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It's in the words

terry  Male  West Yorkshire
19-Nov-2019 12:22 Message #4762846
Song lyrics; what do you think of them? have any lyrics 'spoken' to you about your feelings, your thoughts, your ideas? Do you regard songs as being something seperate to everyday life or a commentary on life? your life perhaps? would a song spur you into doing something? (other than dance)
Jeff  Male  East Sussex
19-Nov-2019 13:07 Message #4762854
The lovely song "Bill" (lyrics by P.G.Wodehouse in 1927) used to reassure me that there was still hope of finding a suitable girlfriend or wife. A woman sings:-

I used to dream that I would discover
The perfect lover Someday
I knew I'd recognize him if ever
He came 'round my way

I always used to fancy then
He'd be one of the godlike kind of men
With a giant brain and a noble head
Like the heroes bold in the books I've read

But along came Bill
Who's not the type at all
You'd meet him on the street
And never notice him

His form and face
His manly grace
Are not the kind that you
Would find in a statue

And I can't explain
It's surely not his brain
That makes me thrill
I love him because he's wonderful
Because he's just my Bill

He can't play golf or tennis or polo
Or sing a solo Or row
He isn't half as handsome
As dozens of men that I know

He isn't tall or straight or slim
And he dresses far worse than Ted or Jim
And I can't explain why he should be
Just the one, one man in the world for me

He's just my Bill an ordinary man
He hasn't got a thing that I can brag about

And yet to be
Upon his knee
So comfy and roomy
Seems natural to me

Oh, I can't explain
It's surely not his brain
That makes me thrill
I love him because he's, I don't know
Because he's just my Bill.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex
19-Nov-2019 13:12 Message #4762855
And the song "Road to the Isles" And the stirring song "Road to the Isles" (lyrics by K.Macleod in 1917) spurred me to look up what the hell the words mean!

A far croonin' is pullin' me away
As take I wi' my cromack to the road.
The far Coolins are puttin' love on me.
As step I wi' the sunlight for my load.
Sure by Tummel and Loch Rannoch and Lochaber I will go
By heather tracks wi' heaven in their wiles.
If it's thinkin' in your inner heart the braggart's in my step.
You've never smelled the tangle o' the Isles.
The far Coolins are puttin' love on me.
As step I wi' my cromack to the Isles.
It's by Shiel water the track is to the west.
By Aillort and by Morar to the sea.
The cool cresses I am thinkin' of for pluck.
And bracken for a wink on Mother knee.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex
19-Nov-2019 13:48 Message #4762856
The song "Bill" often used to make me cry.

And reading the lyrics again has just made me cry again!
joolsy  Female  Essex
19-Nov-2019 13:59 Message #4762860
The song my life .sung by shirley bassey with such passion ..touches my soul x
Topaz53  Female  Northamptonshire
19-Nov-2019 15:25 Message #4762872
Could by Sam Cook (1961)
Reminds me of my first real boyfriend........mmmmm sweet !
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon
19-Nov-2019 19:14 Message #4762892
Yep! Napoleon XIV..."They're coming to take me away..."
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
19-Nov-2019 20:56 Message #4762905
'Suzanne' by Leonard Cohen
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
19-Nov-2019 21:02 Message #4762906
"Woman" John Lennon

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