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Introverts and extroverts


Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire
18-Mar-2020 00:48 Message #4772963
Listening to, and reading about, people's thoughts about being shut away for 1 week/14 days/3months due to the corona virus, I felt quite smug in the knowledge that, even though I live totally alone and in a very quiet village, I think I'd cope quite happily even with the longest period, given that I could have food, wifi, phone and access to the outdoors, which I should have. Finally, as an introvert, I can feel proud and not as if I've got what's often seen as an inferior personality type:)

I feel us introverts get a bad name in that we're erroneously seen as anti-social loners who can't make personal relationships or cope in social situations, whereas our much more "fun" extrovert fellows are to be envied. Not true, of course, it's just that "extroverts" NEED people and extrinsic stimulation to keep their motors running, whereas the introverts just need their own company to recharge their batteries.

So! in the threatening 'apocalypse', are you an introvert extrovert? What will be your challenges? And will you change/adapt?
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
18-Mar-2020 01:26 Message #4772964
Very much more introverted than the other.....To the point of being 'maximum' introvert at times.....I enjoy things that way....But it's also held me back.....

I can be many things.......I've had to be many things.....but the introvert often is the 'vert' of choice.....

I've worked mostly within teams of people....Many years on 12 hr shifts for instance.....Varying from about 16 per 2.....nights and days.....days having also the offices full of people as well......teamwork is needed.....but also an individual approach......

I have always hated large gatherings....Social situations with groups of people I don't know.......I prefer to fade into the background in those situations.....or avoid them altogether......

I very much enjoy the company of close family.......or of anyone I get to know closely.......and I can entertain them and they me......We have great times....

But I always need time on my own....Always have....always will....

At the moment....I'm worried of what is happening.....Sometimes I joke about's my way.....but other times.......I worry....I worry about family.....I worry about the world.....I worry about toilet roll....

With regards to isolation and all that.....So long as landline phone is working......and the Internet.....the Internet is huge for me.....and utilities keep going.....and food supplies are there.....and any amount of things I've missed out......then it should be ok......but I'll still worry.....

I'm not sure if I'm meant to be venturing out or not at the moment......It's all a bit vague.....I'm off out tomorrow anyway.....on my the shops.....Maybe selfish of me.....but I haven't been totally grounded yet....

Anyway....I think I've gone off track a bit from the opening

HonestBob  Male  the Central region
18-Mar-2020 10:00 Message #4772974
"So! in the threatening 'apocalypse', are you an introvert extrovert? "

I'm an introvert Corona Virus or not. Most people I know wouldn't believe me though.

"What will be your challenges?"

Keeping up with work! Road transport industry seems like it's at breaking point with all the panic buying. I'm doing lots of hours, at my work they have lots of agency workers in, very few of them speak English. The places we deliver fresh produce to, they are desperate for stock, so I can only imagine how busy the ambient side of things are like. According to what I hear, the stuff is all some where, warehouses full of stock, but getting it to suppliers and stores, because of a perceived shortage of drivers, its not going anywhere. There is talk of another stretch of "relaxing" drivers rules and regulations so men can work longer, and driver further to meet needs and demands. The rules that drivers are severely punished for breaking, the rules that are to keep road users safe.... it's ok to "relax" them in times of need. If they do it of course.

"And will you change/adapt?"

Yes. I was in Tescos looking to buy my chicken and beef for dinners, not as much as I wanted to buy, there wasn't one piece of salmon either.... so I got some haddock..... it was delicious! So I tried new food, added another meal to my week.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
18-Mar-2020 10:24 Message #4772977
I'm an introvert too, although I can seem extrovert at times, to me it always feels like an exoskeleton I've put on for the purpose of having to be around people.

LIke you I need my space, one of the biggest problems for me the last couple of years is that I'm rarely alone in the house, at least Mummyhen is similar to me and we both manage to give each other space whilst being in the same room.

My biggest worry over this CV19 is if I get ill, as I'm the only one not in a high risk group, the only one who can walk Fearn, I do all the cooking and stuff like that too and I dread the idea of Manthing having full reign in the garden. My second biggest worry is not having enough to read and the library closing, I'd have to get a kindle and get my reading material that way and I'm not a fan of e-readers.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
18-Mar-2020 10:45 Message #4772980
WH describes just how I feel, the exoskeleton analogy is excellent. I'd add it's easier when playing a role, with a script we have learned rather than off the cuff.

