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badman  Male  Suffolk 21-Mar-2020 09:34 Message #4773198
COVID-19 is a manufactured virus. It's not a naturally occurring one.

So that means someone, somewhere in a lab, cultivated this virus for a specific reason.

And then, either by accident or on purpose, exposed it to the general public.

Is there a secret agenda to thin the population out?

Or was it just sponsored by Andrex?
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 21-Mar-2020 09:43 Message #4773203
Nah, it was Paracetemol.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 21-Mar-2020 09:44 Message #4773204
The planet was on its way to extinction......with the Environment issues etc.....We were doomed.....

Unless......unless something was done......

Now.....with everyone confined to barracks......and nobody travelling anywhere......the Environment is getting a lot better.......

God moves in mysterious ways.......and Greta does as well......
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 21-Mar-2020 10:09 Message #4773209
It's Greta. Did she set this virus off?
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 21-Mar-2020 10:17 Message #4773211
I'm genuinely surprised that a nutjob terror group like ISIS or Al Qaeda have not come out and claimed responsibility for inflicting this horror on the world, whether true or not.
Another thing is India, not wishing this on anybody or trying to sound disappointed, but wouldn't you think that such a poor overcrowded country would see this thing spread like wildfire?
I know our media are obsessed with what's going on here and in the USA but I've not heard a thing about poorer countries like India, Pakistan and such - maybe it is running rife and nobody is doing anything...
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 21-Mar-2020 10:25 Message #4773213
ah, didn't read tumble's post before posting about Greta.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 21-Mar-2020 10:25 Message #4773214
India's being strict about lockdowns and public health, but with so many living on the streets I don't how they're really managing.

I wonder and worry for the homeless here are they getting the services they need, are they getting food and everthing?
Maglorian  Male  North Yorkshire 21-Mar-2020 10:33 Message #4773217
Paranoia and neurosis, running rife times. Society frightened. Critical Mass! "It's gettin... It's gettin... It's gettin kinda heavy"

Creature comforts and expectation, no longer available to a divided nation. Like a forced upon holiday, with time to evaluate values. Exposing selfishness and greed for all it's hideousness.

"There's no such thing as Society" Said Thatcher the Yuppy hatcher. Neoliberalism has run it's curse. Welcome back Society. Been a long time waiting my old friend
NoSaint  Female  Devon 21-Mar-2020 10:36 Message #4773220
There you go again. Not a single thought for those who are suffering. Just a blind indoctrinated parroting of your usual nonsense.

Maglorian, AvitoDauphine, Wandering4Fun, Witheflow, withgoodintent, to use just a few of your names, you cannot escape your neo liberal cabal by pretending to have socialist ideals and pretending to care about others and pretending to want to help the poor. You really nasty piece of work.
You mock council house tenants? You laugh at littered communities? You make racist comments? You make snide homophobic remarks? You hate seeing the poor being helped and attack every thread where caring people try to help others. The use of fake images, verbal insults to “non-agreers”, multi profiles including a female one with access to the “ladies” room.
The only contribution you have made to the forum is reviving all the excellent votes which float around whenever one of the abhorrent trolls makes an unwelcome appearance.

You are a disgrace.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 21-Mar-2020 10:45 Message #4773225
I saw a short report from India about some men being executed for a rape and murder, there wasn't much social distancing going on there with mass protests and such...
zodiac1  Male  Flintshire 21-Mar-2020 11:02 Message #4773234
some twats just love to be a disgrace though, don't they ?
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 21-Mar-2020 11:19 Message #4773237
Maglorian whats yer are just a silly ole fart. Have you nothing better to do than attention seek.
Maglorian  Male  North Yorkshire 21-Mar-2020 11:52 Message #4773244
One of the impacts of the Coronavirus crisis that I haven't seen many people addressing so far is the enormous economic centralisation of power into the hands of mega-corporations that is likely to result from it.

The stripping back of the state at the behest of corporate interests has left us terribly unprepared for this pandemic. The NHS has been pared back so badly it was in near perpetual crisis before the virus even came along, social care ruined, spare capacity in the police and military annihilated, local government capacity shredded, the social safety net wantonly vandalised, literally millions already living on the absolute brink of survival ...

The ruinous Tory austerity agenda of the last decade was almost entirely bankrolled by corporate Tory mega-donors, and the relentless propaganda barrage in favour of this malicious, economically suicidal, and utterly needless socio-economic vandalism was provided by corporate news organisations, opaque corporate funded hard-right think tanks like the IEA, TPA, and Adam Smith Institute, and the CBI corporate lobby group.

Now that these myopic greed-obsessed corporate-funded political influencers have succeeded in running down the UK so badly that it's shockingly under-prepared for this unforeseen public health crisis, they're the ones jockeying to pick up all the gains from the rubble of the disaster.

Look at the fact that tens of thousands of small businesses are on the brink of collapse, while corporate behemoths like Amazon and the major supermarket chains are busy hiring huge numbers to work in distribution, shelf stocking, and deliveries.

Of course it's good that an estimated 44,000 jobs are being created to keep supply chains operating at this time of enormous job losses, but does it make long-term economic sense that these corporations are becoming even bigger than their already "too big to fail" statuses?

And then just look at the Tory Chancellor's long-overdue proposals to fund workers' wages.

Struggling businesses with salaried employees are to be given massive sums to retain their workers until times improve, but the self-employed and sole traders are offered nothing except £94 per week on the Universal Credit scrap heap, and even then, only after the indescribably malicious 5 week waiting period before the payments even kick in.

