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Harry and Megan

stepping back or down whatever

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wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
9-Jan-2020 10:48 Message #4767722
When I saw it on the news last night, I thought good for them, he's well out of the line of sucession, why should he/they have to have a life spent opening civic buildings and charity work, not that theres anythings wrong with charity work. Maybe they'd like to be more like Princess Anne who went off and did her own thing and worked really hard with Save the Children, getting stuck in at the muddy end.

Maybe Harry is a bit sensitive about media intrusion but not without reason given what happened to his mother. But media stories asking how black their baby will be are just awful and racist and pander to the lowest of the low.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
9-Jan-2020 11:20 Message #4767727
I feel sorry for Harry, I think he is developing the "2nd son syndrome". The loss of his mother at an early age has obviously had a profound effect on him. The ongoing doubt about his parentage (Hewitt) is another millstone for him. I think he is a lovely young man who is wearing his heart on his sleeve. He has been looking for love since Diana died , and Megan has filled all the criteria for him. He is also developing the stubborness of his father. It cant be easy being a Royal and in the public eye all the time. I would hate it - but its part of their 'job' and they are rewarded for it - not just money, but power and status.

But, I also think. that being the wife of an English Prince is not quite what Megan invisaged. Her influence over him is bound to affect his future thinking. He loves her, and they have a child together, who he dotes on.

I feel that he is not mentally mature enough to realise that 'working for a living' is much harder than he imagines. He has lived in a bubble all of his life, with everything done for him. To be out in the world, esp in the USA he will become another "Tony Blair Guest speaker" but then if he can earn £100.000's for it, will it be enough for the pair of them to live in the style to which they have been accustomed. I cant really see Megan going to Lidls 2 or 3 times a week for the groceries (no matter how much she says she likes cooking). They should have enough money to get by for the rest of their lives anyway, what with Diana's legacy and the Duchy of Cornwall monies. They will have to make wise investments to continue with their current lifestyle.

I dont really think the colour of Archie matters too much in this day & age. We are becoming a coffee coloured society and its love that counts above all.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
9-Jan-2020 11:25 Message #4767728
That's what happens when you marry someone from another country, there's always the pull of what each is familiar with.
Added to that, Meghan isn't the traditional royal type and she isn't interested in the day to day side of it, like most Americans she loves to look at the pomp and ceremony, but it's different when you're part of it.
I don't envy any of them their castles and money, it's a thankless life that they are born into and I think the reality of it has hit Meghan rather quickly. She's done the fairytale bit, an American girl marrying a prince, but I don't think she/they like the boring bits that come with it.
I don't see how flying backwards and forwards from the States or Canada is going to fit in with their save the climate position either...
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
9-Jan-2020 11:26 Message #4767729
i think megan is calling the shots in that marriage, never have trusted her motives...
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
9-Jan-2020 12:49 Message #4767734
"i think megan is calling the shots in that marriage, never have trusted her motives..."

I'd agree with that. I never saw it at first though.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
9-Jan-2020 13:28 Message #4767738
Just like any other couple I’m sure they want to please each o there with a mutually agreeable lifestyle. Nobody else can possibly know what they are thinking or even what they have discussed. Are we sure it was a surprise for the Queen?
I wish them luck in whatever they do.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
9-Jan-2020 13:44 Message #4767740
I remember Young Harry after his Mum died.....In the procession....Very sad seeing him....

I remember the uproar at the paparazzi....How lessons were going to be learnt....How the paparazzi were never going to hound anyone again.....yeah right.....No lessons learned.....Paparazzi carrying on as normal...

I'm sure Harry doesn't want any of that....I'm sure Megan is massively affected by it.....

People could say that she knew what she was getting involved in....but some of the things that have happened since the knot have made them decide to say 'sod it'

Quite right too....I don't know if she's manipulative or not....I'm not an avid follower....but it seems enough's enough....and hopefully their marriage and baby will flourish and they will be happier for it.......
zodiac1  Male  Flintshire
9-Jan-2020 15:20 Message #4767746
bye-bye to mr harry Hewitt junior and his American woman
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire
9-Jan-2020 15:40 Message #4767749
I agree with most and wish Harry and Meghan a happy future whatever they do.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
9-Jan-2020 19:02 Message #4767762
I'm not sure you can really know how the press here will react to you until you've lived here for a while and I think Megan has been unfavourable compared to Kate, I think certain newspapers have decided to try and create the same sort of negativity that they created between Diana and Fergie.

I don't know if Megan's manipulative or not either as all we have to go on is how the press choose to interpret whats really happened let alone the stuff they make up. I suspect what they mean is she's a mature woman who knows her own mind and isn't afraid to speak out.

