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South Yorkshire floods

What a difference 13 years make!

Keithagain  Male  South Yorkshire 8-Nov-2019 09:54 Message #4761847
I think the last major floods were in July 2006, and I was keen to look at the devastation they caused...
I went out on my bike with a camera, and some of them I made into an album...Doncaster Flood's still there!
I lived in Balby then and the River Don was close by, so it was easy to get the pictures.
Now I live in Branton and I have had a stroke, so don't get out so much. Where I live wasn't affected by the floods, though there was heavy rain for about 24 hours.
Meadowhall is badly affected, I don't remember it being so bad last time.

Keithagain  Male  South Yorkshire 8-Nov-2019 10:09 Message #4761851
The last floods were in 2007...but I think it was July!
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 8-Nov-2019 19:47 Message #4761912
its a tragedy, streets are just wiped out so sad
FirmButFair-TrollPatrol  Male  North Yorkshire 9-Nov-2019 07:05 Message #4761947
If you have never been in a flooded area it’s difficult to imagine the devastation and the disgusting mess and smell it leaves behind.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 9-Nov-2019 11:29 Message #4761996
Lived on the boat through a couple of major floods, it was actually a terrifying experience and the unsung heroes - the then British Waterways staff - were fantastic around the areas I was in. We don't really grasp the power of water until we see bridges collapsed and boats sunk, watching river water flow over a bank into a field whilst we tried to get the animals out of the field was an experience I don't want to go through again.
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey 9-Nov-2019 13:33 Message #4761999
With a cubic metre of water weighing one ton - one can see why a tsunami wreaks havoc - or even a fast flowing river.

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