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Our current WOKE culture is an abomination

A recently coined hip word adopted by a socially unaware elite.

Beach  Male  Dorset
14-Jan-2020 22:05 Message #4768220
There are few things that grind my gears more than being preached to by hypocrites, egocentric celebrities or anybody using some fashionable, contemporary, fad philosophy to highlight their own importance or fake their own enlightenment.

Like the recently commercialized phrase, Mindfulness, the word woke, when used as some kind of social awareness label, is little more than an insincere, shorthand, ticket to enable certain individuals to jump onto a moral platform where they can claim to have “seen the light” though without having taken some cerebral or psychological journey of self enlightenment to actually get there.

There is nothing wrong with the original Woke Culture that grew as a perceived awareness of issues concerning social and racial justice in the African – American communities where a phrase such as “I was asleep, but now I'm woke” represented some awakening of an outlook on the world but, today, although the woke phrase is supposed to embody some socially aware philosophy, we have millionaire / billionaire superstars jetting to all corners of the earth, (including), to collect awards in the film industry, proudly boasting that they applaud the fact that their award ceremony dinners are “free of meat”, to show the rest of the world that they are Woke and aware of the destruction that eating meat is, allegedly, causing the planet.

Last year, Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor widely regarded as one of the most environmentally switched on people in Hollywood, (along with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom), were among A-listers to attend Google’s climate change conference, but they arrived to that event courtesy of their own private jets and mega yachts.

The organisers of this year’s Golden Globes film awards must have assumed they were doing good in presenting a vegan menu to their privileged guests but were the hosts of the event, the  Hollywood Foreign Press Association, really making a difference or were they just jumping on the woke band wagon. ie. Claiming to be socially aware … but colluding in destroying the earth’s atmosphere anyway by inviting their esteemed guests to jet in to their event?

How does preparing a few hundred vegan meals compare with the tons of pollution per hour the event inspired by putting so many hypocritical millionaires into the skies as a result?

I’ve flown on a propeller driven plane once in my life, (to Scotland and back when I was 7), and have NEVER flown in a jet plane or any plane since. I’ve also spent the last 20 years NOT driving, (till 6 months ago), preferring to use my stable of electric ebikes so, if anyone can claim to have been gentle on the planet, I can do so without needing some popular word or fad to express that fact.

What do you think about the Woke philosophy being promoted these days ... or the array of peculiar social norms now being promoted as some antidote to the politically incorrect views of yesteryear?
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
15-Jan-2020 10:52 Message #4768240
It's incredibly funny and depressing to watch at the same time.
The thing is it's totally fake, on social media anybody can say anything or pretend to be anything and reap the rewards from thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers.
Men proclaim to be feminists, yet do absolutely nothing to claim the label other than say it on twitter - it's a nothing statement, it means absolutely nothing in the way it's bandied about.
All this she/he/him/her nonsense is pathetic - one day a person is a "him" the next a "her" and anybody who expresses concern is ripped to shreds as racist, homophobic, misogynistic or any other woke term that gets the most likes.
The crazy thing is, the mainstream media is taking what happens and what is said on twitter as real and how people really feel about important stuff. That is completely screwing the message that those who don't use twitter are receiving in their news bulletins or reading in their newspapers.
Governments are using petitions created on twitter to shape policy and create laws, that's the really scary thing....
Clocky  Female  the West Midlands
15-Jan-2020 14:05 Message #4768251
In a nutshell, because its a pain to type on here with my phone...

I agree with both of you. Sometimes it feels as though this is just another step forward into the coralle. It's another step forward into the removal of freedom of speech. It's a shut you up with a single word accusation based on someone else's intollerences.
Woke - my arse!
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
15-Jan-2020 14:41 Message #4768254
I remember a clip from the old Top Gear, Jezza had some American celebrity on the couch, and he asked him what kind of car(s) he has. So he rattled off a load of exotic pantie evaporating sports cars, Ferrari, Lambo, Astons ect then he said and a Prius! Jezza looked puzzled and said "A.... Prius?" The celebrity whom I can not remember said "Yes a Prius.... for when I'm on chat shows and they ask what I drive.... I say a Prius. Then everybody thinks awwwwwwww! but you drove there in a ......... (insert sports car here)"

So they openly admit to doi

Do we recall Prince William and his gorgeous wife Kate Middleton got on a cheap flight to/from Scotland? They were in among the common folk..... probably Scottish common folk!!!!

