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Diabetes type 2


yelsel  Female  the Highlands and Islands of Scotland
24-Jan-2020 14:43 Message #4769049
Hi there... does anyone have type 2 diabetes.

I'd really appreciate someone with some knowledge to keep me on the right track.

I feel I'm in total control food and exercise wise... I'm on 2 different medications for it and test 4 times daily but my glucose levels are still on the high side.

Hopefully there's someone here who knows a bit more than I do??
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
24-Jan-2020 15:53 Message #4769051
What is your HBA1c level at on last check?
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon
24-Jan-2020 16:42 Message #4769060
I am currently trying to minimise my intake of carbs. I find I am sleeping so much better and not waking up several times through the night to go to the loo.
yelsel  Female  the Highlands and Islands of Scotland
24-Jan-2020 17:09 Message #4769062
My hba1c suddenly shot up from 53 in May to 112 in October... I had lost 10kg in 3 weeks and my medication was changed from metformin to gliclazide. Then another tablet was added.

Just before Christmas my hba1c was down to 86.

I'm eating a virtual carb free diet but my daily testing doesn't go much below 8.

I'm eating very sensibly ie tuna and salad chicken and salad pork.

I've lost over 3 stone which I know should help and walking/cycling daily.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
24-Jan-2020 17:24 Message #4769063
Whilst weight loss in general can put DM Type 2 in to remission - the big weight loss in 3 weeks that you mention seems to suggest loss of control of blood sugars as flagged by increase in HBA1c which measures average sugar concentration over about 10/12 weeks (the average lifespan of a red blood cell).

DM can often be part of a metabolic syndrome - with not only raised blood sugar but also hypertension and hyperlipidaemia - and the combo of latter two dysfunctions is multiplicative rather than just additive in terms of predicting vascular events - and ditto the trio in combination.

Excess weight will often provoke hypertension - as each excess stone of weight needs blood pumping around an extra 14 miles of capilliary vessels to oxygenate the extra tissue.

You should discuss all this with your GP.
yelsel  Female  the Highlands and Islands of Scotland
24-Jan-2020 20:18 Message #4769081
Thanks for your help.
InSanityClaus  Male  Cornwall
3-Feb-2020 17:41 Message #4769752
I've been T2 for about 10-11 years now, sooo. You take blood 4 times a day? are you eating 4 times a day? how many times a day do you medicate? You should medicate only when you eat, and try not to eat post 19:00, watch the alcohol intake as well (calories in a bottle)
Oh and a cautionary tale, a few years back my GP prescribed a daily injection (NOT insulin) of a product called Victoza, this is very good at keeping the glucose steady, BUT and here's the but long term use can have the side effect of causing pancreatitis, Just had a week in hospital with my third occurrence, in 5 years; I would suggest you question, with the GP, or better a diabetic specialist, the very rapid weight loss you started with, this would normally point towards T1, and some American research is now thinking there could be a T1.5, and possibly more sub species.....Oh and nice to see you again, still singing songs from the musicals?
Clocky  Female  the West Midlands
3-Feb-2020 18:45 Message #4769760
There is no reason anyone should be stuck with T2DM these days now they know how to reverse it.
Search YouTube for Dr David Unwin... Hes a British G P who has managed to get all except 1 of his type 2 diabetes patients off all meds.
He's done so well that he even managed to refund the govt £70+k that he would've needed for these diabetic patients. It's not the life sentence it was thought to be. X
omarrk  Male  Middlesex
1-Mar-2020 21:42 Message #4771715
Try to interduce olive oil into your diet, hopefully it will help, it has helped me a huge amount.

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