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but, i've done it

vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 6-Nov-2019 16:46 Message #4761671
Last January as I was dismantling my Christmas tree, its a, wadda ya call it, not solar , Mmm, Fibre Optic! type,
I had a bit of a disaster! and accidently stood on the base, snapping off one of the clip on feet, I thought i'll fix that before I put it away, (Araldite will come to the rescue!) lol.

For the last 11 months its been sitting on the coffee table, the four feet, and the bits of plastic that broke away, all together in a plastic container.
This week I decided to fix it ready for this year, unfortunately Araldite didn't want to know, so a more elaborate fix was needed!
Armed with a Hack saw, Drill, Drill bits, a file and a pocket knife, various pieces of flat plastic, a bit of flat aluminium and some small nuts n bolts, and an odd self tapping screw, I set about the repair.
Sawing, filing, shaping, drilling I finally 'cobbled' it all back together, if you don't turn it upside down, you'd never know! lol. it seems as if its ok but one of the feet is a bit loose, but I think it will be alright, just need to get the tree part from the loft and try it!

My daughter said "For thirty quid, you could get a new one from Argos!"

Maybe I could, but it wouldn't be the same as knowing I'd fixed the old one! lol. :-}
Aely  Female  Hampshire 6-Nov-2019 17:56 Message #4761682
Your not going to be filling a bin with the old one either Vanman, so you should rightly be proud of yourself. We all need to go back to a bit of make do and mend. I actually had someone on here advise me one time to buy a new computer because the old one needed a new battery!
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey 7-Nov-2019 09:18 Message #4761728
Aely next time you upgrade your laptop it may not have a swoppable battery.
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex 7-Nov-2019 09:59 Message #4761734
And not just computers either.
e.g. a lot of smoke detectors and CO detectors are now sealed. So as and when the battery expires so does the device.
jennifer  Female  Gloucestershire 7-Nov-2019 10:54 Message #4761749
HaHa, Van .... funny but well done with your efforts. I think I may have been with your daughter ... and got a new one... but I do get the satisfaction you must be feeling now. Hope the "tree bits" fit!!
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire 7-Nov-2019 14:53 Message #4761779
I'm useless at DIY . I would really like to carry out all sorts of repairs but I dont have the skills.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 7-Nov-2019 19:51 Message #4761808
Vanners, you wouldnt believe the lovely Christmas trees that they sell in the dump shop. I was amazed when I saw them.... they are so cheap too.
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 8-Nov-2019 19:31 Message #4761911
Ah, but have you made sure that there's enough space for your Advent Calendar?
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 8-Nov-2019 20:43 Message #4761918
Was thinking about Advent calender today bris,

It's on the 'to do' list for next week :-)
Aely  Female  Hampshire 11-Nov-2019 17:54 Message #4762141
I don't have a laptop Boydel. I have a real computer.

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