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Bong for Brexit

Celebrate the UK leaving the EU?

Beach  Male  Somerset 14-Jan-2020 18:58 Message #4768211
Plans are afoot to halt the £3 Billion pounds Parliament refurbishment, (currently costing £100,000 per week), in order to build a temporary floor within the tower to enable the bell clapper to be reinstated, (at an estimated cost of £120,000), so that Big Ben can herald the moment the UK formally leaves the European Union on the 31st of this month.

The media has rounded the figure up to 500 grand and is asking if half a million pounds is a good way to spend such money, whether it was public money or crowd funded?

Me? I’m planning to bonk for Brexit and can regard that event as a cert but imagine, God forbid, that the temporary works to get Big Ben ready for the big day doesn’t get completed on time. :-\

That would be awkward, wouldn’t it?

What do you think? Do you wish to see such expenditure invested / wasted on such an event or should someone either hire a public address system and use Big Ben sound samples to mark such a historic event, (probably for just a few thousand pounds), or even employ a gang of workers to manually strike the bell for four minutes with their lump hammers?
Maglorian  Male  North Yorkshire 14-Jan-2020 19:17 Message #4768213
Panem et Circenses

Appeasement of the masses by the deluded working classes
NoSaint  Female  Devon 14-Jan-2020 19:54 Message #4768215
De bell tinniant
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 14-Jan-2020 20:12 Message #4768218
I'd be more impressed if they installed a ruddy great speaker and played "The Final Countdown" by Europe (The band) ;-)
Beach  Male  Somerset 14-Jan-2020 22:38 Message #4768224
"Appeasement of the masses by the deluded working classes."

Well, Maglorian, as a former Finishing Foreman and Site Agent who used to specialise in the huge multi-million pound projects of my day, I would have been delighted to have been able to trick a deluded working class into, voluntarily, contributing cash to complement my own existing, limited, build budget. :)

This whole thing stinks of PM Boris Johnson using his questionable but bafflingly successful charm to pursue something he does by default, just about, all the time. ie Encouraging turkeys to vote for Christmas.

He's recently done exactly the same thing with regards to encouraging President Trump to revisit the (US) dismissed Iranian nuclear deal ... by deploying a characteristic ploy, (in this case, stroking Trump's own narcissism), by suggesting that any new arrangement, possibly called The Trump based Iranian Deal, could be renegotiated.

AND ... (I might as well put this comment here), Boris's own ego has already see him set aside BILLIONS for the North.

Not to actually, consciously, aid the people of the North ... though it surely will ... but, primarily, to satisfy Mr Johnson's own huge ego, simply by him being able to bathe in the orgasmic aura of himself being viewed as some generous God helping out little people north of Watford gap..
NoSaint  Female  Devon 14-Jan-2020 22:51 Message #4768226
You could easily say the same about anyone making any donation or guarantee of spending. It’s only for “is ego guvnor!
But of course we don’t know what goes on in someone else’s head so this assumption could be right or could be wrong.
KatieBubbles  Female  West Sussex 16-Jan-2020 19:16 Message #4768374
Boris has said we're not spending all that many on the bell for Brexit so a good call by the government.
NoSaint  Female  Devon 17-Jan-2020 12:19 Message #4768433
Boris made the right decision with regards to Big Ben. A small Brexit celebration will take place to mark a very big occasion in our history.
Boris has also done the North proud by investing money in their future. It’s good to see this happening away from London for a change.
Maglorian  Male  North Yorkshire 17-Jan-2020 13:07 Message #4768437
Some Circus clowns discuss democracy:
Democracy means numbers and giving way to those who lie the loudest, says one.
Falsity is truer than the truth, so long as more people vote for it than don't.
Oh very true, a clown smiles. Let trust and truth and proper care, be banned from our circus if unpopular.
NoSaint  Female  Devon 17-Jan-2020 13:11 Message #4768438
Haha. Even Shakespeare expressed himself better than that.
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire 18-Jan-2020 23:49 Message #4768588
Will Boris get the Nobel prize?

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