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Does it go

Clockwise or anti-clockwise?

A_man_called_CHIOG  Male  South East London
14-Feb-2020 08:06 Message #4770618
Is it true that the water in your sink drains clockwise in the northern hemisphere and in the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere?
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
14-Feb-2020 09:27 Message #4770633
RobM  Male  Essex
14-Feb-2020 10:21 Message #4770641
(Who is trying it now?)
Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
14-Feb-2020 10:28 Message #4770646
I am RobM. I’ve tested the northern hemisphere now I’m just popping down to test the southern hemisphere lol.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
14-Feb-2020 11:25 Message #4770664
i think this "myth " was debunked on QI ?

the consensus of opinion on google appears to be no.
Topaz53  Female  Northamptonshire
14-Feb-2020 11:57 Message #4770671
As long as I get some from my taps and don't have to walk miles to a dirty Well.....I don't care if it came out doing a double somersault !
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
14-Feb-2020 11:59 Message #4770674
Back in the day....when I was doing all my travelling on ships.....I can't say that I noticed....

Even now.....a lot of the time I don't notice when I pull the plug....It's only when I make a conscious effort to notice that I notice....

I think I also saw the QI episode....QI being one of my favourite things....and I've a feeling they 'disproved' it.....but they may have 'approved' it.....That's the thing with QI....I love it....but can never remember all the stuff.....I'll need to dig it out again....

In the meantime.....There's loads of stuff on youtube.....'proving' it......and 'disproving' it....

There's the equator as well......There are tours where the guide walks his 'tourists' to the north...and it goes clockwise....perhaps with a bit of help.....and then they walk a few yards to 'the south'....and it goes 'anti'.....again maybe with a bit of help.....and then they walk back to the equator......there's a sign saying 'the equator'.....and it goes straight down......

I expect the guide makes a few quid along the way......
NoSaint  Female  Devon
14-Feb-2020 12:04 Message #4770676
I’m also a QI fan but the only thing on their for certain is that there will be an elephant in the room and Alan Davies will get his answers wrong.
My water always drains clockwise from sinks and bath.
brisinger-the-beekeeper  Male  Lancashire
14-Feb-2020 13:57 Message #4770682
The idea is based on the Coriolis effect of the earth. However, it would be so weak in a drain or sink that it simply cannot measure up to the forces in play on a global scale.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
15-Feb-2020 21:42 Message #4770817
It probably does behave in that way in laboratory conditions.
NoSaint  Female  Devon
14-Mar-2020 15:32 Message #4772646
We are now spending so much time at our sinks washing our hands and singing Happy Birthday it will be easy to do quite an in depth study.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
14-Mar-2020 16:11 Message #4772649
Right I shall be doing that, while boringly washing my hands, and contemplate the wonders of the universe or count imaginary sheep, don't like happy birthday, that will forever remind one of coronarvirus.

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