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Sunday Hugs

Come and get them

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
22-Mar-2020 09:21 Message #4773343
Good morning everyone,

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mum's who may not be able to spend time with their children today (((HUGS)))

How are you all? Are you in self isolation or carrying on virtually as usual minus socialising? I work in a school so we are carrying on but only expecting a maximum of 17 children who are either vulnerable or children of front line workers we'll see how many turn up tomorrow. We're working on a rota basis so I only have to go in on one day.

So plans for today? It's a beautifully sunny day here at the moment and it looks quite calm too. The wind yesterday was distinctly chilly. I need to top up the fat balls and put seed on the table. I may go for a walk later. I am starting to compile a list of things to do from home. I have a reasonable pile of jigsaws that I haven't attempted plus the inevitable ironing, perhaps some gardening depending on how wet the soil is.

Take care and stay safe all of you.

(((HUGS))) (((HUGS)))
elrond  Male  the Highlands and Islands of Scotland
22-Mar-2020 09:36 Message #4773346
G'morning twinklw ((((hugs)))
l believe virtual hugs are safe, lol
l discovered yesterday that l am in the vunerable group and should self isolate, ll have not been close to anyone since Tuesday though, and live in isolation everyday
(((hugs))) to all
stay safe.
Keithagain  Male  South Yorkshire
22-Mar-2020 09:40 Message #4773349
Good morning Twinkle and all Sunday huggers.

Yes, it's very sunny but there is a cold wind. I watered all of my hanging baskets yesterday and I guess I'll have to do it every day now. I had my lawn have its first cut of the year this week.
I got my Sunday Times today but am thinking of getting a subscription, though there aren't many people when I go.
Tomorrow I go to the hospital for my abdominal aortic aneurysm screening. It's because I have just turned 65. Women aren't selected because the chances of them having any issues are much less. The screening is to check whether the the aorta is dangerously thin.
I have other appointments for March, a physio has been cancelled and I think one of them is to be done by phone.
I am lucky I have my siblings to take me.

Hugs hugs hugs
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
22-Mar-2020 09:49 Message #4773351
We are trying to self isolate here and use plenty of sanitiser etc. I am also using Jeyes fluid everywhere altho people tell me its not a lot of good but It makes me feel better though.

The difficulty is, keeping other people away. I really dont want people visiting at the moment.

I am missing our normal weekend jaunts, and it looks like it might happen for a while to now.

I have already washed the kitchen and utility room floor twice this am... 2nd time was due to the dog... somat upset her stomach and you DONT want to know the rest. I am not queasy, its just that we have a large dog !!!

I am going to sort out some stuff in the garden here, then go to the new place and continue with the bonfires - fortunately fields at back, woods at front, and neighbours are a distance away, who are all self isolating.

Do remember to sanitise your car door , steering wheel and gear stick when you've been to shop/garage etc.

Stay safe everyone and take great care.

V xx ((((elbows only)))
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
22-Mar-2020 09:58 Message #4773354
Morning elrond,

Are you in the vulnerable group due to your age or other health issues? I'm high risk due to age and asthma. I hope you're well stocked with food. In terms of isolation, you're not alone when you have a computer. The isolation may boost the footfall to sites like this and the boards will rejuvenate. Have you got a garden that you can get out into?

Take care, stay safe (((HUGS))) (((HUGS)))
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
22-Mar-2020 10:02 Message #4773355
Keith, could you read your S/times on line, I wonder. If you get it on a subscription, someone will have put it thru the letterbox/deliver etc. At least you wont be touching something that's been sorted out in shop, and which could have been touched by a lot of people.
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
22-Mar-2020 10:04 Message #4773356
Good morning Keithagain,

Perhaps if I cut my rass do you think it would stop one of the local moggies using it as a toilet? :(

Good luck with your screening tomorrow. I hope it goes well and nothing is found. The hospitals are cancelling a lot of appointments aren't they? I went into my doctor's surgery to drop off a repeat prescription to be confronted by a notice stuck across the flap saying 'Don't come into the surgery but put prescriptions through the outside letterbox'. Duh, why wasn't that on the outside? My doctor's are only doing emergency appointments with triage via the phone.

Take care, stay safe (((HUGS))) (((HUGS)))
Sea  Female  Essex
22-Mar-2020 10:15 Message #4773359
Glood Morning Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers.
A lovely sunny morning here today; a little bit of a cold wind though. My garden is full of primroses even on my lawn at the end of the garden and new planmts coming through all the time. I have no idea where they have all come from as I cewrtainly did not plant them in the lawn. I actually cut my lawn a couple of days ago but avoided the patch where the primroses are growing for now. Later I am going to one of my daughters for Sunday lunch. will try to keep social distancing in place as much as possible.
Twinkle you are lucky, only expecting 17 children in from the whole school. My daughter is expecting more than that just from her class.
Sending very warm (((Hugs))) to all. And a very Happy Mother's Day, to those that are mothers that is.
contender  Male  Leicestershire
22-Mar-2020 10:31 Message #4773364
Morning Twinkle and all

I heard on the World news that all Pubs, Restaurants etc where to be closed as of Saturday, and so it was as I thought i would pop over to Morrison's? The three that I normally pass en-route where in darkness - it feels like Big Brother is watching and controlling all things?

