  Male  North Yorkshire 23-Mar-2020 21:26 Message #4773527

If you receive an email with the subject "DING DONG", don't open it!

It's the Jehovah's Witnesses working from home.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 23-Mar-2020 21:28 Message #4773528
Nonsense Mags, its Lesley Phillips sending an extra terrestrial message from beyond the grave. But perhaps you are too young to remember him.
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 23-Mar-2020 22:12 Message #4773535
I'll reiterate my OP on my "MAKE NO MISTAKE" thread. Those we my thoughts well before official lockdown.

Make no mistake this virus is VERY SERIOUS. They let me out last night and said that it was only a one hour visiting. I said that I'd back off for such a short period of time because it's more likely to distress LO with Alzheimer's. I've just had a phone call from Ward 5 and apparently it's been escalated to management and I'm getting special permission to get in for afternoon and evening to help cover staff. They are really panicking and she was speaking at ten to the dozen. She was virtually pushing me off the phone. They are working at skeleton staff level and it's being reviewed on an hour by hour basis. My advice for everyone it treat this as if you are in a pod. If you don't need to go shopping, DON'T. It's very rare that they take this stance and it seems we are going into unknown territory. It's scary stuff. Yesterday they were walking around in masks and there's temporary 'pods' been set up outside. I've got to take my own meds. in with me in case they have to go into lock down at a moments notice. It was eerily quiet yesterday to the point you could hear a pin drop. None of the hustle and bustle you normally expect on a ward. I've never known anything quite like this.
jeangenie  Female  County Antrim 23-Mar-2020 22:44 Message #4773536
My 85 year old aunt was admitted to the Cancer Centre , here in Belfast, last Thursday. She has stage 4 lung cancer and was told on Thursday no treatment. I had to leave her at the ward entrance. NO visitors allowed. This lockdown means that she is having to come to terms with this with no family support. It's heartbreaking ....what if the worst happens? I'm beside myself....totally understand but my God it's hard to accept.
My brother lives in Madrid ....he says it's hellish there.
simplechat  Male  Buckinghamshire 23-Mar-2020 23:48 Message #4773539
You have to just accept that she is in the best hands at the moment. Yes, it is hard for you and any caring daughter would feel the same as you. If she was at home you would feel hopeless to help her and ease her suffering. You should be comforted that she has care and any suffering is being eased. You have to remember what would she say to you if you were beside yourself to get you through that situation. You can only do pray for her and accept you have done the best for her in this situation.
leogirl  Female  Essex 23-Mar-2020 23:51 Message #4773540
I can not even try to comprehend what the next 3 weeks will be like.
I am staying at home, sticking to a routine and some tasks I make myself to finish at the end of the day. When it`s warm enough I work in the garden . Every evening at about 6 p.m. go for a walk in the fields , making sure there is no one else within considerable distance, not even a dog! the golden sunset makes me calmer and I can talk to my inner soul.

I am so sorry and sad Jeangenie . even the kindest words seem feeble.
is your aunt be able to communicate by `phone? than `phone often for short periods if that helps.

jeangenie  Female  County Antrim 23-Mar-2020 23:59 Message #4773541
Thank you so much for the kind words. I was caring for her at home and it was immensely stressful. Feeling responsible for someone so ill was difficult as I was completely out of my depth.
Her appointment last Thursday was prearranged but I still felt like I was abandoning her.
Of course she is not the only patient in the ward and I feel so much for other families going through the same thing.

Jean x
jeangenie  Female  County Antrim 24-Mar-2020 00:08 Message #4773542
Thank you leogirl....yes I can speak with her on the phone...only for a few minutes at a time as she tires so easily. I have to try and keep my voice 'normal'....don't want to add to her distress. I have never felt so helpless but as simplechat kindly pointed out...she really is in the best possible place at the minute.

Jean x
simplechat  Male  Buckinghamshire 24-Mar-2020 00:12 Message #4773543
I understand what your going through because I had a brother who I lost to Cancer. There comes a time when they accept the fight is ending and they know you have done the best you can to help them through it. You still care for her so your not abandoning her. She knows she's in the best place in just have to come to terms you helped her the best you could.
jeangenie  Female  County Antrim 24-Mar-2020 00:25 Message #4773544
Thank you again....I'm so sorry you lost your can be very cruel at times....but kind words from a 'virtual' stranger are heartwarming. X
bella111  Female  Devon 24-Mar-2020 01:41 Message #4773545
My Brother had emergency op last night nothing to do with virus obviously when he went by Ambulance he did not take his wallet, No-one is allowed to visit and I am expecting tomorrow he will want some fruit and squash, I have tried to contact officials and other people but it is hopeless. If they try to get him out before he should be discharged I will not have info for his after care or anything. Sometimes our Wonderful Country does not know quite what to do.

I will now have to go in all guns blazing and call in favours from my old Employer which is wrong...
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 24-Mar-2020 04:48 Message #4773546
The lockdown won't really be an issue for me, a bigger question will be what's the 'exit' strategy for this virus; if the herd thing is followed then I'll probably be in a smaller box than my flat in twelve months time, if a vaccine is developed, I might be on that plus these other pills I'm popping for the rest of my life - which similar to the herd thing, probably won't be long.

