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Trade wars

brisinger  Male  Lancashire 6-Nov-2019 11:24 Message #4761651
Who really benefits?
A current Kickstarter campaign for a Cerambot ceramic 3D printer I invested in is just being shipped globally. However, the US citizens are up in arms because because of Trumps trade war with China it's dramatically affecting the cost of to the cost of 53.1%. Currently the company has already had to find a whopping 28.1% since it's inception. Now US citizens are having to find a massive 25% on top of the original investment purely due to trade wars.

"Due to the trade war between China and the United States, we have to add an additional 25% tariff on the basis of the original 3.1% tariff. We are deeply sorry that this is far beyond our ability to withstand. We have already paid a 28.1% tariff to the customs, and US users only need to pay the remaining 25%. The rest we bear." from the Cerambot Facebook group.
Beach  Male  Somerset 6-Nov-2019 12:23 Message #4761655
Rather a small footprint at 170mm, Bris but I suppose it meets its own specific remit of being able to produce vase like clay prints!

I use China for all my 3D printing needs and always enjoy the challenge of building my printers from scratch. :-)
Beach  Male  Somerset 6-Nov-2019 12:26 Message #4761656
PS. I would never touch a Kickstarter project ... for many reasons including them hiking prices, failing deadlines or just placing poorly thought out ideas onto the web for mugs to invest in. (Not referring to you, Bris but am referring to so many previous failed Kickstarter campaigns).
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 6-Nov-2019 19:05 Message #4761691
I don't think anyones benefitting Bris, I think even Trump realises that now as he's trying to row back on sanctions, if he carries on th way he is the US won't have anyone to trade with.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 6-Nov-2019 22:36 Message #4761705
Not long now and we’ll have stopped the EU for the US and Trump will be harder to deal with than anyone we have encountered yet.
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex 7-Nov-2019 08:51 Message #4761727
For a so called "businessman" old Trumpy is still failing to grasp trade tariff basics and understand their wider implications.
When you slap tariffs on imported goods, you don't receive the tariff. So when he claims how many billions the US has received from imposing these tariffs on imported goods from China this only shows up the extent of his misunderstanding.

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