I am also an Aquarius, and although I don't take horoscopes seriously, if I read the profile that fits me too.

I like being alone, but can in most cases muster up a best fit for social occasions, but I don't miss being social, even though I appreciate it selectively.

But I'm not on my own so it is hard to tell. I have my son and daughter who kind of isolate themselves anyway, within the house.

WH, I have recently found my library card includes online access to many books both audio and ebook free though Borrowbox. Also, the app works on Windows, Android etc.

As much as inconvenient for a pet. If they don't get walks, even for a few weeks, if in a loving home the won't come to harm in the short term.
Topaz53  Female  Northamptonshire
18-Mar-2020 12:20 Message #4772982

Might have to make up a new word for me, I think....... I slip into both categories quite easily.

I like to have a very "structured "
life...but not "regimented "

I like to know what I'm doing each week and if there are a couple of days where I have no plans, then I can choose to spend them alone or contact a friend or family....whoever I spend time with, I enjoy being in their company, but for short periods.

I have specific days where I am occupied with charity work, friend for lunch etc, but I have about 3-4 "floating"
days where I'll just slot things in that I want to do, or need to be done.

I don't always have to have people around me, in fact small bursts of human contact is fine by me.
Put me amongst animals and I will probably interact more with them than I will humans.

Very soon I'll probably have to self isolate..but that will be postponed for as long as I can.
I think I need to know life is still out there at the moment, so the thought of being locked in for weeks isn't helping right now as I suffer from claustrophobia and panic attacks.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
18-Mar-2020 19:02 Message #4773026
Manthing tried borrowbox and many of the titles were reserved until june/july. I don't have a phone or anything like that so I'm not sure it would work for me anyway.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
18-Mar-2020 21:48 Message #4773040
I've been given an old Kindle Fire which is probably worth about £50, I have a Sony Tablet worth about £250 and I am impressed at the Kindle Fire, the only downside is the battery, unlike a paper looking device which lasts weeks.

The basic Fire, compared to a book, I can read in the dark, watch BBCi in bed, read e-books, receive and send email, in fact do everything I can do on my tablet. It also has pretty good sound so can listen to radio over WiFi.

Via Borrowbox which runs on the Fire, you can also get free subscriptions to lots of magazines like Gardeners World and New Scientist. Well worth £50.
bella111  Female  Devon
18-Mar-2020 22:55 Message #4773049
I am a bit like Topaz a bit of both sometimes I can be quite out going in so many ways, but on some occasions can in other ways can be quite the opposite. I am not sure if it is an outside influence or just me.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
18-Mar-2020 23:14 Message #4773050
I've become a bit of a recluse over the last couple of years, although I have always enjoyed my own company and I don't get lonely.

I would probably go completely stir crazy if I wasn't allowed to go outside, in the garden, or for a walk. So far, no-one has said we won't be able to do those things, so long as we maintain distance.

My major concern atm is not being able to use the pool when they close the gym. I am asthmatic and I have gone swimming mad over the last few weeks. I have been at the pool most days, trying to beef up my heart and lungs in the event that I get the coronavirus. I want them to be as strong as possible before the zombie apocalypse arrives.

The only good thing is that the evenings are getting lighter and in a few more weeks, I should be able to get out on my bike.

Apart from the exercise aspect and getting food, I have everything else I need. I am well stocked with craft items, books to read, music and trips to plan for when we are released from solitary confinement again.
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire
20-Mar-2020 18:16 Message #4773143
All your replies are interesting, and bear out my theory that most of us are a combination of what we think of as extrovert or introvert. But I think that's because we have got used to pairing certain characteristics with one or the other, and those pairings can be false.
I consider myself to be introvert because I so need time alone, have no FOMO, never get bored on my own at home, spend a lot of time thinking deeply about things, can take only so much of being "entertained" by things such as TV, movies, and other people. I prefer meaningful conversation with one or two people over that with many people all at once (typically at a party I'll spend a bit of time being a bit of a social butterfly, but will eventually end up in the kitchen deep in conversation with just one or two people). I'm not nervous meeting new people, public speaking etc, and I have often been an instigator, a rebel, at the front of any cohort that would follow me!. I am usually very chatty and fully engaged with people in any social situation but reach a sudden point (it's as if a switch goes on in my brain) when I just want to get out, and leave completely if I can. Yet, if you asked most people who have known me a long time, they'd say, incontrovertibly, that I am an extrovert.
Psychological thinking on introversion/extraversion has changed a lot over the years, and is much more complex than that first postulated by Eysenck with his Stable/Instable Extrovert/Introvert matrices. We also know that it has a lot to do with the natural arousal/excitation of the cerebral cortex, and, though that physiology and biochemistry can be affected by, say, toxins and drugs, it is something we are born with.

