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BBC Red Button Text (aka Teletext) to close down 31-01-20

Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex
3-Dec-2019 10:24 Message #4764065
I've read that it's been announced that the BBC Red Button Text (or teletext as it used to be known) service will close down on 31 Jan 2020.
I still use this every morning on my Freeview TV to review e.g. the overnight main news headlines, the Business News, markets, share prices, all different sports news, results and fixtures, and the weather forecast for today and next 5 days not just in my area but elsewhere if I'm perhaps going there.

Yes, I know that I can go onto various BBC App's or different websites (& they say you can still tune into the BBC News 24 channel but that's just the same info on a loop) but personally I find the text service an excellent one stop information source to read for 5-10 minutes while drinking your first cuppa of the day.

So I for one will be sad to see it go, and I'm sure many people still use it especially if they're a technophobe and/or don't have the most modern devices to go online.

The Red button will still work for TV programme content (like concerts, sport etc).
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
3-Dec-2019 10:46 Message #4764069
I never use it and am not entirely sure what its for. For me the tv dosen't go on until 6pm, I read the paper online and come on here over my morning buckets of coffee.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
3-Dec-2019 11:13 Message #4764072
i use it everyday, it will be a shame to see it go :¬(
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
3-Dec-2019 13:36 Message #4764076
I use it and will miss it, but I've noticed recently that it has got less and less info. Years ago I used it a lot,especially when you could watch the Share Index on it, and the News was always updated regularly. Yes, I will miss it.
NoSaint  Female  Devon
4-Dec-2019 07:00 Message #4764105
I thought all the teletext stuff had ended years ago.
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex
5-Dec-2019 08:20 Message #4764182
Correct, the old Ceefax/Teletext services that used to be on analogue & digital "terrestrial" stations started to die off in 2009 and for good when analogue signals were switched off in 2012.
But the Beeb retained the teletext service as it's "Red Button" service.
It's this which is now ending.
So they say that they're going to use the savings for their online content but it's in no way as convenient as having all the information like that in one place.

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