I don't really see whats so difficult about it all financially, if they do trips and visits on behalf of the Queen then it comes out of her expenses, that should include all the security too, just as it would if you were travelling abroad for anyother kind of work. The rest they should pay for themselves, if as they say they intend to spend half the year here and half in North America then it should be fairly simple with a bit of good will and common sense, but I suspect common sense is in short supply among the denizens and hangers on at the various palaces.
Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire
9-Jan-2020 19:39 Message #4767765
To me, it's taken a long time coming ... ... ... too long!
eurostar  Female  Merseyside
9-Jan-2020 20:00 Message #4767768
families move away, and this country is awful to live in...…...good luck to them
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire
10-Jan-2020 03:10 Message #4767804
If they want out then they should get completely out of it. Give up the titles, privileges, income, etc, including that nice "little cottage" so graciously provided and renovated courtesy of the British tax payer, (which they want to keep gratis, for their jaunts back to merry ole England). Why do they want to "eventually" become financially independent? Harry has inheritances from both the late Queen Mother and Diana, even without other cash from Prince Charles, or Meghan's "Suits" purse, they should be well capable of financial independence. They should also be responsible for their own ongoing security costs.
They want to "live in the real world"? Then they should do just that.
NoSaint  Female  Devon
10-Jan-2020 07:04 Message #4767811
Andromeda Female Berkshire 9-Jan-2020 15:40 new Message #4767749
I agree with most and wish Harry and Meghan a happy future whatever they do.

That’s how I feel. They can’t be blamed for wanting to lead a more normal life.

Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex
10-Jan-2020 09:52 Message #4767836
But it also seems like a case of wanting their cake and eating it (all this so called pressure existed well before their laughably called Windsor "cottage" had £2.4m lavished on it to make it habitable for them) and biting the hand that feeds them with regard to press coverage.
Yes for sure press intrusion is awful and nobody should be subjected to it but without that publicity, who are they? Someone who's ambitions are to now be a low level uninvolved Royal, and a now out of work minor channel TV actress.
So kind of them that they'l find time to dip their toe into Royal matters when they're back here. Presumably so H can justify getting his annual wedge from his Dad's Duchy of Cornwall estate. I can't see that continuing when Charles becomes King & William becomes PofW and takes over the reigns of the Duchy.
They should be careful for what they wish for. Lets see how inclusive they feel and how many contacts hang around once they find out that the press are no longer bothered covering anything they're involved with.
And to do it at this time to the Queen, given what she's going through with Phillip's undoubted failing health and Andrew's indiscretions and apparently without warning them of their intentions, smacks of a big middle finger.
Now the Royal household are all running around working out how the couple's demands can be accommodated, while madam flits off back to Canada while Harry takes the flak. Bet he'd prefer to be back in Helmand Province.
So I hope the Queen, on behalf of the Nation bids them a fine & happy life together and arranges for a D notice to be issued as a parting don't call us message.
Toodle pip old chap.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
10-Jan-2020 10:05 Message #4767837
A lot of the stuff that comes out seems to be agenda driven....

We never properly get the word from the horses mouth.....or Princess Anne as she's often known.....sorry, couldn't resist.....

We get Royal correspondent this.....Royal biographer that....usually ex Royal correspondent as well....

We get the Harry fans blaming Meghan......We get the world blaming Meghan....

We get Granny is cross....but we don't really hear from Granny that she is is cross....we hear it from an ex Royal aide or something....

I heard the Royal photographer getting stuck in with his pennies worth....