The most favourable explanation possible for this abandonment of the self-employed is that it's some kind of ludicrous oversight that will eventually be corrected in the face massive public outrage.

But a more sinister interpretation is that it's actually part of an opportunistic economic centralisation agenda aimed at using the pandemic to significantly reduce the percentage of workers running their own small businesses by forcing them to choose between £94 per week penury trying to keep their small business alive, or just giving in and seeking work in an Amazon warehouse or whatever.

Whether it's intentional or not, the implications of Sunak's abandonment of the self-employed and sole traders can only have one outcome if it's not corrected, and that's a massive shift away from the relative economic freedom of self-employment, and towards capitalist exploitation at the hands of the surviving corporate behemoths.

It's clear that the pandemic is already dramatically reshaping the economy in favour of the 'too big to fail' mega-corporations, but what about the aftermath?

It turns out that the majority of Rishi Sunak's much-hyped support for small and medium sized businesses actually comes in the form of high-interest business loans from private lenders, which are 80% backed by government guarantees.

The small and medium businesses that do take out these loans are going to find themselves in serious trouble once the crisis settles down, because not only will they have to rebuild their operations from standstill, they'll have to do it whilst repaying extortionate high interest commercial loans (small busine
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire 21-Mar-2020 11:58 Message #4773248
Maglorian. You really show a lack of empathy for those who are suffering and all you seem to care about is making snide remarks.
You are the only person on this site I have seen overjoyed at the pandemic and trying to take advantage of it.

NoSaint  Female  Devon 21-Mar-2020 12:00 Message #4773249
Andromeda 21-Mar-2020 11:58
Maglorian. You really show a lack of empathy for those who are suffering and all you seem to care about is making snide remarks.
You are the only person on this site I have seen overjoyed at the pandemic and trying to take advantage of it.

I don’t think he has even noticed that people are dying.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 21-Mar-2020 12:38 Message #4773257
Wow a socialist bemoaning the loss of personal freedom has to be the joke of the day, week, even month!
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 21-Mar-2020 14:03 Message #4773265
Rats! Sorry, I voted Maggie's post excellent by mistake! I touched the wrong part of my screen when scrolling.

Maggie..."...centralisation of power into the hands of mega-corporations..." (yawn)

"The stripping back of the state at the behest of corporate interests..." (yawn)

"The ruinous Tory austerity agenda..."

"Now that these myopic greed-obsessed corporate-funded political influencers..." (yawn)

"Of course it's good that an estimated 44,000 jobs..." Huh? Something positive? You going down with something Maggie?

"But a more sinister interpretation is..." Ah, it was a temporary lapse into positivity. We seem to be back to the usual negativity again! (Yawn)
NoSaint  Female  Devon 21-Mar-2020 14:34 Message #4773268
He shows the worst side of society whatever your political beliefs.
RobM  Male  Essex 21-Mar-2020 15:22 Message #4773270
"COVID-19 is a manufactured virus. It's not a naturally occurring one." Viruses are alive?

OK so man can create life? Interesting...
Maglorian  Male  North Yorkshire 21-Mar-2020 16:24 Message #4773271
Andromeda. I have the deepest sympathy and concern for those infected, fear of being infected and anyone suffering from this pandemic. I merely balanced the empathy to those being neglected, see "self employed" workers above. Overjoyed is a deluded, smear you attempt to paint me with. You are indeed right, that the Media haven't helped this scenario. Funny how the same media smeared the leader of the opposition in December and yet, you ran with that hysterical narrative and approved. Finally, I suggest you explore the meaning of empathy. Because your attempted interpretation, is confused on this assumption towards me.

Nigel. I'm surprised you reacted like you have. I had higher respect of you. Beware of running with the pack Nige. You always end up foolish and used.
NoSaint  Female  Devon 21-Mar-2020 17:00 Message #4773272
The truth is we can read posts and everyone can see Maglorian doesn’t give a toss about anyone else.
NoSaint  Female  Devon 21-Mar-2020 17:02 Message #4773273
Finally, I suggest you explore the meaning of empathy.

What a pompous git you are Maglorian. Do you seriously think you are the only one who understands empathy?
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 21-Mar-2020 17:34 Message #4773275
When the virus arrived in China I seem to recall the first cases were from mutation of a bat virus jumping species due to close proximity of filthy wildlife cages crammed for sale in food markets.

I sure after this settles down there will be closer analysis of the cause.

It's kind of nature's revenge of human bad behaviour.

It's not some conspiracy theory. I think a similar source was mad cow disease where cows were fed on meat products when their anatomy is not omnivorous.
Then swine flu from poor pig farming.
And of course, foot and mouth I think originated from poor animal care.

The above is from suspicion. I haven't checked as factual.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London 21-Mar-2020 17:43 Message #4773279
I wouldn’t be surprised if you were right Lyn. Humankind are their own worst enemies. We are capable of so much and have been gifted with a wonderful world which we have squandered with greed and selfishness.
Just my suspicion.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 21-Mar-2020 18:07 Message #4773282
Not sure if this link will work from Facebook, but this is part of a TED talk by Bill Gates expressing concern back in 2015 and how we should use military facilities instead of war, to support preventing a pandemic.

Ironically. Corbyn was mocked when he too suggested he would maintain the armed forces to a different agenda but people just didn't want to listen and said he was a risk to our society.

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