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Fridge Liner


Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire
9-Feb-2020 14:29 Message #4770200
I've just spent the last 30-35 minutes defrosting my freezer, probably the household task I hate the most. I do it with bowls of hot water, old towels and a pretty powerful hair dryer but it's still an arduous task. Plus all the mopping up in the bottom of the freezer and the floor; still the floor got an unexpected wash.

I bought one of those freezer liners - one of the cheapo shops I think, B & M, Home Bargains, Pound Stretcher - was just having a browse when I saw it , was only about £1 I think. Supposed to contain the ice build up to the sheets which you remove and wash, preventing build up on the elements. Has anyone used these, do they work? Sound like a brilliant idea if they do what it says on the pack.

There is only one in the pack so I will need to get more but want to see if they work first.
Justaguy  Male  South East London
9-Feb-2020 23:07 Message #4770249
I can empathise it was a job I hated having to do when I had my old fridge freezer
but I've had a frost free one for about 10 years now and I don't ever have to defrost it or chip ice off it , It's been great

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