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WW3 anyone?

A Trump faux pas, a legitimate strike against terrorism ... or something else?

Beach  Male  Dorset
8-Jan-2020 01:05 Message #4767640
Technically, despite some claims stating otherwise, the Trump administration have probably not broken international law regarding the Suleimani assassination. And after listening to American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, rather than the tabloid hyped narrative regarding President Trump being a trigger happy man child firing straight from the hip, well, I, kind of get it.

But how do you evaluate the current international situation with scores of potential outcomes, apocalyptic or otherwise, on the horizon?

Has Trump pulled a blinder by casting off the gentlemanly game of sticking to the rules of engagement? Matching an enemy attack with a reciprocal attack of a similar nature as has been the playbook response for most nations in such diplomatic / military conflicts just shy of actual full blown warfare?

OR, as I joked 3 years ago on these very pages, will we see Mr Trump win the Presidency and drag our whole planet into thermo-nuclear Armageddon?

One thing for sure. There are no grown ups left in the White House.

With or without Pompeo making all this sound like just one more day in the office, (of State), the world definitely has a maverick President in the White House and that fact might appear exciting or terrifying, depending upon your own view of the world or world politics.

Me? I quite like the dynamic.

An unpredictable President? Possible a bat shit crazy one?

Yep. I'm all for an unpredictable, bat shit crazy president, with the biggest military budget and force on the planet, making deranged, irrational threats because ...

It makes folk perk up their ears. It makes folk seriously consider their options ... and it pops a boil ... by forcing actors in the field to convert all their philosophical or ideological "what ifs" into cold, hard, stark manifestations of something called reality.

No joke.

This crazy, unstable leader of the free world might actually press the button. And it isn't fiction. It isn't make believe. It isn't some "What if" scenario.

Apparently, Trump is volatile ... a bit like me. ;-)

Fascinating, eh?
Beach  Male  Dorset
8-Jan-2020 02:25 Message #4767644
Sorry. Forgot that Hen already raised this subject.

Please treat this post as redundant! :-)

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