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Something cheerful and uplifting to ponder.

Chinese grandmother, 103, recovers from coronavirus after being treated for less than a week.

Beach  Male  Dorset
11-Mar-2020 16:02 Message #4772471
I'd stopped reading the news (and comments on here) because this unprecedented health situation was beginning to depress me and threatened to bring back anxiety issues I have been clear of for over a year so when I saw this story, (by accident when opening a browser MSN page), it really lifted my spirits.

4 hrs ago. (Originally from Daily Mail but presented on MSN)
Beach  Male  Dorset
11-Mar-2020 16:08 Message #4772472
From the DM.

"A 103-year-old grandmother has recovered from the coronavirus following six-day treatment in Wuhan. The centenarian, Zhang Guangfen, was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon.

She is so far the oldest coronavirus patient to recover in China and two years older than the previous recorder-holder, 101.

Ms Zhang was cured within less than a week because 'she did not have many underlying health conditions', her doctor Zeng Yulan told the local press.

The grandmother was diagnosed with the deadly disease on March 1 at Liyuan Affiliated Hospital of Tongji Medical College in Wuhan, Hubei Province of central China.

She was in critical condition and could barely communicate with the medics when she was admitted to the hospital.

The nurses took turns to spoon-feed the patient and change diapers for her, said a matron, Liao Zhenhui, to local media Chutian Metropolis Daily.

Ms Zhang gradually recovered after being given round-the-clock care and nutrition therapy sessions, Liao added.

'The grandmother loved being complimented by the nurses,' the matron continued.

'She would smile and nod every time after I told her she looked pretty.'

Another centenarian who was infected with the coronavirus just after his 101st birthday has recovered after spending a week in hospital.

China has been encouraging its citizens to resume to normal after the country has seen a steady decline in its new cases."
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
13-Mar-2020 23:44 Message #4772604
Well done Chinese grandmother. I wonder what the treatment was.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
14-Mar-2020 01:01 Message #4772607
Didn't anyone want to be cheerful and uplifted. ;)
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
14-Mar-2020 09:19 Message #4772617
The interesting thing about China is they have amazing herbal remedies. Hence my question of I wonder what the treatment was.

They have a 'tea' for virtually every ailment. When I was in Beijing a few years ago I got really ill and thought I would have to return to England. But a Chinese lady produced a tea which she said help you, and it certainly did. I was fully recovered within 48 hours, after having felt like death for several days.
jennifer  Female  Gloucestershire
15-Mar-2020 09:44 Message #4772716
A blackbird digs for worms .... other birds feed on my garden feeders .... frogs continue to spawn in my garden pond. Daffodils are blooming in my garden containers ..... new growth can be seen all around the garden. All this can be seen/experienced from my conservatory window.

These are not good times and for some worse than for others. There are still a lot of good things to see and experience as we all try our best to cope with the present situation. I hope everyone finds something to make them smile.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
15-Mar-2020 09:57 Message #4772721
Very interesting about the teas Gilpin. We are always being told to drink more green tea. My other half drinks it all the time, I am not keen but anything is worth a try to stay healthy & safe.

Nice one Jennifer, everything seems to be coming back to life and waking up again. I love seeing the daffodils and the new shoots on all the trees shrubs. Even a few butterflies and bumble bees are appearing....... I always think.... new beginnings.

Elbow kisses to all V x

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