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Regrets, I have a few,

But then again, too few to mention.

Beach  Male  Dorset
4-Jan-2020 23:38 Message #4767379
Do you hold any major regrets in your life?
NoSaint  Female  Devon
5-Jan-2020 01:02 Message #4767388
I sometimes regret not having children. It was only when my husband became ill and we talked a lot more that we both said it would have been nice to have children.
leogirl  Female  Essex
5-Jan-2020 07:47 Message #4767392
I regret not having any grandchildren . I am lucky to have a son and a daughter and even a splendid son-in-law . It would have been nice to have some family roots in the U.K. But as a very small blood related group of 3 we are the last of the MOHECANS . But is it really a regret ? It was something we wished for, but was not possible.

Is a regret not that feeling of having missed a realistic opportunity ?? Like me not having taken time to visit my eldest friend who reached the age if 96 a bit more often? She died yesterday and it`s too late now. A lesson to be learned for me . Grasp the opportunities to spread a little goodwill and companionship.

HonestBob  Male  the Central region
5-Jan-2020 08:32 Message #4767395
I regret really not fighting much harder to keep my ex back in the day. I was too young, she was too young and don't think we knew how to deal with such pressures.

I regret not learning a trade of some sort. Electrician, plumbing, building ect..... HGV driving is a great job at times, but it really is dead on it's feet.

Possible regret not joining the military, perhaps the Navy would have been a decent choice for 16 year old me!

I deeply regret not kicking another ex to the kerb a hell of a lot sooner than I did.
Topaz53  Female  Northamptonshire
5-Jan-2020 11:25 Message #4767419
Too many to mention
Sea  Female  Essex
5-Jan-2020 11:32 Message #4767420
Yes, a few. I regret not being able to find somebody permanent in my life, since losing my husband a number of years ago now, People have come and gone since but nothing worked out. More or less given up now. Just would be nice to share things with somebody, especially any decisions, as hate making them on my own. Other than that not really, as have three fantastic daughters, who are extremely supportive and would do anything for me.
leogirl  Female  Essex
5-Jan-2020 11:55 Message #4767422
honest, Honest Bob at the age of 32 the world is still your oyster!

What is stopping you to learn a different trade?
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
5-Jan-2020 17:04 Message #4767439
"honest, Honest Bob at the age of 32 the world is still your oyster!

What is stopping you to learn a different trade?"

My reason, or as it may be deemed, my excuse.... Most of the apprenticeships for trades a so poorly paid, I couldn't possibly drop to those wages and still pay my mortgage, save money for the future or for emergency use, let my Dad live with me for nothing and my brother too now. Whilst discussing this situation with friends and family, some say you just need to sacrifice 3-4-5 years of making decent money if you want to retrain as a gas boiler engineer for example. They are right. But I can't seem to do it.

Maybe once I'm a few more years into my mortgage, and a few more grand in the bank, I could be in a better position to do something. I believe I mentioned this on another thread....

There is a two weeks plumbing course I'm interested in doing, it's £1250 and they course says that you will learn how to maintain/repair household plumbing and how to install the plumbing for a bathroom and kitchen. At the end of it you get an NVQ/SVQ in Plumbing. So I'll take two weeks off soon and get that done. It won't get me a job, but it will give me a decent amount of knowledge to do basic plumbing. They also do the same for plastering and tiling, which I'd also like to do. Just need to find one which does home electrics and I'll have a decent level of understanding in these areas.

Now even if they didn't land me a job in the future, or benefit me in gaining a decent paying proper apprenticeship in a field, it will benefit me greatly in my personal life. Really need to get my mum a wee flat, one went for sale round the corner from me, good flat quite cheap because it was a fixer upper... the above two week courses could be fantastic in saving money for a venture into another property, or properties.

I'm six months into a new five year deal on my mortgage, so we will just need to see where we are in the next five years.

What would you do in my shoes Leo? Your view for a different angle on this situation?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
5-Jan-2020 17:28 Message #4767442
No, theres some things I'd rather not have happened, but they are all part of whats made me, me and I like me.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
5-Jan-2020 17:35 Message #4767445
I often wonder what would have happened if I'd worked better at school......It's only when I left school after the 5th year that I really started using my brain and achieving things....

I haven't done too bad since.....but what would I have achieved if I'd put my mind to it earlier....
eurostar  Female  Merseyside
5-Jan-2020 20:14 Message #4767463
no regrets, I like who I am and its my past that's made me who I am today...…….lol
brisinger  Male  Lancashire
5-Jan-2020 22:18 Message #4767470
No regrets... some disappointments, but not regrets.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon
5-Jan-2020 23:04 Message #4767471
HB..."Whilst discussing this situation with friends and family, some say you just need to sacrifice 3-4-5 years of making decent money if you want to retrain as a gas boiler engineer for example."

