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Do you still watch...

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
5-Jan-2020 18:51 Message #4767458

For your own enjoyment?.....or for your kids or grandkids?...

Which were your favourites?.....or still are your favourites?....

I have so many.....I've always loved them....

All the Looney tunes ones....

The Flintstones.....

A more recent one..a few years old....brilliantly a similar drawing style to the the Ricky Gervais show....Ricky, Steve Merchant and the brilliant Karl Pilkington.....the animation is fantastic....

I think I will watch some now.....
Bewildered  Female  Norfolk
5-Jan-2020 19:10 Message #4767459
No never see any now
but would watch the Flintstones again............along with Top Cat and Pink Panther
My dad like the PP
and my uncle loved tom and Gerry....... lol
RobM  Male  Essex
5-Jan-2020 23:08 Message #4767472
Johnny Bravo!
leogirl  Female  Essex
6-Jan-2020 01:42 Message #4767474
Chicken run ! brilliant work and a good story .
Most cartoons are too much quick movements

for me to absorb it all .
The_Snow_Covered_Fool  Male  Cheshire
6-Jan-2020 07:27 Message #4767475
Loved Dangermouse.

persona_non_grata  Male  North London
6-Jan-2020 07:32 Message #4767476
I’ve never liked cartoons and the accompanying music can drive me mad. The best of a bad bunch was probably The Flintstones .. I had a soft spot for Betty.
Goodgeezer  Male  West Yorkshire
6-Jan-2020 16:10 Message #4767505
Blue Aardvark! Loved him!!

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