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Pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, cinemas, Leisure facilities etc

After tonight - they are closed

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Aely  Female  Hampshire 20-Mar-2020 18:44 Message #4773144
Maybe people (particularly those of a younger persuasion) will take it all a bit more seriously. Take away services will be allowed, but whether that will be by remote ordering and delivery only is not specified. They are told to close "as soon as feasible" and not re-open tomorrow.

I can't help wondering how the street people will survive. This particular town has zero facilities for the homeless. The neighbouring town in one direction has a very limited service for a small number of under 25s and the town in the opposite direction will have it's all night cafe unavailable.
Goody2shoes  Male  Nottinghamshire 20-Mar-2020 19:04 Message #4773146
! million people have lost their jobs in the hospitality industry in the last week.
So was the decision taken to close these venues made last week?
This would mean that the government would not have to pay 80% of wages, for 1 million jobs already lost.

On paper, it looks financially crazy, does the government really have this sort of money?
Or is it expecting a change in the very near future.

Maybe the warmer weather?
Aely  Female  Hampshire 20-Mar-2020 19:14 Message #4773148
I think if it were only the UK affected it would be a different monetary scenario, but with all of the world's economies being similarly affected it will all come back into balance eventually.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 20-Mar-2020 19:14 Message #4773149
Well at least it shows they are taking this seriously and doing what they can, I'm sure someone, somewhere will criticise though.
To be fair I doubt coming up with such a complex plan and basically nationalising the whole country can be done in a few hours.
Oh well, I guess I will have a quiet night in....
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 20-Mar-2020 19:39 Message #4773151
Well people didn't keep away from them, they kept going thinking they were invincible, girl in work went out drinking with mates last night, another friend went the pictures on Tuesday night, wrong a limit on the amount of people should be next, over packed with potential murderers
Aely  Female  Hampshire 20-Mar-2020 20:13 Message #4773156
Murder's a bit strong perhaps. Death through Criminal Negligence maybe? Mind you I bet there are a few who think, it only kills old people so why worry, too many of them, blocking beds, taking up valuable housing stock etc.

I heard that there was a new game developed in some school playgrounds. "Corona Cough" - pretend to have it, then spit on your friends. A yucky version of Ring around the Roses?
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 20-Mar-2020 20:24 Message #4773158
Kids can appear cruel Aely but they don’t realise. Different for those who ignore government advice and take no precautions bringing imminent danger to those around them.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 20-Mar-2020 20:54 Message #4773162
And in Liverpool people are bragging they are out for their last night in the pub, ffs
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 20-Mar-2020 21:32 Message #4773167
I've heard the pub near me is packed to the rafters because they are selling beer at £3 per pint, they want one last hurrah...
Aely  Female  Hampshire 20-Mar-2020 22:06 Message #4773169
For some of the quaffers it might turn out to be just that as a result.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 20-Mar-2020 22:52 Message #4773171
It's a bummer that I can't go swimming though. It has been the one enduring joy in my life over the last few months. I'll just have to find something else to do instead to keep my lungs working.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 20-Mar-2020 23:18 Message #4773178
Well done Boris. That was sudden and instant. I think he might be becoming aware of just what this virus is capable of. Over 600 deaths in 24 hours in Italy. Mostly they cannot cope with providing the beds and ventilators.nearly 6000 new cases.
Sea  Female  Essex 21-Mar-2020 07:21 Message #4773184
Drastic action was definitely needed, as just so many deaths and the vius continuing to spread rapidly. It should have been done sooner, as could be seen how bad things were in other countries. A pity nothing can be done with the panic buyers though, who are spreading their germs everywhere in supermarkets. Maybe they should introduce an appointment system, with half hour time slots and strict limits on what can be bought? And at least everyone could practise social distancing? I have a feeling there will be a sudden food slump, when people start consuming all their supplies, rather than buying more.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 21-Mar-2020 08:07 Message #4773188
Well done Boris. That was sudden and instant.

