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Smart dvd player

now losing bbc i player

Siesta09  Female  Essex
13-Nov-2019 21:06 Message #4762309
Hi I know someone on here will have the techy knowledge for this - I have a Smart DVD Blu-ray player, about a year ago I lost itv hub, then Netflix and now I have a message saying I am going to lose bbc i player as the machine is no longer being supported. Other than getting a new DVD smart player (or smart tv ) is there a gadget you can get to enable you to access everything? Sorry if being a total technophobe. Something that doesn't cost a lot would be good pls.

Beach  Male  Dorset
13-Nov-2019 21:22 Message #4762313
£15 will by you a NOWTV dongle to plug into the HDMI of a modern, flat screen, TV. (The HDMI port is a modern, updated version of what we might once have called the SCART port).

Approximately £25 will buy you an Amazon Fire stick that does similar to the above.

Both devices will offer you Freeview catch up (or elements of it), and dedicated Youtube and other channels.

There are other, similar, devices like ROKU which offer similar services.

Obviously, all these devices require a broadband connection.


I guess you could buy a more traditional Freeview box or Freeview Plus box which. I think, allows you to record as well.

Such boxes range in price from about £30 - £70 or more.
Beach  Male  Dorset
13-Nov-2019 21:27 Message #4762314
Oh and going by the brilliant self summary on your profile, you sound delightful, Siesta.

When you buy a replacement gadget, would you like to invite me up to help you install it? xxx
brisinger-the-beekeeper  Male  Lancashire
13-Nov-2019 21:40 Message #4762317
I think that if you create and cancel a contract on NowTV you can still get the free channels but don't quote me. I don't know quite how the T&Cs work...
Beach  Male  Dorset
13-Nov-2019 21:59 Message #4762321
Yes. Bris. I've got a basic NOWTV device I sometimes switch to and the only requirement it needs is a registered email address and a password. (I never even bothered with any contract ... just using the apps to watch catch up tv.)

NOWTV does stream live TV too.

Incidentally. Some folk might like the Amazon Fire stick for its talking feature. I mean you can actually request channel changes or particular channels or programs verbally by using the remote as a mic ... on my version anyway.
Sea  Female  Essex
14-Nov-2019 10:05 Message #4762348
Hi Siesta, I don't know anything about Smart DVD players - sounds complicated. Like Beach has mentioned though a Firestick is good. I have what I believe is a non Smart flat screen Sony that I plug a Firestick into and am able to get Netflix etc. without a subscription but believe I could be getting that free through my daughters subscription. I also have a Sky box but only because the reception is too bad without. Do not pay any subscription on it though. But Firestick is brilliant in that you can take it with you if going abroad and plug it into any TV in Europe etc and still access everything well ITV Hub and Netflix. BBC will block you though. Hope that helps.
The_38th_Parallel  Male  Essex
16-Nov-2019 10:13 Message #4762586
When I bought my Blu-Ray DVD player, the smart option came with it, but as it needed to be connected by an ethernet cable and as my broadband router/computer is nowhere near I've never bothered connecting it.
But some makes/models do allow you to Install updated firmware.
Either directly by connecting the player to your internet (probably by ethernet cable or I guess some newer models might now be wifi enabled) or by downloading an update to a usb device and updating the player that way.
You should be able to see on your players set-up options if an update is possible.
Siesta09  Female  Essex
17-Nov-2019 13:30 Message #4762664
Hi everyone for your replies and compliments :-)

The Blu-ray player connects up to the wi-fi but now when go onto BBC iPlayer I get a message saying the device I have will no longer be supported from beginning of December. Already lost ITV hub ages ago but works great as the DVD player itself. I contacted Samsung at the time I lost ITV and they connected remotely and told me I need to buy a new one which is helpful (they checked for updates) The message I have when try to get onto bbc iPlayer helpfully directs me to some sites to look up what options there are and the (cheaper) option seems to be the Roku Streaming Stick + (other options available ahem) - I don't do gaming and not being very techy it looks like you just plug it into the slot thing on the tv (have checked I have one haha). However the main known seller is sold out so guessing lots of people are having the same problem.

I also hope the gadget will help with the endless buffering sometimes !!

Thanks everyone xx

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