There's something of a continuum, but not in the "bell-shaped" curve kind of way, in my opinion; what do you think?
eurostar  Female  Merseyside
20-Mar-2020 19:46 Message #4773153
I can solo party with my imaginary friends lol
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire
20-Mar-2020 19:56 Message #4773154
And do they dance, Euro, or just talk to you?:) :)
Even before the corona virus, I had long conversations with people, purely in my head!....Yes, I have sometimes questioned my sanity (though I prefer to call it my quirkiness) :):)
eurostar  Female  Merseyside
20-Mar-2020 19:58 Message #4773155
Lol they do if I ask them cos we all like to live in my own little world lol

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
21-Mar-2020 10:22 Message #4773212
Oh Cassis I'm glad I'm not the only one who has conversations with imaginary people in my head, phew.

I'm sure many people if asked to put themselves on a line between 1 and 100 for socialbility would put themselves somewhere in the middle, obviously there would be a few outliers who want to be less social and others who'd want to be more social. Being of the wanting to be less social persausion I get fed up at being told by mental health professionals that I should get out and meet people more, for the most part I find here gives me as much social interaction as I want, I would like more meaningful conversations about my interests, but not loads of chat. Not that theres anything wrong with chat, I'm just not very good at it and I don't do or watch most of the things people chat about. I think there needs to be a change of focus in mental health that for some more socialising isn't the answer, its part of the problem, yes we're social creatures, but its ok to want to spend time alone, I think we should celebrate those who can occupy themselves and don't need constant outside stimulation. I think we need to see crafts for what they are, crafts that require skill not just pass times. Think about the words pass times, ways to keep you occupied, while time passes, time for what? Until its time to go back to work, to church, to die? Crafts and things like jigsaws and crosswords keep the brain relaxed and active, the fingers are busy whilst the mind is free, hows that a bad thing?
Sea  Female  Essex
22-Mar-2020 20:24 Message #4773433
Interesting but I do believe we had a bit of a debate on introverts and extroverts once before. I am either a quiet extrovert, or an outgoing introvert, or perhaps just a bit of both? I can do things on my own quite happilly, reading, writing, surfing the net, reading the news etc. pottering about in the garden and attacking the weeds, although they frequently win. I do however also like to go out exploring and doing things, whether just walking or clambering over a few rocks to reach a higher view, or travelling to the other side of the world. I also enjoy canoeing and just meandering along a river. In fact if we do have some warm days, I may head up to Sudbury, as could easily canoe on the river and keep social distancing from people. Could definiterly keep anybody a paddle distance away. : -) I also enjoy swimming outdoors: sea, river, lakes (when warm enough here) and coastal walks,as well as socialising at small music festivals. I also enjoy mooching around quaint towns and villages and browsing unusual arts and craft type things. I feel a little like I would go mad, if tied to the house for three months and not able to go anywhere. I don't want to be forced into a hermit lifestyle, nor do I want a virus attacking me. It does make you realise, how much freedom you do take for granted, when it can suddenly be taken away from you. I am definitely avoiding all the crowds panic buying and queuing in the mornings and only enter a shop, if looking fairly empty. I am certainly glad that we have phone, WhatsApp, internet etc. as can keep in touch with my daughters and others.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
23-Mar-2020 13:04 Message #4773477
I'd consider myself a psychotic a lot of people had best beware if the apocalypse happens!! my challenge would be getting enough bullets, and I'd adapt by donning gear suited to the environment I'd be 'working' in

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