Just need? Lol

You're right in saying that some years of lower wages is the necessary sacrifice. I started my Uni course to retrain into teaching in 2010. I am still on a lower salary than I was in 2002 as an Analyst/Programmer, though I am now on more than I was earning as a Driving Instructor 2003 - 2010.
The_Snow_Covered_Fool  Male  Cheshire
6-Jan-2020 07:38 Message #4767478
No regrets here.

I used think over decisions I'd made in the past and think about how things could have turned out differently.
But I realised over time it's a pointless exercise it only causes fret and worry.
Plus you cannot change it, it's already happened.


RoseyCheeks  Female  Nottinghamshire
6-Jan-2020 21:40 Message #4767547
Not getting a proper handle on my weight problem in my teens. It's still a problem and I guess might always be. Aqua aerobics and Zumba classes today... let battle recommence!
happywalker  Female  Dorset
6-Jan-2020 21:47 Message #4767548
Hope it goes well RoseyCheeks!
joolsy  Female  Essex
7-Jan-2020 00:46 Message #4767560
I have no regrets . Life is a lesson I guess .maybe I should have left the monster the first time he broke my bones .but hey I wouldnt be helping other women today .I'm the lucky one who lived to illtell the tale .I will always get back up I promised my girls .I had another brain scan .I have a carcinoma. A raspberry like THING on my brain .it keeps bleeding so I have to have brain surgery. .trust me to have a bloody raspberry eh lol
..às promised my girls I'll always get back up .libs ya all
joolsy  Female  Essex
7-Jan-2020 00:50 Message #4767561
Luvs ya allxxx
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
7-Jan-2020 23:21 Message #4767634
"Just need? Lol"


"You're right in saying that some years of lower wages is the necessary sacrifice. "

Yes. This is the problem, as I said above, I just don't think this is the right time for me to sacrifice. Maybe just throwing caution to the wind and go for it, use my savings to pay a few years of my mortgage in advance and work 24/7 for a few years.... might be better in the long run. No idea!
Justaguy  Male  South East London
8-Jan-2020 02:17 Message #4767642
I love your positive attitude Joolsy if I'd had as many obstacles thrown at me as you seem to have done
I think I'd be a gibbering wreck by now, but you just get back up and smile at the good stuff you can still hang on to
Good luck with the that pesky brain cancer surgery I'm sure you'll bounce back from that too xx :0)
Wandering4fun  Male  North Yorkshire
8-Jan-2020 08:11 Message #4767654
There are many things I would have done differently knowing what I know now but I’m not sure I actually regret them.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
8-Jan-2020 12:03 Message #4767660
As with Euro, my experiences have made me who I am.

I'm very happy in my skin, lots of ambition yet to fill, remained on good terms with 2 X exes and genuine friends I never had the confidence to furnish in my youth.

Roll on the next 30 years of fitness and retirement.
Helenuk1963  Female  Gloucestershire
6-Feb-2020 09:41 Message #4769912
I have only one regret. 15 years ago I was in an online chat room. At the end of the night I was closing down the various requests for private messages. I was curious about the last one and decided to read further and reply. That small act completely changed the direction of mine, and my family's life. Not in a good way. If I could go back and click on that 'x' in the top right hand corner and not read that message.. I'd do it in a heartbeat.
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
6-Feb-2020 14:43 Message #4769932

Overall I doubt you missed out on much by not joining the military - you could have been retired at 40 on a tiny pension and kicked out in to civvy street with no home and no job - and many also end up with PTSD on top of that.
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
6-Feb-2020 15:25 Message #4769934

You can do basic plumbing without any qualifications as long as you avoid working on gas boilers obvs.

Assuming you have a decent level of manual dexterity and common sense - you can join pipes easily these days with simple compression fittings or even the newer plastic pushfit connectors for copper piping.

If you have never done any plumbing at all - just get some bits of scrap piping or buy a few bits in a DIY store and practice joining pipes together - then you can advertise for local plumbing jobs as people always seem to struggle to find a plumber.

One precaution I do suggest is to buy some PI cover (professional indemnity) for maybe £100 pa - so if you cause a major flood in someone's house you are covered for the cost of the repairs.

The £1250 plumbing course may be decent value if you were planning a complete change of career - I do all my home repairs etc and just learned as I went along and it all seemed pretty obvious - only real bugbears with plumbing is pipes are often under floorboards - as is much electrical wiring but that is simple labouring job to eg lift boards etc.

Anyway if you have the energy to work in evenings/weekends on the side that would be an entry in to a job as a self employed plumber .

Also endless vids on U-Tube about all sorts of plumbing issues to learn from all free.

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