Good morning telly with theirs.....with special 'Royal correspondent biographer photographer' guests...
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
10-Jan-2020 10:28 Message #4767843
The reality is the Monarchy doesn't need Harry and Meghan in order to survive. Whatever we may think, it's Charles, William etc etc that matter and Harry is the Prince Andrew of his generation.
It must be difficult to live as one of the "extras" in the royal family and not all of them manage to do it very well.
Inevitably, this has stoked up the Republicans and the "look at all my taxes being wasted" brigade, the irony being many of whom pay little or no tax anyway.
The money side doesn't bother me, although the irony is that H & M are assured of earning millions of pounds or dollars no matter what they do because of who they are. They are set for life purely because of the Monarchy they now want to reject.
A video of Harry proclaiming he will always put his family first is now doing the rounds, fair enough now he's a dad and married, but aren't the Queen, Charles and William family too?...
Sea  Female  Essex
10-Jan-2020 10:49 Message #4767849
I feel that William was right when he advised Harry not to marry Meghan but then he likely knew a lot more, such as Meghan already having two failed marriages. Her first was Joseph Goldman-Guiliano a lawyer who she was married to for two years. Ended in an annulment, so can be classified as never happening but it did. Lots was on the internet regarding it, when she first met Harry but then gradually all vanished. She also immediately dumped the chef she was dating when meeting Harry and has treated her father appallingly. He never received anofficiual invite to her wedding as her mother did. Yes he had some dodgy photos at Sam’s suggestion but a mere couple of weeks prior to wedding and he still did not have a suit? Surely if Meghan had really wanted him there she would have flown him over, gone over dress rehearsals etc. and had him kitted out in made to measure suit to match rest of wedding party? Harry has never even met him. He is in poor health and not financially well off. He spent all his earnings, which he could have invested, on her very expensive education. Yet now she doesn’t even send a birthday card. Her mother not around much, due I believe to her serving time in jail for money fraud and drug related offences. I feel Meghan is just a social climber who only cares about herself and doesn’t do families. Snubbed her own by not inviting any to wedding. Yet an uncle who was a diplomat went to a lot of effort, pulling strings so she could gain an internship. Her mother has a sister and two brothers and there is an uncle who is a religious minister etc. etc. Also many of Harry’s old friends were excluded. But she was able to invite many celebrities, who she had never, ever met, just so that it gave the appearance she was known in high places. And why announce you are pregnant at Eugenie’s wedding when no more than a couple of months gone? The latest announcement on Kate’s birthday when the Queen had said not to make any announcements until talking things through in private first. Archie left in Canada; an excuse for Meghan to head back. I can see Meghan establishing herself in Canada/America and then saying bye bye Harry. Despite Harry saying they would be the family she never had (but did) she has snubbed them as well. I doubt she will be in England very much. Expensive Frogmore Cottage rarely used. She only ever wanted to be a celebrity. If they do not wish to be Royals then all funding should cease and titles taken away. If refusing to carry out Royal duties over here, why should the taxpayer be expected to fund their lavish lifestyle? Charles should get wise too and stop Duchy funding. Meghan's £56,000 engagement dress springs to mind, as just one example of their edxtreme extravagances. The money could have helped, so many charities they supposedly support instead.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
10-Jan-2020 10:56 Message #4767850
I can't see why anyone would be surprised or who can blame them. It is clear that Harry is still affected deeply by the manner of his mother's death and his mental health still suffers because of it. And the British media have gone for Megan in the same way that they went for Sarah Ferguson (although Fergie might not have helped herself). They have criticised the colour of her skin, the way she dresses, the way she holds her baby, whether she can fit in with royalty, the state of her marriage, gets on with the queen, caused a rift between William and Harry. They even hit out at what is the very core of a young mother at a time when she was at her most vulnerable. Am I good mother? It hasn't stopped since she first appeared on the scene and the British press are are hell bent on destroying her as a person and their marriage. The strain for them both must have been horrible. It's bullying at its worst and if that happened in any other kind of workplace, they would at least have some recourse to the law.
I think the most significant thing is the suggestion that they may not have discussed with the family. That suggests to me that Harry was already feeling alienated from them and that there may well be a massive lost of trust there. Maybe there is some truth to the rumours that there is friction with the queen, William, Kate etc.
I don't doubt for one moment that they will make a go of it on their own. Megan is a moderately wealthy woman in her own right and has some capital behind her. She has her acting skills, which has stood her in good stead, so far. Those are skills that are readily transferrable in a variety of high profile situations. Harry has his own fortune from his mother, even without the back up from the royal fund as an income, so they are both well placed to start any new ventures.
What intrigues me most is the bitterness and nastiness in the press. I can't decide if it is symptomatic of a very nasty undercurrent in British society, or whether the general population are becoming more like this because of the propaganda machine working on social media and the press. Britain has certainly not been presenting itself as an attractive place to be over the last 2 or 3 years and if I had their financial wherewithal and was young enough to make a new start, I would be giving more serious thought to moving out. I think it is a dreadful shame that the country that I have lived in and loved and used to be a mostly friendly, welcoming and just place, has been brought to this level.
So I don't blame them one bit. Good luck to them and I wish them all the best in their new life.
wholelottakaren  Female  Lincolnshire
10-Jan-2020 16:12 Message #4767879
Where did you get your info from Sea? I cant find a fraud case against her mum and it is said that she never married the first guy . Apparantly there are no legal documents to support any of this
brisinger-the-beekeeper  Male  Lancashire
10-Jan-2020 16:18 Message #4767880
I can't see how they can be realistically “financially independent” and still support the Queen with royal duties. Perhaps Meghan thrives on the glitz and glamour of society and when she found out it was not all it's cracked up to be has been in for a shock. Harry has lived in a royal bubble all his life and with have no idea how the other half lives. Looking at it from his point of view to put it bluntly he is extremely unlikely to have much of a position in the royal household. It's only guesswork but I would imagine being the second son has left him a nobody because the money will have been ploughed into his brother. On the flip side though it has probably given him more free reign to do what he wants. He has had it tough in the past and I don't envy him.
I don't envy the Queen because she has to take a step back and take a calm and pragmatic approach into finding a solution. At the end of the day though the couple's decision to step away from royal life may be in their best interest but I think that their Duchy of Cornwall funding should end. Few know the intrigue that goes on in the royal household but going from what history has shown there is probably a lot more to this than meets the public eye.
brisinger-the-beekeeper  Male  Lancashire
10-Jan-2020 16:30 Message #4767882
I tell you what though I'd be putting a patent on making a Hollywood blockbuster out of it... and getting "Royalties" for it's production.
wholelottakaren  Female  Lincolnshire
10-Jan-2020 16:50 Message #4767884
Bris. Diana made Harry her main beneficiary because William, as next in line to be Prince of Wales, will get the Duchy of Cornwall income. He isn't a poor man.
My feeling is let them go because they clearly dont want to be here amongst us 'racists'. I dont ever recall anybody calling her for her colour - her attitude, yes, but they will see what they want to see. H and M cant pick and choose tho- if they go, they make a clean break and do not use the royal family as a means of making money. They survive on what they have or use their acting and military talents to earn a bob. Mr and Mrs Mountbatten Windsor. Duke and Duchess of nowhere.

