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Something has been bugging me

if a...

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 14-Feb-2020 19:06 Message #4770718
Zombie ate a vampire, hat would happen? Would the zombie become better dressed, would it become a hybrid, why do we never see this conundrum on the telly?
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 14-Feb-2020 19:20 Message #4770721
Zombies are dead walking so they don't eat they just infect but vampires are dead and do eat and bite lol in van helsen Dracula tried to produce vampires from frankenstein but he's dead too so didn't really work either lol
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire 14-Feb-2020 19:35 Message #4770724
I love your in-depth knowledge, Euro :):)
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 14-Feb-2020 19:47 Message #4770727
Lol cassis I watch all the zombie vampire werewolf etc films lol even down to hotel transylvania the cartoon lol
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 14-Feb-2020 20:52 Message #4770740
I might not be able to sleep toight now....
Greencare  Female  Berkshire 14-Feb-2020 23:11 Message #4770745
I remember Count Alucard, son of Dracula, who should have appeared in the film Night of the Living Dead. These were all aliens of course!
Topaz53  Female  Northamptonshire 15-Feb-2020 11:19 Message #4770765
If bitten by a vampire, who sometimes pose as bats, do we end up a Zombie or a vampire...
I've no idea as I've only seen a couple in my entire life.

I think the last one I would have seen would have been Christopher Lee as Count Dracula.....or

Shaun of the dead.... zombies
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 15-Feb-2020 11:37 Message #4770769
Don't zombies eat brains and other body parts as well as infecting those they eat? Don't vampires choose whether to kill or infect? Does it depend on what "world" you're in as to what the undead can do? It seems in The Walking Dead that its a virus, it dosent' seem to be mentioned in Buffy or Angel, except that a vampires soul is replaced by that of a demon, but the person is still dammed, something I never quite understood. Doesn't something strange happen if vampires eat someone who dead or nearly dead from other causes but them? In Blade vampires seem to be another race of hominids and not evil per sae, just predators like lions or hyenas. If a vampire inadvertantly drank blood from a wearwolf whilst it was in human form, then would you get a hybrid?
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 15-Feb-2020 19:21 Message #4770798
You need to watch van helsen lol a werewolf killed the head vampire
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 16-Feb-2020 11:32 Message #4770863
If you mean the Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman, then I've seen it and Underworld where you get hybrids of werewolf and vampire, but I suppose most of my knowlege of vampires and other undead come from watching Buffy and Angel and a bit of the Walking Dead, a series I did not enjoy. I do enjoy daft stuff like Dog Soldiers and Cockneys vs Zombies, but I didn't get Shaun of the Dead as I'd not seen the film it was parodying.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 16-Feb-2020 17:19 Message #4770897
Shaun of the dead was hysterical lol I, m a vampire werewolf etc junkie
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 16-Feb-2020 18:08 Message #4770906
So have you seen Cockneys vs Zombies, Euro, if you haven't then watch it, its really funny and gross.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 16-Feb-2020 18:11 Message #4770907
Yes seen it, so funny, anything with them horrors in is for me doesn't scare me interests me just one film I can't watch an old one called salems lot? Got the word Salem in it and it gets to a certain part and I can't carry on lol
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 17-Feb-2020 10:37 Message #4770959
I'm really not a fan of horror films at all, I've got to much imagination.

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