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NHS Its future

Running it down to sell it to the fat cats.

Maglorian  Male  North Yorkshire
10-Feb-2020 19:13 Message #4770315
Tories have planned to get rid of the NHS for over 30 years, not forgetting that when Labour proposed the NHS in 1948 every single Tory voted against it.

The Conservative plan to break up and privatise the NHS.

"Direct Democracy; an agenda for a New Model Party" (published 2005).
Jeremy Hunt sets out the plan to breakup and privatise the NHS, starting page 74, and are highlighted, this is 7 years before becoming Health Secretary.

"Direct Democracy; an agenda for a New Model Party". Complete book.

NB. I should also add that this ’view’ was first offered in 1988 in a report authored by Oliver Letwin and John Redwood;

"Britain’s Biggest Enterprise"
Maglorian  Male  North Yorkshire
10-Mar-2020 13:50 Message #4772412
The Conservative party promised it would build FORTY hospitals over the next five years.

It has instead actually CLOSED ten hospitals and Walk-In centers since December’s general election result was announced.

- Orsett Hospital…/orsett-hospital-closure-wil…/

- Shipley Hospital…

- Eastborne Station Walk-In centre…/closing-eastbourne-sta…

- Poole Hospital’s A&E department…/poole-hospital-s-a-e-to-close-as-par…/

- Sittingbourne's Frank Lloyd specialist dementia unit in Kent…/last-ditch-bid-to-save-spe…/…

- Angel Medical Centre in Islington…/well-ignore-walk-in-centre-cu…

- Cricklewood Health Centre…/cricklewood-walk-in-centre…

- SoHo Walk-in Centre in London…/

- Swindon NHS Walk-in Centre

Since 2010, the Conservative Government have closed SIXTY-SIX Accident and Emergency and Maternity Wards.
- That’s a loss of 17,000 hospital beds, and despite that we’re STILL short 40,000 nurses and 10,000 doctors.

They’ve also shut down over 100 NHS Walk In Centres.

This contrasts, markedly, with Labour who built 100 major hospitals & 200 Walk In Centres over its 13 years in government.

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