The instructions were sudden but maybe they calculated that was the best way to deliver them. The actions themselves have been clear since day one and in line with the medical and scientific information and the explained plan of action when first delivered.

It’s the media and social media information that has been all over the place.

Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 21-Mar-2020 10:05 Message #4773207
Oh please. The actions taken now are only because the experiment of allowing the virus to spread in the hope the population would grow an immunity failed.

If there had been forward planning, where are the now much needed testing kits, the protective clothing for NHS workers, the forward planning for emergency beds? None are in place. And if you think they are, why are they taking so long to implement?

Europe is the same, but Europe has the decency to admit their mistake and say they should have prepared better.
Greencare  Female  Berkshire 21-Mar-2020 10:34 Message #4773218
Listening to the scientific explanation of how pandemics spread I can’t see anything we could have done which would have been better. Panicking too soon would have made matters worse.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 21-Mar-2020 10:37 Message #4773221
That poor old bloke on the WHO has for weeks and weeks been saying … Test Test Test. And isolate. He might as well be on the moon saying it. Some will never admit this could have been handled differently. I really hope we don't go the same way as Italy.
NoSaint  Female  Devon 21-Mar-2020 10:37 Message #4773222
Of course it could have been handled differently but that does not mean it could have been handled more efficiently. Words are cheap.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 21-Mar-2020 10:42 Message #4773223
You don't know till you try. China handled it efficiently. But hey, they are not political allies, it would be demeaning to follow them.
NoSaint  Female  Devon 21-Mar-2020 10:55 Message #4773229
Of course nobody knows until they try. We have seen how other countries have reacted and their successes and failures. It would not be demeaning to follow the ideas of others if those ideas were successful and they would work in other countries. We have the medical and scientific expertise of our own experts. We don’t have a fraction of the information or knowledge of those making decision so with a new virus it’s a case of making plans and changing them if necessary.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 21-Mar-2020 11:00 Message #4773232
It would not be demeaning for the man in the street. But unfortunately it is for superpowers.

The US and China are already at loggerheads on the issue of how this started. China intimating the US could have planted the virus, and Trump emphatically now calling this the "Chinese Virus" and being called a racist.
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire 21-Mar-2020 11:02 Message #4773233
I think a lot of us referred to it as the Chinese Virus but I don’t see anything racist in that. If the outbreak had started in London I’m sure it would have been the British virus.
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex 21-Mar-2020 11:36 Message #4773240
Well it is wrong to label it a specific country's flu/virus especially when it's a global pandemic.
The 1918 H1N1 flu pandemic that went on to kill more people in less time than the war did, was, and will forever be known as Spanish Flu. But it wasn't Spanish, was it.
Although not known for sure, it is widely accepted that it originated at Fort Riley, Kansas (as that's where ground zero was for the first victims of it) in viruses in poultry and swine which the fort bred for food. The soldiers were then sent from Fort Riley around the world, where they went on to spread the disease.
And it had a greater effect once it got to the trenches especially due to the appalling sanitation and conditions where disease was already rife.
The only reason it got labelled Spanish Flu was because the information censorship across western Europe & the US due to the war was not as restrictive in Spain, being a neutral country, and it was they that started to tell the World of the horrors of the virus.
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire 21-Mar-2020 11:42 Message #4773241
Good post Seasons-Greetings. It’s wrong but it is a natural way of describing these things. My point was it isn’t racist.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 21-Mar-2020 18:55 Message #4773289
Andromeda whilst you can make a case for calling it "The Chinese Virus" not being racist as with so many of these things it depends on who's saying it and in what context, to say, 'this new virus coming out of China', is very different to saying it in a point scoring way the way Trump has been. This is something that started in China, probably due to lax hygene in fresh meat markets, but to speak of it in the way Trump does makes it sound like something they deliberately released onto the world with all the blame games attached to one country, a country thats alerted the world and shared as much of its research as possible. Sometimes sh1t just happens, theres no blame or claim, we just have to get on with it as best we can and anyway like Trump can talk the way he's mismanaged Americas response.

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