So there is not organised sailing at my Club, and thereby the Club House is locked up. I could go sailing , but the rules require someone to act as a sailing buddy least ways on the water, ie two boats on the water, just in case there is a problem?
This is in line with all sailing clubs least ways reservoir type club's, although i am unsure about the sea sailing clubs, but I suspect will be the same for those as well?

So I do have things to do at home, and most certainly I will be going walk about, and also perhaps I will get the boat I have in the garage finally sorted this year?

(((HUGs to All)))
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
22-Mar-2020 10:36 Message #4773366
Hello Victoriana11,

I don't have any sanitiser at all but I am washing my hands a lot more. My daughter in law, son and youngest grandchild have just popped over but stayed halfway down the path while we chatted.

At least you can self isolate in the new place and perhaps bonfire smoke might be protective if a bit stinky ha ha.

I will need to do something to my car as it was with the mechanic yesterday.

Take care and stay safe. (((HUGS))) (((HUGS)))
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
22-Mar-2020 10:37 Message #4773367
Victoriana11 and Keithagain,

You can read some of the S/times online but for in depth you'll need to pay a subscription charge.
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
22-Mar-2020 10:45 Message #4773368
Good morning Sea,

I love primroses, they will spread, perhaps you can manually spread them to where you would like them. Primrose plants reproduce by seed drop and by leaf or root cuttings. They reproduce naturally in the wild by dropping their seed after spring bloom. Perhaps that explains how you're getting them?
Enjoy your lunch. My son dropped a card over and the other one text me a picture of a bunch of flowers. I think it will be a while before we sit down for a meal together. My eldest son is in the high risk group, my daughter in law works in A&E maternity hence talking two metres away from the front door just now :(
The numbers we're expecting in school reflect the local area, a lot of non working single parents.

Take care, stay safe (((HUGS))) (((HUGS)))
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire
22-Mar-2020 10:48 Message #4773370
Hello contender,
People have said if it looks as if pubs etc are open they're not, they're deep cleaning. How was Morrison's?

Could you find someone from the sailing club to come out on the water and you could be each other's buddies?

This is an opportunity to do the things at home that you don't usually have time for due to work, external hobbies etc.

Take care, stay safe (((HUGS))) (((HUGS)))
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
22-Mar-2020 11:04 Message #4773373
Good morning Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers

Been taking advantage of the sunny couple of days by catching up on work in the garden. The cats are also enjoying the sunshine after all the rain. Being able to have doors open is a pleasant change.

Got a good neighbour network here and my son is helping out in between his work shifts.

Hugs to all


jennifer  Female  Gloucestershire
22-Mar-2020 12:01 Message #4773386
Good morning .... nearly afternoon .... Twinkle and all fellow Sunday huggers.

I think I somehow got myself superglued to my computer chair! I really must get myself motivated to get my backside in gear and get something done around the house and in the garden.

I am voluntarily self-isolating and this week was out just once to go to the Post Office. (Parcel still hasn't arrived at it's destination ... ah, well, I suppose Royal Mail are operating on a skeleton staff and just grateful that there is any post at all.) I am shopping online with Tesco (so much not available but I am getting enough to keep me going. Stocking up with items I can't get at Tesco, via Amazon and Ebay. Thank goodness for the internet.)

Stay safe and well everyone.
leogirl  Female  Essex
22-Mar-2020 13:14 Message #4773401
good afternoon Twinkle and all Sunday huggers {{{HUGS}}} but in particular all those not so young Mums who had hoped to see their adult children. At the very last minute this morning My son decided that it was too risky for me and his sister and her husband to gather for a meal. we shall have a grandiose party when it is all over !!!!!!

it is very very quiet in the village AND I WONDER IF IT WOULD B UNWISE TO GO FOR A WALK IN THE FIELDS. ..
I am now mid 70ish with a history of heart troubles in the family, but apart from stiff knees and arthritic hands I am in good health. I have a garde , but the view on the Alps of Essex is so beautiful at this time of the year.
also my daughter is a teacher at a secondary school where quite a few parents are care-workers .
Daughter has a low immune system and is worried she may pass the virus without being aware of it. My daughter seems to pick up every bug there is from her students. ( you are aware of that SEA ! )
So we as a family stay put and have a video tea-party with Lemon drizzle cake. after she delivers the food for the week and the cake. children gave me this video gadget which I believe is not cheap , but for me a lifeline!!!!! I can hear them better ( lipreading )

we are all in the same boat or.. should it be the raft of the medusa??????
All of you , please do you best to reduce the spread of the virus. You may be sure that you are not a carrier, but you have no prove. That`s the trouble.

I also want to thank all those younger MSE people who look after older people in the neighbourhood to keep an eye on them

Keep well, stay safe {{{HUGS}}} leogirl.
RobM  Male  Essex
22-Mar-2020 18:10 Message #4773426
Hi all, just a tad of fun - your Rock Star stage name!

What you'd be, Colour of left sock, last thing you ate, place you'd rather be

"On bass... Stripey Ryvita Beach!" That's me! Lacks a certain something...
leogirl  Female  Essex
24-Mar-2020 11:21 Message #4773575
holely biscuit Kinks

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