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QueenMab  Female  Dorset
6-Feb-2020 11:40 Message #4769918
Has any lady had contact with the above mentioned person ? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

Beach  Male  Dorset
6-Feb-2020 13:01 Message #4769924
In the past, you might have been chastised or warned, (by admin), for citing another member in an original post ... but, I guess, things have become a little less disciplined over the last few years here on Midsummer.

Anyway ...

I looked at Bengy's profile and noticed it was written in a, kind of, pigeon English - with text and sentences that didn't flow in the manner we might expect from a native Brit. (Or similar).

Sometimes, us men get messages or invites from females who have profiles constructed and written in a similar way and, without exception, these entities always turn out to be foreign people, (often from Russia), who use a basic, possibly computer translated, profile text to introduce themselves via their self summary.

Have you been scammed ... or promised the earth?

My advice?

In future, stay well clear of profiles that look as if they have be written by someone from another country ... or a translating computer.

Uncaring, cynical, people will rob or prey on the weak, the lonely or the clueless ... so just beware.

QueenMab  Female  Dorset
6-Feb-2020 17:27 Message #4769940
Many thanks

eurostar  Female  Merseyside
6-Feb-2020 17:47 Message #4769941
He messaged me I never answered

QueenMab  Female  Dorset
6-Feb-2020 17:53 Message #4769943
Thank Eurostar may I ask why you did not reply

eurostar  Female  Merseyside
6-Feb-2020 17:57 Message #4769944
Cos he lives in London lol and whilst he has messaged a lot of women on here and many have suspicions about him being a scammer, who knows? He could be actively looking for someone genuinely, go with your gut feeling, message on mse and get him to ring you maybe, arrange to meet local if you get that far, good luck and stay safe x

QueenMab  Female  Dorset
6-Feb-2020 19:42 Message #4769948
I appreciate the feedback Eurostar - I am suspicious he says he is with the Royal Navy in Syria and he never answers any of my questions that I ask ???

eurostar  Female  Merseyside
6-Feb-2020 20:39 Message #4769953
In that case block him lol

Pilgrims_Rest  Female  Wiltshire
7-Feb-2020 01:03 Message #4769964
Hello there,

I have read your post & out of pure curiosity on my part, this man's profile is not much
different to many other's on here.

He sounds alright from what I've read. Not in my age bracket, but, that means nothing these days.

He is also a level 5 member.

Do scammers reach level 5 on here.

Just my honest opinion.


Greencare  Female  Berkshire
7-Feb-2020 06:45 Message #4769966
His writing is a little broken but still reasonable. You have to judge as you find but be wary.

zodiac1  Male  Flintshire
7-Feb-2020 07:52 Message #4769968
Surely one can reach level 5 simply by becoming an essentials member, so it means nothing these days.

vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire
7-Feb-2020 07:58 Message #4769969
Pilgrims_Rest ...

"Do scammers reach level 5 on here."

They can if they put on several photo's

Greencare  Female  Berkshire
7-Feb-2020 08:24 Message #4769970
Zodiac. Isn’t everyone an essentials member these days?

ToBeAdvised  Male  Essex
7-Feb-2020 12:06 Message #4769981
If that's a genuine profile I'm a Dutchman's uncle.
Dirk Van der Berg


tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
7-Feb-2020 13:08 Message #4769987
You've got us all intrigued....looking at this blokes profile.....

Donning my best crumpled Columbo raincoat..and kojak lollipop.....I can see some american ism's in the profile...

Center instead of Centre...

Socialize instead of Socialise...

Humor instead of Humour....

Also things like 'put smile to the face of people' sounds like a foreigners attempt at some English....

I've given up trusting anyone on here......or just about anyone.....Some are doubt about that....but many are as ungenuine as they come.....

We all know what we ourselves are......That's the easy part.....but it's becoming increasingly common for multi profiles and scammers and the likes, to set up profiles....

There are quite a few at the moment who post from various aliases....They know who they are.....Some are more obvious than others....

My advice is to not trust the Bengy profile.....Or if you want to try and get to know more about them....don't give them any of your private details...obvious things like don't lend them money to travel over here matter what they try to tell you....

Orson  Male  Tayside
26-Mar-2020 19:34 Message #4773818
One would be more concerned if he were named "Bungy"

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