What will I do to cope with the lockdown? go for my food shopping as and when needed, go out and get exercise, keep away from other people, get in the habit of cleaning the flat...oh yes, go to the launderette once a week, or possibly once a fortnight.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 24-Mar-2020 05:37 Message #4773548
Common sense and following guidelines seems to be the way to go......although some things don't make all that much sense anyway.....It all helps, but it's not infallible....

The 2 metre rule will obviously help.....but I don't personally think it should lull me into a false sense of security.....The germs are all around....everywhere.....

vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 24-Mar-2020 07:19 Message #4773549
As tumbled said, "some things don't make much sense" fer instance, you can't meet groups of people, only one other, or is it two? At a time when your out!

BUT, you can travel on a bus, so could be 40 -50 people in a confined space, for an hour or more!

Think i'll stick to my rattly old (but newish to me) car derived van, especially now it's adorned with its latest added feature!! lol ;-}
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 24-Mar-2020 08:58 Message #4773556
I dont think its enough. So many youngsters are not taking this seriously, and treating this 'time off' as a holiday so they are out and about. If they get stopped by the police, they will just say they are exercising, or shopping for meds.

I dont know what the answer is but it needs to be more strict.

And medical/health workers need to be given more assistance and priorities.
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 24-Mar-2020 10:20 Message #4773563
People just don't get it. As an unpaid carer I'm continuing to provide a support role on a 1:1 basis in the hospital to relieve staffing levels. To put it bluntly my life is on the line. The NHS P's are conspicuous by their absence. The staffing levels have crashed because there's some unable to come in to work due to special measures not least things such as being pregnant. When you walk through you can see hastily erected pods in the hospital grounds. The car parks are empty and you can hear a pin drop. We really are going through uncharted territory and are having to just roll with it.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 24-Mar-2020 10:22 Message #4773564

I am very sorry about your and your gran's situation.
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex 24-Mar-2020 10:40 Message #4773569
Keep up the good work Bris.
What is happening now is our own 21st century Battle of Britain and the "Never, in the field of human conflict, was so much owed by so many to so few" that applied then applies just as much now.
In that field of human conflict we could see the enemy, this time we can't, but it's no less lethal.
leogirl  Female  Essex 24-Mar-2020 11:14 Message #4773574
well said SG ! I admire Bris and all those who are key workers to battle on . l will never, never forget that haunting , exhausted face of that Spanish female doctor on the news , begging us to stay at home and help in our own way to make it safer for other people, not just ourselves

please don`t just go to the shop because you need 2, 3 items of shopping. Make do, use your imagination for a substitute.
my daughter provided me with 240 pack of tea bags. I will last! ( even if I run out of milk ) .
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 24-Mar-2020 12:07 Message #4773580
'Lockdown' is so American and dramatic. Curtailment of normal everyday movement, unpalatable, even weird, but very necessary.

I think it a bit amusing though that after criticising the Chinese and their 'draconian' measures gov. end up having to do the same. In the C21, over a virus. Though movement restriction is not unheard of in some parts of the world, the West Bank, a good example of western alliance's unspoken support towards a State, that has been restricting freedom of movement on Palestinians, every day for decades. Slightly off topic.

Early days, but not that bothered, obviously miss doing things, no going up to London without a good excuse, though I bet the roads are really clear, I believe the congestion charge has been lifted, for essential workers of course. And no shops open, places to et, art galleries, museums etc. might get used to it but early days, or find it claustrophobic. If it gets rid of this virus I don't think I mind.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 24-Mar-2020 12:36 Message #4773584
Vanners..."BUT, you can travel on a bus, so could be 40 -50 people in a confined space, for an hour or more"

Could be that many but I think the buses are getting emptied and emptied. Coronavirus has certainly encouraged me to use my electric bike rather the bus.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 24-Mar-2020 15:44 Message #4773599
I swear the world has moved into a different dimension. Had to go out to get a couple of things, pick something up for a neighbour. Lot of masks about now! People, though not that many about, seem to be walking slower, or it could be me imagining it. all open shops only 2 allowed in, the queues outside separated by well over 3 meters!

Got some petrol, that's an amazing price as well. £110.99 pl. And of course the roads are bliss, very little traffic. If this carries on we should not need the total lockdown.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 25-Mar-2020 09:51 Message #4773651
Trouble with only going out to shop when you need more than a couple of bits, is a couple of bits is what you come back with as the shops are so empty of so many basics. Petrol was £108:99pl in Morrisons a couple of days ago, theres talk of the price of oil going down to $10 a barrel.
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex 25-Mar-2020 10:51 Message #4773663
Got some petrol, that's an amazing price as well. £110.99 pl. And of course the roads are bliss, very little traffic. If this carries on we should not need the total lockdown.

Holy Smokes!!

That's £504p/gallon That certainly is an amazing price.
Eye watering.

Isn't 'Lockdown' so American and dramatic.

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