I thought that them being on a public plane, possibly without security, put so many other people on that plane in danger! Like them or not, and I love her by the way, they are a major target for terrorist. If Muhaamadd Al In Ablablabla got wind of them doing that...... Get on your private Jet and keep us all safe.

If I had the money I'd fly first class or in a private jet.....
Sea  Female  Essex
18-Jan-2020 14:22 Message #4768537
Hi Beach, Yes i find the term 'woke' really irritating. I have only recently become aware of it being used, in a very different way to that which I am familiar with. Seems to be used as a derogatory term or that is as it appears.
When googling I came up with this.

woke Sentence Examples

The sound of voices woke her. ...
When she woke again, the room was dark. ...
Cassie woke the next morning in the cool of dawn. ...
I just woke up, Moira. ...
Later she woke to find Connie asleep in a chair beside her gurney. ...
Remember, he woke you. ...
Jenn heard Jonny's door close, and the sound woke her from her light sleep.
For me these examples are the only context I have ever used the word. I shall continue to use it as such, as any new variations are quite alien to me. If using it a different way is moving with the times, then I think I shall just retreat to my cave. : -)
Beach  Male  Dorset
19-Jan-2020 00:23 Message #4768594
Ha ha. Woke my arse! Exactly, Clocky.:-)

Harry and Meghan versus William and Kate. Are we calling the latter Woke Aware for using public transport? :)

Yes Sea, it *is
Lets remind ourselves of the progression of human rights throughout the ages beginning with ...

An ancient acknowledgement of the general sanctity of human life, the 17th century rights of Liberalism, natural rights of the 18th century, 19th century universal suffrage, a right to vote, women’s rights, the universal declaration of human rights, (after our recent two world wars), feminism, the civil rights of African Americans, Soviet bloc and worker rights of the 1970’s, Humanitarianism rights in general and the unfolding social conscience connected with recognising rights in the 3rd world. Later rights to be gay, bi or transsexual. (Today, collectively, wrapped up in the phrase LGBT).

And sure, hopefully, like you, I recognize and applaud all of the above rights I have cited BUT in the very act(s) of fighting persecution against others, brand new groups of people have found themselves persecuted.


The phrase PC, (Politically Correct), is, today, inverted and used to refer to folk, seemingly, unable to grasp the concepts or value of the aforementioned human right categories, (outlined above), and now, themselves, are persecuted for holding views no longer accepted as reasonable ways of describing or labeling other … though, until very recently, such ignorance was tolerated as merely representing older folk, seemingly, set in their ways.

And right now?

Apparently ... being white, old and male is now out of fashion.

Isn't that racist, ageist and sexist all in one?
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
19-Jan-2020 08:14 Message #4768601
It's the subtle social conditioning that I don't like, TV adverts are a perfect example. According to their "world" nearly every couple is mixed race with a black man and white woman. Where are all the black women?
Are they trying to drum it into us that it's OK or something?....
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
19-Jan-2020 11:30 Message #4768626
i have noticed the same hiero, and if its a case of PC and trying to convey a balanced view then the scales have tipped too far in one direction.
NoSaint  Female  Devon
26-Jan-2020 07:37 Message #4769162
Hierophant Male East Anglia 19-Jan-2020 08:14 Message #4768601
It's the subtle social conditioning that I don't like, TV adverts are a perfect example. According to their "world" nearly every couple is mixed race with a black man and white woman. Where are all the black women?
Are they trying to drum it into us that it's OK or something?....

It has become ridiculous and that almost every advertisement and tv programme has to include several “minorities” in a way that does not mirror the real world.

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