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Living with someone in vulnerable or at risk group

How to manage


Siesta09  Female  Essex
22-Mar-2020 20:26 Message #4773434
In this awful situation there must be many of us that have a vulnerable or at risk person living with us but we still have to go to work (and no option to work from home). How are people managing this please? Advice is that we don't have to self isolate too unless ill of course but to try to separate from each other. I just wondered what practical things people are doing. Thanks

eurostar  Female  Merseyside
22-Mar-2020 20:35 Message #4773436
Separate rooms as much as possible, separate towels, flannels, beds, etc and keep washing hands, light switches door handles, etc car door handles as well, bathe daily, change clothes daily if not as often as you come back in from work, wash dishes separately if not in a dishwasher, clean toilet after every use, handles etc

eurostar  Female  Merseyside
22-Mar-2020 20:37 Message #4773437
Constantly clean remote, phone and don't forget front and back door handles

Siesta09  Female  Essex
22-Mar-2020 20:46 Message #4773438
Yes been doing that - hadn't thought of front and back door handles!! Thanks its a scary time x

eurostar  Female  Merseyside
22-Mar-2020 20:50 Message #4773439
It certainly is, take care x

BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
22-Mar-2020 21:19 Message #4773444
Likeliest CV carrier should use bathroom AFTER other person.

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
23-Mar-2020 01:53 Message #4773457
I'm a bit confused about the face mask if the rest of the situation isn't confusing enough....

Most pictures show people wearing face masks.....and I commented on a thread a few days ago that I hadn't actually come across anyone wearing one.......That was a few days ago though.....and things are changing all the time.....I haven't been out since Thursday, so it may be different now......I have to go out later.......

But I've read various things about face masks.....The shops have sold out.......They don't work.....etc....

I would think that they do work to some extent at least.....It seems logical to believe that they do....maybe not that good, but at last helping....and maybe better made types of masks etc......Somewhere between a flimsy little thing and a full blown wartime gasmask for instance....

Wearing them round the house has got to be beneficial, I would have thought.....if you have vulnerable people there etc....

Differing reports about masks online.....I need to research a bit more.....

Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
23-Mar-2020 07:59 Message #4773458
We are wearing masks if having to go out. A lot of people are doing so down here now.
Dont forget to sanitise your gear stick,handbrake and steering wheel.

TV news this AM has said they are bringing in the army to deliver masks to NHS workers now.

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