Such a shame to see this happening because everybody loved Harry, wanted him to find a nice wife and have the family that he so wanted. A lot of people will have turned against him and forgotten the good stuff he did to help our troops. I know M s getting the blame for all this but maybe it is his doing. That said, you would have thought he would be springing to her defence if she was being wrongly blamed.

Poor Queen Elizabeth! At 93 years old she deserves some peace and quiet instead of all this stress.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
10-Jan-2020 17:16 Message #4767886
Added thoughts.....although I don't usually follow all the ins and outs of the Royals:-

Harry has served time in the War zones in Afghanistan ....From the bits I read at the time, he wasn't treated any differently to the rest...apart from something I sort of remember about him not being sent there once or something......So he must have seen things that would never leave him....maybe PTSD....certainly stuff that nightmares are made from.....It makes me wonder what damage that has done to him....

Also....the powerful 'Family'.....The Royals in general.....and the influence they have over the rest.....The Queen is well regarded.....but can also be stubborn and miserable and pain in the arse.....How much pressure does she put on Harry and Meghan.....If Meghan tries to speak out for instance...or make her own decisions, I imagine the Queen getting her own way....and shutting down any of Meghan's ideas....You will do things my way etc....

and not just the Queen....I can imagine Philip ( he of the Diana conspiracy theories ) and Charles.....and any jumped up Butler or Aide or whatever getting their way as well.....'Her Majesty won't agree with you doing that'....Her Majesty will not be happy when she finds out you want to go away for Christmas' etc etc etc....

All putting a massive strain on Harry and Meg doing their own thing....

ps.....Ideal jobs for them.......Working in the local H & M store.....
Sea  Female  Essex
10-Jan-2020 17:57 Message #4767887
Hi Wholelottakaren,

The information was around at the time Harry and Meghan were engaged. I had just read a few comments that people write, many from Americans on a couple of newspapers, and being intrigued did a couple of Google searches. It was all there regarding her first marriage to Joseph Goldman-Guiliano. It was even mentioned that his mother felt that Meghan was totally unsuitable for her son and that she had paid Meghan a substantial sum to walk away from the marriage. He being a lawyer I assume was able to arrange the annulment. And apparantly if it is an annulment, it can then be classed as never having happened. There were quite a few items on this but has since disappeared. I noticed that now it says Joseph Goldman-Guiliano has never married, yet previously it did say he had been married to Meghan but ended up in an annulment. I am sure that money and influance in the Royal family was able to arrange the removal of information. There was also mention of Doria being made bankrupt and serving time, for money fraud and drugs. She was certainly not in Meghans life for a number of years, when her father had custody of her. Again information that was there being removed.
I think many people have not warmed to Meghan because of the way she has treated her father and never taking Harry to meet him. He is in bad health, suffered heart attacks and yet she seems to have totally disowned him. She is not showing a caring side. And why snub your entire family for your wedding and instead invite celebrities who are unknown to you? It was reported that Reece Witherspoon received an invite and declined, as said Meghan was unknown to her. It just comes across as if she is using people all the time.

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