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Meets in Bournemouth

Remember them


ravspal  Female  Dorset
26-Jan-2020 22:22 Message #4769292
We used to have lovely meets in this area, and that was before I moved here. Will it happen again ? Would anyone come?

ravspal  Female  Dorset
27-Jan-2020 19:10 Message #4769344
Oops looks like that's my answer.

Brundall  Male  Lincolnshire
27-Jan-2020 19:58 Message #4769348
I usually come down to Bournemouth area at least once a year in my motorhome always stay at Ashley Heath camp site and on Sundays a brilliant Car Boot Sale I have camped with Woosey at Ravenstonedale and Wales but it was a washout continuous rain by Tuesday most of the tent campers where away home with wet tents , a really nice place to camp if the weather is good and settled

ravspal  Female  Dorset
28-Jan-2020 08:22 Message #4769374
Well maybe if I hear lots of people interested, I will put up a meet. You never know.

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